1byone Aroma Diffuser and Ultrasonic Humidifier - Hardware Review

Seeing as winter is finally coming to an end here (hopefully) in Michigan, I have high hopes that we might get a little moisture back into the air as well. I use humidifiers regularly in the winter to help combat otherwise dry air, but something bad happened recently - my existing humidifier got busted and left me searching for a replacement.

To that end, the Aroma Diffuser and Ultrasonic Humidifier is already leaps and bounds beyond the one I had before. it was incredibly basic, and simply added moisture to the air via steam. This unite does that and more, with a large tank that can product steam for up to about seven or eight hours. There are two different settings for the mist as well for when you want just a little moisture or a lot added to the air. There is also an automatic off when the water reserves get too low. If I have one complaint on this front, it is that the water does not get completely drained out - there is still a little bit left in there. If you are looking to use this as a diffuser by adding oils, you will probably want to wipe it out every now and then to keep buildup from occurring - especially if you plan to rotate through different scents. The design actually makes this a pretty easy process since you can detach it from the plug.

So the humidifier portion of the product works well, but what about it as a diffuser? I have to say that I personally have never used one before. That is not to say I do not enjoy a pleasant scent in the air - I tend to burn a lot of candles in my room when I am writing or playing video games, so the idea of using oils to help add fragrance to the air was appealing to me. You simply add some oils to it and they work their way into the mist in the room. Despite what the directions say about adding a drop or two, I did often find that I had to add a little more since my den is actually a pretty large room. Still, it was noticeable when walking in from the adjacent living room into the den when this device was operating for a few hours. The humidity level and the aromas were both quite tangible.

From a design standpoint, there are a few bells and whistles to account for as well - which is not something I ever thought I would say about a humidifier. For one, there is a buzzing sound from the motor. I have had both large and small humidifiers in the past, and this one is on par with the larger ones and the buzz that they create. If you are like me and tend to sleep with these on, it is possible that this sound will bother you. I long ago got used to similar noises from other ones, and this unit was certainly no worse, so I had little trouble in adapting. Still, it is worth noting.

While his product looks like it has a wood finish, it really does not. The build is not wooden (probably for the best) and it looks quite natural just sitting out in the open. At night you can choose to alternate the LED lamps through one of seven different colors. You can settle it on a single color or have it rotate between them all. For those of us using it at night, you can also turn the light off - which was one concern I originally had about it. It is worth noting that when the unit turns off due to lack of water in it, the light will stay on.

The process of setting up and using this device was a simple one, and the 1byone Aroma Diffuser and Ultrasonic Humidifier amply filled the room with enough moisture to help me get through the tail end of winter. The ability to use oils for an additional fragrance is a nice tough, as are the lights, though neither has to be used. Still, given the price point of this particular product, it does several things very well and is quite easy to recommend.

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Article by Nick