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Radiant Tale: Fanfare by developer Idea Factory and Otomate and publisher Aksys GamesSwitch review written by Natasha with a copy provided by the publisher.
Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

*Drum Roll* Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome back to our spectacular show! *Symbol Clash*

As we gather here today, I see recurring faces. Couldn't stay away from our last performance? Just itching to join our wonderful family, again, for another crazy circus experience? You're in luck! I made sure to add more razzle and dazzle than our last showcase. Clinging to the edge of your seats, are we? Then it's about time to start the show...

Everyone, we invite you to relax, grab some popcorn, and cheer loudly for our fanfare, extraordinaire!


Behind the Curtains

Spoiler warning, in Radiant Tale: Fanfare we focus on the after story from the original title: Radiant Tale. We experience the after story through our beloved heroine, Tifalia. Depending on who you've enchanted in your original playthrough, this version continues to centre on the couple's relationship goals. How are they fairing after confessing their undying love for one another? 

This fan disc will tug you along a 4-hour short story (can you call several hours short???) about the ups and downs, struggles and sacrifices these power couples push through. No need to worry about unlocking anyone's route though, as all is available from the get go.

Performing on Stage Tonight

ROLL CALL!? Here's a quick refresher on our past love interests:

Zafora (VA: Junya Enoki) {Cupid Parasite, OZMAFIA!!}

  • Residential Tsun

  • Secret Kiss Stealer

  • Action over Words

What's our circus clown been up to these days? Trying his best to govern his hometown with his sweet adorable girlfriend by his side. But does someone that busy really have time to show his affection enough? Could loneliness be our partner in crime? Or are we going to put our foot down and flaunt ourselves in front of 'Mister' responsible to get that jester blood and heart pumping again?

Vilio (VA: Yuuma Uchida) {Jack Jeanne, Olympia Soiree}

  • Magical Buddies

  • A Hunger like no Other

  • Mates for Life

What can I say... You're married (mated) to a flipping DRAGON! Infinite air-miles, warm cuddles and a powerful guardian. What could go wrong? Magic apparently. As this fiery duo travels the world, they must face new hardships in the shape of natural elements. Even the sweetest kiss can call forth vines from the earth to bound our scaly husband to the ground. Curses! Why must these feelings conjure up natural disasters. Will they conquer these strong, magical, emotions?

Paschalia (VA: Yuichiro Umehara) {Jack Jeanne, Cafe Enchante, Sympathy Kiss}

  • Sick of Waiting

  • Happy Waifu, Happy Laifu?

  • When Two Become One

Having survived a deadly illness, our aquatic magician can now focus all his time and energy on pampering his cute new wife. Having challenged the goddess of life, these two newlyweds are the symbol of True Love. With such an honour bestowed upon them, they strive to educate the rest of the world in the art of the heart. With so much focus on the rest of society, will they have time to embrace each other?

Ion (VA: Youhei Azakami) {Seven Deadly Sins, Atelier Ryza, 9 R. I. P.}

  • Gladiator Daddy

  • Bread Maker

  • Good Morning and Good Night

Touch deprived most of his life, our acrobat wastes no time in making sure to kiss his sweetheart before and after a hard day at work. As dedicated as he is in making sure you're loved on a daily basis, certain things from his past need mending before he can live the comfortable life of a house husband. A change in environment will definitely put their relationship to the test. Will they fight to come out on top?

Radie (VA: Nobuhiko Okamoto) {Variable Barricade, Charade Maniacs, Cupid Parasite}

  • Chonk 2: The Furry Fury

  • Perma-Smolder

  • Ooey-Gooey Jealousy

A dream he never thought would come true, our mascot can now hold his precious gift (You) close. Every night is girlfriend appreciation night, but there are those who wish to get in his way. Parents, friends, and that wolfish barkeep. When tension between the two rises, there's only one solution to relieving this stress... A very cute and embarrassing grooming session... I'll let you wonder about that one.

New Recruits

Let's be real for a second... During the first game (or any Otome you've played) I bet you asked yourself: “Why can't these cuties be date-able?” You're in for a sweet and salty treat then. Back by popular demand, we are now able to romance a couple of new available bachelors! Shall I make introductions?

Jinnia (VA: Kondou Takashi) {Birushana, Ephemeral, Diabolik Lover}

  • Dripping with Good Looks

  • Make-Up Queen


The Ring Leader himself! Whoa! This one caught me by surprise considering his love for all things cute and that he has a high respect for the arts of femininity. His looks alone scream beauty queen, but that's where I was terribly wrong. There is very much a MAN under that luscious exterior, and he's raring to tease the crap out of you. I don't think I've blushed so much from the unexpected side of his flirtatious onslaught. Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Liyan ( Watanabe Hiroshi) {Fire Emblem: Three Houses}

  • Down Boy

  • Reap What you Sow

  • Belly Rubs

Our flirtatious bar owner from Cheers is back and is ready to amp up his game. Don't let his wolfish charm trick you. This puppy is all woof and no love bites. Reciprocate his romantic attempt and he becomes a ball of goo. Wait? Who's romancing who? If what this hotshot Fenrir needs is a taste of his own medicine to turn him into a blushing mess, this may turn out to be more fun then I initially thought?

What if...?

There are two other potential lovers, but with a shorter story of what could possibly bloom between the two of you. A sort of sneak peak into a possible future. Wanna see?

Alest (VA: Yoshimura Kazuhiro) {CollarxMalice, Bustafellow}

  • A Bull That Charges Head First

  • Megane-Mania

  • Fireworks in my Stomach

Who would have thought that the royal family advisor had such a handsome personality. If you can get over his combustion and spontaneous outbursts, he can be quite endearing. He might just have to steal you away to be his personal secretary.

Prince Colivus (VA: Koichi Makoto (Young), Shigematsu Chiharu (Adult)) {Demon Slayer, Ensemble Stars!}

  • Cursed Prince-ling

  • Adult Heart

  • Junior Magician

The kingdom's future king is struggling to come to terms with his miniature stature. He wishes for nothing more than to be a great ruler for his people, but being asleep for ten years, thanks to a curse, can put doubts in people's mind. He'll have to show his strength through his actions if he desires to warm everyone's hearts. Especially the heart of the woman who saved him. Now if he can just show her how much of a man he really is.

Final Call

Overall, Radiant Tale: Fanfare was certainly the finale that this fan disk delivered. Packed full of extra content that will bring a smile and a couple of hysterical giggles out of you. The only gripe I'd have to touch on would be that some of the stories felt forced. Like, they were struggling to add a believable outcome to bring everyone's relationship full circle. The new LI's were adorable and more side characters in Otome games need their moment to shine. This game gets my rating of 9 out of 10.

Ladies and Gentlemen! It's been a pleasure, but I must bid you all, adieu! Now then troupes, get your sexy butts in the bag. Don't worry it's magical, you'll fit! 

Score: 9 / 10



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