"Gears of War 4" Prologue Debut and "Gears of War 4: Live" Announcement

Gears of War 4 is fast approaching and with it comes plenty of new gameplay footage before the upcoming release.


Month In Review - September 2016

Looks like it’s that time of the month again! See everything that we’ve been up to and catch up on anything you may have missed.

September brought about some awesome gaming all around from the newest Trails of Cold Steel over to the tactical world of Armello, the sea covered world of Oceanhorn, and the monster infested future of God Eater. There really was no shortage of good titles this month!

Article by Pierre-Yves

Madden NFL 17 and Oktoberfest - Beeps and Beers

Fall has certainly arrived here in Michigan. Cool breezes, leaves are turning color and the NFL season is well underway now. While we did not get a Madden 17 review up this year like usual (no review copy = later acquisition), that does not mean I am skipping my yearly dose of video game pigskin. Fall generally means a couple more things for me as well. Crock-Pot foods is one, and autumn beers is the other. There are two different styles I look forward to in the fall, various forms of pumpkin ale and also Oktoberfest beers, and I would have to say that the Oktoberfest by Bell's Brewery has been my favorite this year by a considerable margin.


Disgaea 2 PC Coming to Steam in January 2017

I mean - it's Disgaea. One of my favorite series out there regardless of genre. Of course I'm going to be excited.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II - PS Vita Review

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold II takes place a month after the end of Trails of Cold Steel. Civil War has broken out with the Nobles and the provincial army wanting to take control away from the Imperial Family and have launched an all-out attack in order to take it by force. Caught in the middle is the once experimental Class VII of Thors Military academy that have been split up to the four corners of the empire. Armed with nothing but his sword, a black cat named Celine, and the Divine Ashen Knight, Rean makes his way across the lands in order to find the rest of the class in order to hopefully help restore the peace for the sake of the people caught up in it.


Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb - Retro Reflections

Indiana Jones is one of the most famous heroes of movies and video games; millions of people are fascinated by his world traveling, Nazi fighting, treasure hunting adventures (what, he’s fought Soviets too? I’m sorry, I can’t recall that…).


Chase: Cold Case Investigations ~Distant Memories~ 10/13/16

This one is coming to the Nintendo eShop very soon.


Toy Odyssey: The Lost and Found - Xbox One Review

To its credit, Toy Odyssey: The Lost and Found gives the player a ton of different things to do and the sends of progression, steadily scaling difficulty and procedurally generated levels give the game incredible amounts of replay value. Toy Odyssey is not a perfect game, but the good does outweigh the bad overall.


Dear Esther: Landmark Edition - PS4 Review

I love games that tug at my imagination and challenge me to think about who my character is and why he or she does what they do. When Dear Esther first released on PC about four years ago, it was on the forefront of what would become known as 'Walking Simulators', and while the adventure sub-genre has its proponents, it has plenty of detractors as well. Back then people did not really know what to expect from a game like this as games with chilling visuals and a first person perspective usually involved guns, jumping and more traditional action elements. Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is a thoughtful game and to that end, I enjoyed it - though it is showing some age now as well.


The Superdimensional War Starts for Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls October 18 (NA) & 21 (EU)!

It's a NepNep game. That's all most of our team needs to hear, right?


SuperdimensionNeptune VS Sega Hard Girls™ brings the superdimensional war to the PlayStation®Vita system for North America on October 18 and Europe on October 21! It will be available as a digital and a physical release and compatible with the PlayStation®TV. We've also got the first English screenshots of the game!

In this RPG adventure, our usual heroine of the Neptunia series, Neptune, is transformed into a motorcycle and now IF, who has always been supporting Neptune from the side, must take main stage! With the help of the Sega Hard Girls, IF must jump, dash, climb, and crawl her way to recover the lost history of the Grand Library. With an intense combat system that allows players to change classes or gain the edge in battle with Fever Time, the journey to save the world Iffy-cially starts!

About the Sega Hard Girls
A collaboration project between ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Bunko and SEGA, the Sega Hard Girls are made up of various Sega consoles, including the Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, and Mega Drive! These anthropomorphized consoles are girls with an array of personalities and spunk, and this time they are teaming up with Neptune and IF for an all-new adventure!

About Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls

Our story begins in the mysterious halls of an ancient library...

The Grand Library holds the history of the world within its shelves. Legend says that if one was to tamper with the books kept there, the past itself could be completely rewritten...

A daring adventurer known as IF discovered the location of this revered library and finally crossed its threshold. Little did she know, a disaster of historical proportions was about to occur before her very eyes. Books began to vanish from the library's shelves; the history of the world was disappearing before her and the reasons for this occurrence were shrouded in mystery.

Key Features
  • A History of SEGA to Love! Introducing Sega Hatsumi, Dream Cast, Sega Saturn, Game Gear, Mega Drive! Familiar faces Neptune, IF, Nepgear, Plutia, and Uzume return as playable characters!
  • Be Anything You Want! Change classes to switch up stats to customize your team! There are also special skills only specific classes can use!
  • IF is Her Own Stuntman! Maneuver through treacherous dungeon terrains with various actions like jump, dash, climb, crawl, to reach items or special rewards, and even destroy objects to clear the path ahead!
  • Fever Time! Jump to obtain the rainbow gem and unleash Fever Time! This reduces enemy turns during battle, enables HDD form, and raises stats by 10% to give you the advantage!
Article by Nick


Pathfinder Adventure Path #109: In Search of Sanity (Strange Aeons 1 of 6) - Tabletop and Board Game Review

Pathfinder has a huge following, and with very good reason. Over the years, the series has managed to cultivate a large and loyal fan base due in large part to Paizo's focus on the actual adventures. Campaigns can make or break any tabletop RPG, and he recently released In Search of Sanity that serves as the introduction to Strange Aeons gets this series off to a spectacularly strong start.


Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness - PS4 Review

Visual novels have rallied hard over the last few years, not only showing up in North America but also having moved from PC exclusives to showing up on consoles more readily. Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness is the latest such visual novel from NIS America and 5pb and it delivers exactly what you would hope for from the genre: stylish visuals, excellent voice acting and most importantly an engaging story.


Sniper Elite 4 Teases Target Führer Mission in First Gameplay Trailer

We've been dropping news on Sniper 4 here and there, but this latest trailer gives us the best look at what the title has in store for us yet.


The Witness - Xbox One Review

What The Witness does best is create a structured world full of freedom, which seems like a conflicting way to describe a video game. Truth of the matter is, The Witness is a difficult game to simply describe, but it is undoubtedly a powerful one that fans of puzzle games will undoubtedly love.


Metro Redux - PS4 Review

Being a little late to the game as Robert covered Metro Redux on the Xbox One when it came out almost two years ago and enjoyed his time with it, I only recently had the chance to sit down to these titles. Being just about as much as a scaredy cat when it comes to horror as a good portion of the team, I was a bit worried while settling into these but after going through both Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light? These have to be some of the best First Person Shooters that I’ve had a chance to sit down to in a long time.


Syndrome Unleashes Old-School Horror October 6 on PC; Consoles on January 26

Horror game season is fast approaching, with titles like Syndrome serving as an excellent reminder.


Nebulous - PS4 Review

Quirky. Entertaining. Challenging. These are all words I would use to describe Namazu Studios' release Nebulous. It is a lightweight game that reminds me of the mobile hit Cut the Rope, but with more sophistication. The end result is a decent game that will chew up a few hours of your time here and there, but is never what I would consider a great or memorable experience either.


“Gears of War 4” Launch Trailer - and goes Gold!

The release date is creeping closer and closer (Oct 11th)...


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