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After the post-a-palooza that was last week's top 30 Famicom/NES games countdown, I am taking it a bit slower this week, with a review slated for Thursday morning. In the meantime, I have been getting some articles up on a couple of other sites that I wanted to make you aware of. Hopefully this does not read as a giant advertisement - I just want to make readers aware of other sites that may interest them.


Top 30 NES/Famicom Games: #1-#10 - Gaming Thoughts

Finally, down to my last ten games from this set of articles. It is almost unfair to only list thirty (okay, due to the honorable mention post, thirty-five) games when so many more were thoroughly enjoyed by me. Sure, there were plenty of stinkers in there too, but more often than not - I enjoyed the games. This was the longest such list I have tried on this blog to date, but it was a lot of fun to put together.


Top 30 NES/Famicom Games: #11-#20 - Gaming Thoughts

I played a little bit of everything, thanks to the NES. Before becoming introduced to Nintendo's console, I had been playing Arcade and TI99/4a titles. These usually consisted of basic action or platforming, like Much-man, Parsec, Space Invaders, Pole Position and more.


Top 30 NES/Famicom Games: #21-#30 - Gaming Thoughts

To say that video gaming is my primary hobby is an understatement. I have been playing video games since I was about five years old. While my initial system was a TI-99/4a, I cannot emphasize enough just how much Nintendo's console impacted my interest in this hobby, and sparked years of imagination from me.


Top 30 NES/Famicom Games: Honorable Mention - Gaming Thoughts

I am a week late to this party, but I am not someone who usually does a lot of lists. The Famicom just had its 30 year anniversary, and there is no denying what an impact that system had on video gaming. Now, in fairness, I did not play that system until a couple of years later, until the NES was introduced in America, but I did not want to wait two more years to write this set of articles.


Tridek: Creaturs of Galena - Preview

I am a big fan of CCG/TCGs (Collectible Card Games/Trading Card Games) as evidenced by a lot of my reviews over the last few years. A lot of them come specifically to mobile devices because they are always available and the touch screen interfaces lend the games a sort of tactile quality when dealing with the cards.


Infinity Blade II - iOS Review

Infinity Blades I & II have earned a reputation for being two of the best-looking iOS games released to date. It is a well-deserved reputation, but the question always boils down to: what is the game itself like?


NCAA Footbal 14 - PS 3 Review

By now it is pretty well-established I like my sports games. I am no more offended by their yearly releases than I am by frequent Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed games. If the games are well made and fans enjoy them enough to buy them, then why not? The key however, is that the franchises do need to maintain a certain level of quality to convince gamers to drop their hard-earned cash on the latest releases.


God of War: Ascension - PS3 Review

God of War is a series I have enjoyed for several years now. I think all of my reviews have been scores of 8 or higher, and this marks the seventh title in the series (I have played all but Ghosts of Sparta. I really need to get around to picking that and Chains of Olympus up again via the PS3 collection disc, but that is for another time).


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition - PS3 Review

Several months ago, I was on a serious Street Fighter kick. It started off by reviewing the first Street Fighter IV. I enjoyed the game quite a bit, but ever since it first came out, I joked about Capcom's penchant for re-releasing updated versions of the Street Fighter series. I once joked with my friends that I was waiting for the Super Duper Street Fighter Hyper Championship Edition. While they sadly never used my naming convention, a couple more updates did come out.


Hard Corps : Uprising- Xbox 360 Review

Contra is a classic in the gaming world. It was one of my first NES games and one of my favorite titles early on. It's combination of platforming and shooting created an exciting, non-stop action experience that has spawned several sequels over the years.


The Last of Us - PlayStation 3 Review

Without a doubt, The Last of Us has been one of the most anxiously awaited gaming titles of 2013, and for good reason. Naughty Dog has built a pretty solid reputation for itself on the Uncharted franchise, a series I am quite fond of personally. Their most recent release, Uncharted 3, was a game I reviewed quite highly.


PS4 pre-orders drying up? Posts at Digitally Downloaded and a few more Gaming Thoughts

It has been a crazy couple of weeks in my neck of the woods. Lots of activities with the family, lots of games rolling my way, and still trying to get lots of posts out. I figured I would make a few quick plugs here for things Digitally Downloaded, mention what I was currently playing and recently beaten, and also share a report I just read about the PlayStation 4.


Tekken Card Tournament - iPhone Review

I am a big fan of Collectible Card Games - both the physical and digital variety. They are extremely competitive by nature, and 'cracking packs' has always been rather addictive to me (which also explains the very large sports card collection I used to have).


Project X Zone - 3DS Review

Well, this is my last post to go up before my extended Independence Day weekend. For all of you here in the States, I wish you a great few days as you hopefully get a chance to rest, relax and enjoy the extra day or two off. For my other readers - here's hoping you enjoy this review, get to play plenty of games over the more traditional weekend, and as always: thank you for taking the time to stop by and read. I really do appreciate it. Now... on with my latest review.

On the surface, Project X Zone sounds like everything I could look for in a title. I love strategy games, and have played enough Sega, Namco Bandai and Capcom games over the years to appreciate most, if not all, of the over 200 characters drawn from 27 different gaming franchises.


Tekken Revolution - PSN Review

I have been playing Tekken games for a long time, but I have to say I appreciate the fact that Namco Bandai has been among those companies trying some new things with their established properties. While Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was a solid release last year, the Hybrid title that came out prior was interesting in that it had a preview for part 2, and HD remake of part 1 and an animated movie all in one package.


Super Splatters - PC Review

I have played a lot of puzzle games over the years, but The Splatters came across as something quite different when I was first introduced to it last year. There is a lot more to it than the typical puzzle games, which usually present themselves with some strategy such as aligning three colors in a row or working disparate shapes into one another to create full rows.


Spartacus Legends - PSN Review

I have had a crazy few weeks of gaming, game writing, and more. As a result, double posts the next few days before I take off on a four day weekend for July 4th.

I like seeing developers take chances on new games and new methods of trying to make money with them. I recently reviewed Dust, another free-to-play title for the PlayStation Network that has some good potential, but despite a lengthy beta process, was not ready for prime time.


Magic 2014 - Duels of the Planeswalkers - PC & PS3 Review

I think by now it has been pretty well established that I am a huge fan of Magic: The Gathering. I have been playing the physical game since college - just shy of twenty years now. I have seen a lot of the PC versions of the game come about, such as the old RPG-style one from Microprose through various interactions of the Duels of the Planeswalkers series.


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