E3 2016 - Games that have us hyped - 6/13

E3 is a big spectacle with lots of different studios vying for our attention. While there is no possible way to take in and be excited for each and every announcement, a few of us her at Chalgyr's Game Room are going to highlight some announcements that have caught our eye along the way.

Tekken 7

So, add in Akuma and what do you get? Well, some overlap between two of my favorite fighting franchises. Truth be told, Tekken has long been my favorite fighting series and that has me incredibly excited about the seventh primary entry to the series.


I knew very little about this game, but the Hedgehog Day introduction and excellent visuals combined to create a rather creepy vibe that definitely caught my interest in the trailer.

Earth's Dawn

Going much smaller studio with this one, but Rising Star Games is publishing this side-scrolling game that blends action and RPG elements. Not a big name title by any means, but one that looks quite interesting so far.

Skyrim Special Edition

And now the opposite of smaller studio, this one is a nod to my girls - both of whom were excited to see this one announced last night. Speculation had been running high for a while now that this game would be getting a release, and with mod support it looks as though it could be more than just a graphical touch-up. Plus, I am a sucker for all things Elder Scrolls (on a related note I enjoyed the announcement about the removal of level limitations for Elder Scrolls Online - though I'm curious to see it play out in execution).

We will have a handful of these each night this week. Let us know if you were excited or even annoyed by any of these or other games announced along the way.

Article by Nick