Shin Megami Tensei IV - 3DS Review

Having just spent the last three month playing Atlus' Persona 4 Golden on my Vita, firing up Shin Megami Tensei 4 immediately felt a little familiar. Combat is initiated by swinging with a button press - if you connect you get to do a bit of preemptive damage, but if the opponent strikes you first, there is a chance they get to go first in combat.


Madden Moments - Gaming Thoughts

With Madden 25 releasing... well, basically right now, I thought it would be a good opportunity to look back at the series and highlight some of my favorite 'Madden Moments' from over the years. I have not played every single release, but I have played most of them spanning from my Sega Genesis to the PlayStation 3, and plenty of systems in between.


A-Men - PlayStation Vita Review

Sometimes games just immediately click with me, and then either follow through on their promise or start to let you down the longer you play them. A-Men was a title that I enjoyed right out of the gates, but actually started to overstay its welcome a bit by the time I was done playing it.


Thunder Wolves - PSN Review

I really had no idea what to expect from Thunder Wolves when I first started to play it. Aerial combat to be sure - you are piloting a helicopter after all. However, beyond that? I had very few expectations. Thankfully, I would say that Thunder Wolves proved to be a pleasant surprise.


Smash Bowling 3D - Nintendo 3DS Review

Bowling is one of those games that can often make for a quick filler - generally speaking the titles lack the depth of true sports simulation titles like NBA 2k or the Madden series. Big John Games has shown however, that these non-core titles can still provide some decent depth and mechanics with their Big Bass Arcade game for the 3DS, which I was quite fond of when I reviewed it.


Bowling Bonanza 3D - 3DS Review

Bowling seems like a title that is easy to 'get right' - or at least it should be. After all, the mechanics are pretty straight forward, and as Wii Bowling showed, unique control schemes can make the experience more fun. It seems like the 3DS is playing home to a lot of quick, light titles like this recently, but with varying degrees of success.


Time and Eternity - Game Guide

So I recently played and reviewed Time and Eternity, which released on the PlayStation Network a few weeks ago. It is a JRPG with a lot of dialog, some grinding and plenty of quests. For the most part, I enjoyed it, despite some flaws. I summarized it as the whole being more fun than each of the individual parts would probably lead you to believe.


Shin Megami Tensei IV, Persona 4 Golden, 200000 hits - lots of Gaming Thoughts

I have had quite a few games in the cooker lately, which has mildly impacted how many articles I am getting out. I am still trying to make sure I hit two a week, but would prefer to be at three or more, so I will aim for that still. To kick things off though, I really wanted to just once again thank you all for helping me cross 200,000 views. For those keeping score at home, I have doubled my views in the last six months, so that has been amazingly from my stand point - thank you!


Time and Eternity - PSN Review

So just a quick footnote, but I finally crossed 200,000 views in total last night. Thanks for all of the visits, everyone. Hard to believe how things have turned upward from maybe 5-15 visits a day to 700+ a day. Now, onto the review...

There is a frustrating feeling I get with games at times, like movies or probably any other entertainment media, where you feel like there is a good idea really fighting to get out - but for whatever reason it does not quite get there. Sometimes it is talent, sometimes it is a particular bit of direction - a game mechanic, the way the animations look, awful music - that derails the process. Other times it is a lack of budget or being constrained for time.


Vanquish - PlayStation 3 Review

I had seen pictures and video of Vanquish before and after it released. It looked interesting at a glance, but not something I was going to plunk any money down on to play. Shooters are not exactly hard to come by.


Gaming thoughts on Nintendo's eShop $30 3DS offer

So just some quick thoughts on the deal Nintendo announced a few weeks ago - if you purchase and register both Shin Megami Tensei IV and Fire Emblem Awakening before the end of August, you would get a $30 credit in the eShop


R.I.P.D. The Game - PSN Review

Generally games based on movies crash and burn in glorious fashion. The movie R.I.P.D. has already been getting beaten up as a half-hearted ripoff of Men in Black and Ghostbusters. So obviously a game based on the movie is going to have some concerns - but still the subject matter seems full of potential as shooting undead (or in this case, Deados as they are referred to) works for plenty of other gaming franchises.


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