Happy Thanksgiving!

For those of us in America, today is Thanksgiving Day! I certainly try to remember to be thankful throughout the year, but this is without a doubt my favorite holiday. Football, food... and four days off from work.


LocoCycle - Xbox One Review

This game is the very definition of the phrase: dumb fun.


Knack - PlayStation 4 Review

Knack is a game that carried a lot of weight on its shoulders, being one of the two retail exclusives for the recently released Sony PlayStation 3. The titular character is at times quite large in the game, but often quite small. Unfortunately this title buckled under the weight of its expectations, creating an average game that makes for a lackluster release title.


Xbox One hardware review, plus FIFA 14 for PS4

Busy, busy weekend. Despite what SOME bloggers out there think, I do not get to game for a living. However, I did spend most of my weekend in front of the television. At least a major chunk of that was done from my exercise bike, so that is semi-healthy, right?


The Xbox One is set up and rolling

So early this morning, I got up and ran out to nab my Xbox One and get it set up. I waited until the younger two kids were gone for school (the oldest already knew it was coming and takes classes online from home, so there was really no getting around her on that one as I save the big 'reveal' for the household on Thanksgiving next Thursday morning.


Super Motherload Review, additional PS4 thoughts

It has been a very busy few days in my neck of the woods. Aside from trying to keep up with my online PlayStation 3 titles (my franchise in Madden 25 with a buddy there, and currently 3 different games of chess going in Pure Chess at the moment), work has not really been taking it easy on me (we just had a big slew of software releases, so my Support team has been putting in some extra time). Still, this gives me a chance to talk briefly about one of the titles I have reviewed for the PS4, another that is coming up shortly and to share a handful of other quick thoughts about the system.


More PlayStation 4 love

So I did not get quite as much time in with my shiny new system as I hoped this weekend due to some serious storms in my neck of the woods yesterday and some running around on Saturday. Thankfully sleep was treated by and large as optional and I did manage to sink some time in on several titles. I also have fielded some questions here and on Digitally Downloaded I thought I would try to answer as well.

The PlayStation 4 Review

Hey gang. So, my PS4 review is live over at Digitally Downloaded if you want to read it here.


The PlayStation 4 has left its box...

... and it has found its way onto my shelf near the PlayStation 3. A much more detailed write-up will be appearing on Digitally Downloaded tomorrow as I break down the console, the controller, set up, operating system and more.

Not a lot to 'report' today... but over the next week?

PS4 content. I'll be posting over at Digitally Downloaded as well, for those of you who visit both sites.


Final Fight: Double Impact - PSN Review

I remember dropping plenty of quarters into the cabinet for Final Fight when I was younger, and though the console ports were never quite as good - I picked them up and enjoyed them just the same. Early on after I got my Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, I found myself flocking to some of the old arcade titles that showed up to download. I still have most of my older consoles and have these versions of Final Fight or Double Dragon - but they are not quite the same thing as the arcade ports.


4 Years of Chalgyr's Game Room

So... I finally remembered my own Blog's Anniversary for a change. The last few years, I kept meaning to get a post written up and set to go live and... inevitably each and every year something comes up, I get busy and I forget about it. Well, not this year!

One of my first blog headers

Some other articles, what's new around here and more

Posts have been down just a tad lately here, only getting two or three in a week lately. Lots going on that is contributing to that, but I have been seeing lots of hits and good comments when I do get things live - for that I am very much appreciative!


Dead Nation - PSN Review

Coming right off of Halloween, this one seemed appropriate for a quick Monday morning article.

I am not someone who was ever really smitten with the zombie craze of the last few years. There are a few exceptions in both movies or games, but generally speaking zombies make for boring, mindless antagonists that gleefully shamble about like rotting Lemmings.


Battlefield 3 - PS3 Review

The FPS genre is not my favorite. I enjoy the games, but tend to burn through the campaign modes quickly and burnout on the multiplayer as well. I enjoy them for short periods of time and move on. I believe the first Battlefield game I played was Vietnam, but with DICE's popular series seeing its latest release a few days ago (sadly I do not have my hands on that one yet), I figured I would talk a bit about its predecessor.


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