Blackguards - PC Review

Turn-based RPG/strategy titles rank among my favorite games on any platform. More often than not, they show up on PC, where the mouse interface makes unit selections easier than it might be with a console controller. Blackguards is the latest entry into this genre, courtesy of Daedalic Entertainment.


Doki-Doki Universe - PS4 Review

Doki-Doki Universe is a charming little game by HumaNature Studios named QT377665 - or QT3 for short. QT3 learns that his model has been discontinued due to a lack of humanity. To learn about humanity an alien named Alien Jeff sends QT3 all around the universe with the dual purpose of helping humans while giving QT3 a chance to learn about himself as well.


Adam's Venture Chronicles - PS3 Review

As a huge fan of the Uncharted and Tomb Raider games over the years, Adam's Venture Chronicles held a certain appeal for me right out of the gates. I grew up with Raiders of the Lost Ark, and this had a very similar vibe in the story, where you are exploring forgotten depths in search of Christian artifacts that others are also pursuing for their own nefarious reasons.


Battle Fantasia - PSN Review

Good morning, everyone. We are going a bit light here at Chalgyr's Game Room this week (and the last few as you likely noticed). Vacations, lousy weather, training conferences and more have been conspiring against spare time lately. So, I thought I would kick out a light review for today that I have had drafted for a while now, and we have a guest contribution from Jim again on Thursday this week. Barring any more surprises (like frozen/burst pipes in my basement a couple of weeks ago), we should be back to normal (as 'normal' as I can be at least) next week.

Thanks for dropping by!

At a glance, Battle Fantasia seems like it would be right up my alley. Medieval themes, nifty-looking visuals and the promise of some RPG elements in a one-on-one fighting game.


Zen Pinball vs The Pinball Arcade - Gaming Thoughts

I loved pinball Arcade on the PlayStation 3. FarSight Studios did a wonderful job of crecreating real pinball machines in digital form. I had purchased every single DLC that released for it. When I heard that Pinball Arcade was coming out for the PlayStation 4, I was predictable excited. However, when it came out, I was extremely disappointed to find out that I had to once again purchase all of the DLC for that console.


Elemental Monster: Online Card Game - PSN Review

Alright then - I am back from Florida. Which, for the record, was a whole lot nicer than Michigan. It is roughly five degrees out this morning. Guh! Ah well, I decided to toss out a quick review to help get the ball rolling this week. I will have another brief guest post tomorrow morning as well.

I think by now I have safely established my love of collectible card games. While none really top my history with Magic: The Gathering, there are a lot of different ones out there. They have been showing up all over mobile devices like the iPad, and there are some good PC ones too - but outside of Magic: The Gathering, there have not been too many console CCG's to date.


Wii U Windwaker Bundle - Hardware Review

I am heading out to Florida to visit with my dad for several days, so this post will have to hold you over until sometime next week. As such? I thought I would make it a meaty one. I hope you enjoy!

This has been a really exciting few months for me from a video game standpoint. I picked up a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One on their release dates. The Xbox One was a surprise Thanksgiving Day present to the family. The Wii U was our big Christmas present to the family. This console, unlike the other two, had been out for some time now. My youngest two kids are both tremendous fans of the Zelda franchise, so when the Windwaker edition of the Wii U was announced, I knew exactly what I wanted to grab them for Christmas.


Don't Starve - PlayStation 4 Review

The latest release for PlayStation Plus on the PlayStation 4 is Don't Starve, and interesting survival/horror/crafting hybrid. Think Minecraft with more tension. It is an interesting experiment that does not always hit the mark, but does get quite a few things right along the way.


NBA 2K14 - PlayStation 4 Review

I love the NBA. I have been following it for decades now, from playing basketball growing up, to collecting packs of cards and walloping AI opponents in NBA video games since Double Dribble on the NES. Over the years the NFL has slowly become my most-watched sport, but the NBA still has a soft spot for me.


The Interactive Canvas - Kickstarter

Looks like I am finally participating in a Kickstarter, but not from the side of things I expected to be. Matt from Digitally Downloaded is leading the charge on a hardcover book called The Interactive Canvas, which is a book that champions the idea that games do in fact have artistic value and is centered around interviews with people who have demonstrated this in our industry.


Happy New Year! Looking back at 2013

While not everyone celebrates Christmas, the New Year happens to everyone whether you are ready for it or not.

As such - Happy New Year!


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