Not a lot to 'report' today... but over the next week?

PS4 content. I'll be posting over at Digitally Downloaded as well, for those of you who visit both sites.

I don't usually do posts over the weekend, but this week and next I probably will have at the very least the hardware reviews, but also hopefully some game ones. I am not yet sure what my entire PS 4 game list is going to look like yet over the next few days. Madden, Killzone, Knack, Contrast, Resogun and Motherload are all probables. I am still trying to figure out one other title, like Lego Marvel, Ghosts or Battlefield. I'm on the fence there and will be picking up this last title sometime today, so if you have input or curiosity - let me know before I head out and nab it this afternoon after I head out from work.

Thanks for dropping by!


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