Nioh gets a second downloadable demo date

We were big fans of Nioh when we had a chance to preview the game before, and there are some dates coming up that should encourage you to give the game another go if you haven't yet.


Marvel Puzzle Quest and Rübæus - Beeps and Beers

Now, sometimes my pictures of the beer are a little bit on the outdoors-y side of things. While I don't (yet) have my consoles set up outside so I have constant access to them, I am often times grilling out (at least from spring to fall. In the winter? Not so much) and have a portable game console like my 3DS or Vita with me. It just so happens that the other day I was slow cooking some smoky barbecue chicken over charcoal while playing a game on my mobile phone - Marvel Puzzle Quest. The beer of choice at the time? Rübæus by Founders, arguably the best brewery in the state of Michigan.


Ghostlight to bring Mugen Souls Z to PC later this year

I was a fan of Mugen Souls Z, and I have been wondering for some time now if it might not make its way over to the PC. Well, that question has been answered definitively.


10 Second Ninja X - PS4 Review

10 Second Ninja X tells you just about everything you need to know about the game in its title. The story is about as quick and nonsensical as one would expect, but the game itself is a flurry of reflex-testing goodness that is addictive as its is frustrating.


Inside the Halo Wars 2 Panel at Comic-Con 2016

There was a lot of gaming news at Comic-Con this year, but one of the bits that perked our ears up the most might have been these trailers and this article about Halo Wars 2.


Meridian: Squad 22 - PC Preview

Way back about a million years ago (2014) I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an early preview, and later, a review, build of Meridian: New World. Even then I was quite impressed at the quality of Meridian: New World, never mind the fact that it is developed by one man. Yup; you read that right. One person. Still, the game marched through its Early Access period and on towards release and was a solid throwback to the classic RTS juggernauts of yesteryear. Fast forward nearly two years exactly and we are brought back to the battered world of Meridian in the pseudo-expansion/psuedo-sequel, Meridian: Squad 22. Following the events of Meridian: New World, humanity is once more in peril and with the first colonist crew missing, Earth sends a new squad to Meridian, this time with the purpose of bringing them home. You will want to hold onto your hats over the course of the next ten to twelve hours, as Meridian: Squad 22 comes back with furious combat, fluid control, and a surprisingly decent single-player campaign. Though the campaign is fun, and a testament to Ede Tarsoly's dedication to gaming as a whole.


WRC 6 First Trailer | Coming to PS4, XB1 and Steam PC

WRC 6 is the official video game of the 2016 FIA World Rally Championship (WRC). It includes the 14 WRC events, all the official WRC drivers and teams, as well as a wide selection of WRC 2 and Junior WRC drivers.

The game is scheduled for this October and will be released on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC Steam.


Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Intrigue - Tabletop and Board Games Review

Admittedly, it has been a bit since we last reviewed a Pathfinder expansion, but I have to say that right off of the bat I was intrigued by this one because it was offering a bunch of new roles to the core line of Pathfinder rules. By and large, I liked what Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Intrigue has to offer, though there are a few weak points in the formula that hold it back from being one of the best core rules books in the series.


Blade Arcus from Shining: Battle Arena is coming soon to Steam!

Maybe I am just being pulled into this due to my long-running affinity for all things 'Shining' games, but this does look like a slick fighter all the same.


Phantom Brave - PC Review

Phantom Brave, which originally launched over a decade ago back on Sony’s PS2, was an experiment by Nippon Ichi which saw the first of its titles that moved away from the tactical grid style that it is renowned for. Having seen a couple of releases and a new storyline of Another Marona which was originally added into the Wii release of We Meet Again before showing back up in the PSP version of The Hermuda Triangle, the PC version has it all and this much more strategic RPG graces the PC for the first time.


Tecmo Koei reveals online features of upcoming Attack on Titan

Given the popularity of Attack on Titan, it only makes sense that the game would also be drawing a lot of attention. This announcement is likely to continue to raise interest in the upcoming title.


Grand Kingdom and Arcadia Ales IPA Variety Pack (Part 2) - Beeps and Beers

Last week on Friday, I began to talk a bit in-depth with my weekend long gaming session with Grand Kingdom - a title that frankly has been one of my favorite games of the year. From the daily check-in items to the campaign to the multiplayer component - there is a lot going on here. So, when talking about a game that spans so much time, it only makes sense to talk about what I was drinking with it if I am bothering with a new Beeps and Beers article. So, let's be like our loyal companion Flint, who generally feels that every situation in the game can be made better with some ale and a trip to the tavern.


Ranting about our Personal "What We Consider Terrible Game Mechanics" Part 3 - Gaming Thoughts

We have had a couple of the team members give their take on game mechanics that probably seemed like a good idea to someone at the time - but in execution they just sucked. There are a lot of them out there, and like everything video game related, these are subjective. We won't all agree that these were a bad idea - but I suspect a lot of players will.


Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors New Introduction Trailer & Website, dood!

I enjoyed the original Criminal Girls, and we have shared news on the sequel a couple of times already. Well, we have some new odds and ends to share with you as well.


Megadimension Neptunia VII - PC Review

Megadimension Neptunia VII (Vee two) is the latest installment of the Neptunia franchise, a turn-based JRPG with more references than you can shake a dogoo at, and now it’s available for PC. I’m going to have to start off on a bit of a rant here, because I had a lot of issues trying to even start playing the game. First of all, even though I have the system requirements to play VII, whenever I used my own computer I wasn’t able to play in full-screen mode, otherwise only half the screen would display, and even in windowed mode I’d still get random images flashing across the screen. Thanks goes out to P.Y. for letting me use his computer to play, as it worked fine on his. Second part of the rant is more about controller functionality. I would really like to know why the Xbox One controller on windows 10 doesn’t work properly on the default settings, but any other controller, or the Xbox One controller on any other Windows OS worked fine. I’m not sure if I should fault Microsoft or Idea Factory for this, but someone somewhere needs to question some piece of code. Now that the rant is over, let me give a brief summary of the differences between the console and PC release for those looking for it. The only real changes I noticed were the smoother looking graphics and I’m pretty sure they fixed some spelling mistakes. That’s it, really. With those out of the way? Let's talk about what went right with this game - because there is a whole lot that did.


Ranting about our Personal "What We Consider Terrible Game Mechanics" Part 2 - Gaming Thoughts

What are your least favorite mechanics in a video game? We all have certain things that just rub us the wrong way - grind our gears so to speak (heck, for some people - grinding of levels in JRPGs is maddening). Yesterday PY shared his thoughts on the matter, and today we have Hamza's top five most grating game elements.


Layers of Fear: Inheritance Delves Deep into the Psyche of the Painter’s Daughter

Layers of Fear was a spooky, atmospheric game that I was actually quite fond of in my Xbox One review of the game. I am looking forward to seeing how this follow-up game plays out.


Monster Hunter Generations - 3DS Review

Do you love relaxing trips into nature, to view the local wildlife, watch their habits, how they act, and then wonder how cool they would look as a suit of armor? In the Monster Hunter series, you can do just that, and Generations is a riveting installment into the franchise. In this title, you're actually getting a lot of the old, brought into a new light. Generations takes the premise of being a sort of crossover between the Monster Hunter franchise, giving you locations and monsters of games past, while mixing in some new monsters to boot.


Ranting about our Personal "What We Consider Terrible Game Mechanics" Part 1 - Gaming Thoughts

Hamza and I (editor's note: and Nick chimed in as well) are at it again. Talking one day about what we hate or dislike, to not be overly negative about it, we thought of putting together a list of things that we really don’t like in video games. Not all games get everything right - in fact none really do. No matter how much we love a game, every one of them seems to miss the mark on something. Often we can live with those flaws, but some mechanics are just so egregious that they bring down what should have been an otherwise awesome experience.


'BATMAN - The Telltale Series' Steps Out of the Shadows on August 2nd

We cover pretty much all of the Telltale games and for good reason - they are generally awesome narrative experiences. To say there's high hopes for the new Batman game would be an understatement (and with a few of us interested in reviewing it, this might come down to who can do the best "I'm Batman" voice).


Elite Dangerous: Horizons - Xbox One Review

I fell in love with Elite Dangerous the moment I got my hands on a preview build back in December of 2014 and the trend continued on from our PC review to our Xbox One review. Over the course of the span of the last 18 months Frontier Developments have taken a massive game and did the impossible ... they made it bigger, better, and best of all, easier to approach. In a masterful stroke, you can now take your warships, freighters, or luxobarges and seamlessly transition from the inky black of space to the dusty surfaces of charted planets. The overhauling of the loot system, the addition of the Engineers, which unlock new ship customizations, new ships, and planetary landings continue to push Elite: Dangerous into the realm of super-simulator. Horizons is the best yet, and dangerously nears the perfect ten mark.


Grim Dawn - Better with a Partner - PC Review

The apocalypse has already come and gone. Humanity stands rather divided in its factions with some still holding on to previous ideals and others simply praying to survive one more day. Being lynched isn’t quite the best way to start your day but unfortunately for you, you’ve been possessed and it was time to die. Not wanting to go down with the mortal coil that it took over, the spirit that took over your body leaves in the nick of time. Barely surviving, you are cut down from the tree and are allowed to live. Asked to help out the small settlement known as Devil’s Crossing, you pick up your weapon and head out into the aftermath of what has become known as the Grim Dawn.


Bob and Master Raven Make their Grand Entries into TEKKEN 7 at EVO 2016

There are few games I'm looking forward to more than Tekken 7 personally. That being said, I've never been a big fan of Bob, but Master Raven suits my style of fighting a bit more.


Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Xbox One Review

Mirror’s Edge is a title that has a lot of differing views on it. The original was usually either loved or hated, and it all depended on the individual. Besides just general taste, a lot of people couldn’t get their heads around first-person parkour, and it ended up as a bit of a niche title, that wasn’t heavily talked about for long after release. Personally, I loved the game, playing through it and completing it, getting pretty good at moving around, and enjoying pretty much the entire experience. Catalyst offers...a lot less than the prior game, whilst giving the impression that it is going to offer more.


Suikoden IV - Retro Reflections

I thought all Japanese RPGS have charming graphics, exciting storylines, lovable characters and fun to learn combat mechanics but Suikoden IV on PS2 is an exception. Although it belongs to a well-known series, it offered me a shallow experience.


Eureka! New and Returning Characters Enter the Courtroom in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice

There are several members of the team who adore the Phoenix Wright games, probably Chris H. more than anyone. So he was a little excited at this news.


Grand Kingdom and Arcadia Ales IPA Variety Pack (Part 1) - Beeps and Beers

Similar to my last Beeps and Beers article, this one is going to span a few days and a variety of beers. The game? Grand Kingdom. To say that this game has sucked me in would be an understatement. As of last night when I wrote this, my playtime was nearing four days. Yikes. Well, a lot of that came last weekend when it was hot, sticky and generally uncomfortable out and I decided to settle in and play the game while sipping at a quartet of IPAs from Arcadia Ales that my wife had picked up for me in a twelve pack variety box. So what could go wrong with a game that requires lots of strategic thinking while tipping back a few beers? While I ask that question sarcastically - the actual answer might be surprising: not much can go wrong at all. I had a great weekend combining the two.


Memorable Music in Gaming #27

We haven't had a lot of music articles of late, so we thought we would make it up with a really nice mix of songs from five different platforms. Some are about as classic as consoles get (NES anyone?) while another is from last generation.


Being a Pawn for Scheming Gods Isn't Fun Without Friends in Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse!

Being a big fan of the overall series, I'm looking forward to this upcoming release.


The Technomancer - Xbox One Review

The Technomancer is one of those rare titles that gamers really need to experience themselves; it can fit equally into various camps, like "great," or "horrible" or "it's the video game equivalent of a spaceholder." Set on Mars in the distant future, step into the shoes of a Technomancer, a unique soldier that is able to blend warrior-like skills with roguish guile and electricity-infused magic. The dystopian system on Mars is rife with corruption, mutants, and tiny piles of scrap metal that are just waiting to be looted. Technomancer is not a good game, but it is not a bad game either. In fact, the best way to define it would be to liken it to a B-rated film; something so normal and generic that it is painful, but in all the right ways. One thing is for sure though and that is that Technomancer has a distinct "Total Recall" feel (the original Schwarzenegger film, or the Philip K. Dick story, "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale"), and that is never a bad thing.


The Bard's Tale - Retro Reflections

I expected the Bard’s Tale to be an original, fun to play action role playing game but it turned out to be a mediocre Dark Alliance. You control a character who chases women and gold and relies on his musical prowess to survive in battle. How? By summoning creatures who serve him as allies until they die, so he must summon them again or replace them.


New NHL 17 Gameplay Preview Trailer Details On-Ice Changes

We were big fans of NHL 16 last year, but a new year means a new version of popular sports titles, and we are pretty excited to share out this new trailer.


Teclast P98 3G Phablet - Hardware Review

The Teclast P98 3G Phablet proves to be a solid device in that it can do quite a few different things and offer a nice screen with decent size. It is more tablet than phone, though it does have call capability. In truth though, you likely have this item in-hand for a variety of functions in mind - including gaming.


Odin Sphere Leifthrasir - PS4 Review

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is the reworking of Odin Sphere which originally launched back on the PS2 and essentially put Vanillaware on the map. They’ve made other titles but even with those and Dragon’s Crown, Odin Sphere was a classic that can now be re-visited with improved visuals, combat, and inventory management.


Win a copy of Lost Sea on PlayStation 4

We recently had a chance to play and review the game Lost Sea by eastasiasoft, and overall PY was pretty positive about the title. Curious to see how good it is for yourself? Why not try winning a copy of your own to play this weekend? It is easy to enter.


GameSir G4s Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller - Hardware Review

There are so many different devices out there, and the idea that you need a controller to experience the best of what they have to offer games can be a frustrating experience. That being said, the GameSir G4s Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller is incredibly versatile - but beyond that, it is simply an excellent controller as well.


Parkitect - PC Preview

We at Chalgyr's Game Room have a soft-spot for builders, whether that is a traditional city-sim like Cities: Skyline or a blended builder type like Stonehearth. Today we bring you another builder, Parkitect which is currently enjoying an incredibly active Early Access and has a strong following in its Steam Workshop. Brought to us by the kind folks at Texel Raptor, Parkitect is a theme-park builder by way of the old Rollercoaster Tycoon games. Note that this is an early access title so some aspects, like the UI, may not necessarily indicate Texel Raptor's end-vision for the game.


The Other 99 delayed to August

We have taken quick peeks at The Other 99 in the past, but it looks like we'll be waiting a bit longer than anticipated to get a good long look at it.


Dreamals: Dream Quest - PS4 Review

Six months ago Xiness released Dreamals that saw thee bickering friends need to work together in order to leave the dreamworld that they now found themselves in. Diving back into this world under darker circumstances are three different animals who while they may not know each other, know what it feels like to hurt both physically and emotionally. Binding together for comfort and the promise of being healed, these three set out to acquire what is needed to fulfill a bargain in the dreamworld that they now find themselves together in.


Lost Sea - PS4 Review

The famed Bermuda Triangle where airplanes have mysteriously vanished over the years is one of the best ideas for the location of a Roguelike. Coming from EastAsiaSoft, the makers of Rainbow Moon, Lost Sea picks one of several stranded survivors that’s plane has crashed and joins in with others from various islands to make it out of this accursed region shrouded in mystery and monsters.


Paragon’s Hero roster grows as a noble force enters the fight

I've been poking at Paragon since it become available on PlayStation Plus, and so far have been enjoying it.


Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII and Red, White and Blue Abita beers - Beeps and Beers

With last weekend being a holiday of the red, white and blue variety, I decided to try out a new (to me) trio of beers while grilling some food and playing the recently released Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII. It was really a perfect weekend for the latter. I had my advance copy to review and an extended holiday weekend to delve into what I knew was going to be a deep game with a high learning curve. How does that fit in with Beeps and Beers? Well, for one a trio of the main characters drank and swore an oath of brotherhood together, so we'll start with that.


Revisit the Madness in Layers of Fear: Inheritance on August 2, 2016

While not a perfect game, I thought the original Layers of Fear was still a very trippy, tense experience worth having. That has me excited about this bit of news then.


Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII - PS4 Review

Say what you will about how strategy games belong on the PC, but Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII makes a solid case for more console titles in the genre. There are too few really good strategy games on the PlayStation 4, but Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII may very well be the best one on the console to date.


Ninja Division and Seven Seas Announce Joint Venture, Shinobi 7, and Upcoming Tokyo Ghoul Game

In the past we have covered a fair number of Ninja Division titles, and we have adored most of their board and card games so far. This makes their recent announcement very interesting to our team.


Games of July 2016

It's that time again! Sorry for the slight delay. Things get complicated around holidays but happy 1st and 4th of July to those in North America for both Canada and Independance Days!

This is a bit of a slower month comapred to the last few but there are still a few heavy titles coming out. Nick's already gotten the chance to sit down to the newest version of Fairy Fencer F and Richard is dying to get his hands on the newest Monster Hunter. Me? Let's say that a new version of Phantom Brave alone has me happy alongside 7th Dragon and I Am Setsuna.

Tuesday July 5th

Rocket League Collector's Edition - PS4, XB1, PC

This amazing game of giant car scoccer has done so well for itself that it is now available in physical format! Haven't had a chance to get it yet? What are you waiting for!?!

Carmageddon: Max Damage - PS4, XB1

I've only ever heard of prior versions of Carmaeddon. I'll let the trailer speak for itself but I seriously hope you know a good mechanic.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII - PS4

Romance of the Three Kingdoms like Nobunaga's Ambition is an older series seeing the newest generation of hardware for the first time. Need to satisfy that tactical domination itch? Then attempt the unification of China without setting onto the battlefield yourself and hoping that all your planing does indeed go according to plan.

Monday July 11th

Song of the Deep - PS4, XB1, PC

While perhaps not being as fast paced as Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, or Spiro, Insomniac have created a beautiful looking game about a woman looking for her father in the depths of the ocean.

Tuesday July 12th

Resident Evil 5 HD - PS4, XB1

On the back of an HD version of Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5 is back in HD for some of the fastest "zombie" action that the series has seen.

7th Dragon III Code: VFD - 3DS

7th Dragon III Code: VFD is the first of the series to see a localization outside of Japan. Been needing an RPG after Bravely Second? It's almost here!

Ghostbusters - PS4, XB1, PC

Who you going to call? The internet company for more bandwidth as the ghosts are taking up all the space!

With the new movie coming out there's a new game. Four player coop? Even better.

Friday July 15th

Monster Hunter Generations - 3DS

Killing time if not his thesis, Richard is just waiting for this to release. I mean seriously waiting for this one to release as he's just been itching to get a new dose of one of his favorite series. Only ten days left to go before hunting these gigantic beats and making your own sweet armor sets starts again!

MX vs ATV Supercross Encore - XB1

Just a little bit late behind the PS4 version which releases back in October, MX vs ATV Supercross Encore is releasing for the Xbox One this month.

Tuesday July 19th

I Am Setsuna - PS4, PC (digital only)

Even if it is only releasing digitally, I think a lot of people have been waiting for the release of this one. It gets two trailers. The official trailer from its website and the E3 trailer from earlier this year.

Monday July 25th

Phantom Brave - PC

Phantom Brave has seen multiple releases over the years from its original PS2 release over to the Wii and the PSP finally coming over to the realm of PC. This is pretty much one of the best damned games that NIS/NISA have ever released beside Makai Kingdom and Disgaea 4. There, I've now said it!

Phantom Brave was one of the first NIS titles that didn't use a square grid like the other games before it and set about a whole new tactical based experience with characters that could only exist for so many turns before retuning to their ghostly forms. What of the story you ask? That's for you to find out!

Tuesday July 26th

We Happy Few - XB1, PC (Early Access)

Um... other than making me think of a few crazies from Bioshock, I'll let the trailer do the talking.

Valentino Rossi: The Game - PS4, XB1

Need some fast paced racing this month? With 291 Riders, 47 Tracks, and 15 Game Modes I think Valentino Rossi will have you covered.

Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force - PS4

Fairy Fencer F originally released on the PS3 and has seen a PC port. Simply put this game took part of the Neptunia formula and made something new, different, and unique which has been a lot of fun. Having both enjoyed the PS3 and PC versions, I'm looking forward to the extra content that Advent Dark Force is set to unleash upon us. Want to know how the newest version that contains an expansion plus the original handles? Check out Nick's Review!

Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate - PSV

I've personally love this roguelike series as it doesn't hold its punches. Having originally released years ago on the DS in Japan, the Vita version which launched last year is finally making its way to the rest of us for some serious dungeon crawling.

Japanese Trailer

OlliOlli: Epic Combo Edition - PS4

The 2D sidescrolling skateboarder is back. Even bigger than before it's even seeing a physical release.

Article by Pierre-Yves
Information by Jim

Grammy Nominated DJ Steve Aoki Featured in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

We were pretty big fans of the first Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and I am personally looking forward to the second installment quite a bit.


TASTEE: Lethal Tactics - PC Review

TASTEE: Lethal Tactics is a twist on traditional turn-based strategy titles. Focusing more on the off-the-cuff humor, a Team Fortress 2 art direction, and occasionally brutal missions, you will recruit a team of ne'er-do-gooder mercenaries, then plan out and execute tense, dramatic, and oft-times hilariously frustrating gunfights. Sling your six-shooters, and rack a round into your shotty, TASTEE: Lethal Tactics will take you for a non-traditional spin through the beloved turn-based strategy genre.


Paragon Start Pack free to PlayStation Plus members in July

First off, we want to wish everyone a great upcoming weekend. Here in the states we have an extended holiday weekend, so we will be back to our regularly scheduled posting Tuesday morning at 8am EST. In the meantime, we have a bit of news regarding a title we have written about a couple of times now, called Paragon.


ZEN Pinball 2: Aliens Vs. Pinball and Devil Dancer - Beeps and Beers

Recently, I turned forty. Despite the fact I am one of the oldest gamers I personally know, turning forty really hasn't proven to be any kind of a big deal. I mean really, when you're a kid it's like every birthday is a big deal. It's sort of like life's way of saying: Wow! You survived your own stupid antics. Congrats kid! We celebrate just about everything - especially once you hit ten. Double Digits! Junior High! Teenager! Legal to drive! High school! Legal Adult! And of course then... you can drink. Beer in my case. And once the mythical age of 21 came and passed for me, I think my next notable birthday will be when I can retire. Which feels like it will be roughly when I turn 96 give or take a decade. Why is all of this relevant? Well, birthday video games and birthday beer of course! The game in question was a DLC - but a fun one all the same in ZEN Pinball 2: Aliens Vs. Pinball.


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