PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness Introduction Trailer

We have shown some information on this upcoming title a few times, so we thought we would share the latest trailer now as well.


Month in Review - June 2016

Looks like it’s that time of the month again! See everything that we’ve been up to and catch up on anything you may have missed.

So sitting around one day and having a good cold one the boss came up with a new idea. A brilliant new idea. New to CGR are Beeps and Beers in which see some reflection upon said good cold one while doing what we do best. Gaming.

Back for another great read is the Level-Up series in which Hamza jumps into Marriage Counseling from GTA V.

Finally we have a few quick looks at what some of us got excited for over the course of E3.

Article by Pierre-Yves

Ravenholm from Half-Life 2 - Level-Up

I first came across Kieron Gillen’s insightful and brilliant five-page analysis of the atmospheric Robbing the Cradle level from Thief: Deadly Shadows. Since then, it has enabled me to play more games and pay deep attention (as well as appreciation) to the aesthetics and details of level design. Robbing the Cradle is considered one of the scariest levels in video games. In a game where stealth and steampunk is king, this level comes out of nowhere and completely catches the player off-guard, with what its survival horror feel, jump-scares and tense atmosphere. The level quickly became a fine example of excellent level design and as of 2015, it is one of the only two to have its own Wikipedia page (the other being Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog). One of the primary designers of the level, Jordan Thomas, went on to create the equally unforgettable Fort Frolic chapter from Bioshock.


Yomawari: Night Alone - System Trailer

I haven't seen a lot on this title yet, but what we get to see in this trailer is interesting.


Onimusha: Warlords - Retro Reflections

I finished Onimusha many years ago and I remembered it as a fine PS2 game. Since I tend to choose games which have mechanics I am already familiar with I decided to give it another try. After all, it is one of Capcom’s famous productions.


Bravely Second: End Layer - 3DS Review

It’s been two years since the dubbed Warriors of Light have saved the world. Because nothing can ever be a true happily ever after, the world is once again thrown into turmoil from a powerful force. Using a floating castle to attack the heart of the new Church lead by Agnes (who is now the Pope) and the Crystal Orthodoxy, Agnes is taken away from her seat of power. Having been almost annihilated, it’s up to one of her three remaining Chevaliers of the Crystalguard to mount the rescue by banding together with friends both new and old.


SIGTRAP Games sign up with Merge Games to bring Sublevel Zero Redux to console

Merge Games Ltd., a privately owned video game publisher and distributor, is pleased to announce it has signed a publishing deal with SIGTRAP Games to bring the first-person, roguelike, six-degree-of-freedom, shooter - Sublevel Zero Redux to console later this year.


Dead Island: Definitive Collection - Xbox One Review

Let’s go back for a moment to January 2011.  Zombies had gone so mainstream that a lot of people were already feeling fatigue. Simon Pegg had gotten some red on him back in ‘04, Tallahassee found his Twinkies in ‘09, Alice had fought the Umbrella Corporation 4 times already, and Rick Grimes and his Scooby Gang had just found the CDC in Atlanta.  While all of that was happening on TV and in the movies, games were overflowing just as much.


Zero Time Dilemma - PS Vita Review

Sometimes a game is so good, so gripping, that you simply do not want to put it down. Zero Time Dilemma is a fantastic conclusion to a series of great games that works perfectly on a handheld system. Why? Because I was holding it in my hands, nose close to the screen almost like I was carefully cradling a good book while I anxiously waited for the next scene to unfold much as I would turn a page in anticipation.


Cmoar Studios announces The Karters for this fall

Earlier this year, fans of classic racing games such as Crash Team Racing got all excited when Cmoar Studio announced its team was working on The Karters, a title clearly inspired by CTR’s gameplay and overall design. Today the developers are back with even more exciting news, as The Karters will debut on Steam Early Access on September 28th 2016.



Oh boy, where to start with this one. Senran Kagura, as a series, can probably be summarized in two easy words: busty ninjas. Shinovi Versus is the second game in the series, moving away from the 2D side-scrolling and into a 3D battle style of gameplay. Admittedly, I once saw some gameplay footage and thought: “that kind of combat style is one of my favorites! Maybe I should pick it up?” when it released on the Vita, followed shortly thereafter by being to self conscious to actually pick up a physical copy. Well, apparently we’ve come full circle now that I get to review it for the PC port. If you ignore the gratuitous fanservice and downright questionable “physics”, what lies underneath is a rather solid game.


Mighty No. 9 - PS4 Review

There is nothing inherently wrong with the game Mighty No. 9 as it attempts to recapture the love fans have for the Mega Man games. Having played a lot of Mega Man games over the years, I was pretty hyped to get my hands on this newest effort from Kenji Inafune. Unfortunately it fails to fully capture the charm of the Blue Bomber's prior outings and instead what we have is a perfectly average shooting and platforming experience.


Neocore Games showcased a new pre-alpha build of Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr

Considering the success we have had between Neocore Games releases and a variety of different Warhammer titles, we have a few members of the team looking forward to any and all news about this release.


NBA 2K16 and Lotsa' Problems IIPA - Beeps and Beers

I am a pretty huge sports fan. I have all kinds of rookie, jersey and autographed cards, signed pictures (with Gordie Howe passing away recently, there's only one person left from the infamous Production Line featuring Gordie Howe at right wing, Sid Abel at center and Ted Lindsay at left wing - and I have an old picture of all three of them signed by all three of them next to my PC). So I obviously spent every few nights watching the NBA finals and that naturally sparked up my interest in playing NBA 2K16 again.


Marriage Counseling from Grand Theft Auto V - Level-Up

Despite being the 14th title in the Grand Theft Auto series, a simple perspective change completely alters the way the player approaches and perceives the long-running franchise. With the inclusion of the first-person perspective, the world of GTA suddenly feels more personal and tangible. No longer is the player able to feel a disconnect between themselves and the often immoral actions that they are required to do. No longer is the player able to soften their guilt by putting the blame on the ever-present on-screen character. For the first time in the life of a GTA player, he or she truly feels sorry for their actions.


F1 2016 has a launch date and some videos to show off

We have a trio of new videos to show off for F1 fans, courtesy of Codemasters.


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