Tridek: Creaturs of Galena - Preview

I am a big fan of CCG/TCGs (Collectible Card Games/Trading Card Games) as evidenced by a lot of my reviews over the last few years. A lot of them come specifically to mobile devices because they are always available and the touch screen interfaces lend the games a sort of tactile quality when dealing with the cards.

There is a new digital trading card game being developed for several different platforms, including mobile and PC, and the early screenshots and information about Tridek: Creatures of Galena looks promising.

Here is the game's description:

Tridek Creatures of Galena is a Digital Trading Card game developed for multiple platforms and online gameplay. This gives gamers the ability to experience true cross platform multiplayer matches and tournaments anywhere they are! Also unlike many other games on the market Tridek evolves the traditional gaming experience of a Trading Card Game by innovating and enhancing the core features players expect in a card game. Tridek introduces a new resource system that removes the traditional waiting times found in TCGs without compromising the strategic depth. Gamers will be able to play using their own style by building decks to fit their own needs. Welcome to the planet of Galena where powerful creatures under your control compete in the professional sport, Tridek.

The game boasts features such as being free to play and optimized for both mobile devices and cross-platform multilayer tournaments and ranking. Full deck customizations combined with collectable cards with clear rules and helpful tips geared toward making Tridek easy to play. I'll be keeping an eye on this one as I find out more about it in the future.



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