Record of Agarest War 2 release info

The Story:
One day, the world was enveloped by a mysterious blinding light. The destruction it caused was terrible, even as the light itself was sublime in its beauty, and it made those who witnessed the awesome display think of the unrestrained rage and fury of the divine.


Handful of gaming thoughts...

Some items I've been posting on Otaku Gaming:

- Is Record of Agarest War 2 North America bound?  According to a stumble-upon I had on Amazon, it may be, but I haven't seen an official announcement yet.  I am pretty excited about this one and emailed Aksys PR to see if they could give me any other info, as I was a fan of the first Agarest War and it was one of my earliest reviewed titles and also the subject of a re-review by me.

- Persona 4 Arena has been announced for North America as well.  I only ever played the first Persona for the PlayStation years ago, but I really liked it - it struck a very positive note with me and I've been eying the titles for PSP for awhile now, so this caught my eye also.

- I really liked Final Fantasy XIII - I scored it well on my review on the site earlier, and I've been enjoying the sequel.  There's some new info about an upcoming episode to Final Fantasy XIII-2 courtesy of DLC.

- And last but not least, I've talked about my RPG Maker XP project, Summoner on here in the past (I was actually just prodding at that again on Saturday.  Still don't know if I'll ever finish it or not.  If I do, I will likely have to make several sacrifices because I just had too large of a plan for the game for my time to allow it).  That said, RPG Maker VX Ace has a release date and pricing.

Any of these articles of interest to you?  Do you like/dislike/feel indifferent about when I link to another site or blog like this to show details on the articles?  Let me know your thoughts on this - or any of the above - here or at Otaku Gaming.