Game of Thrones - PC Review

Ever since first hearing about an RPG set as a parallel story (and not just a retelling of known events from the television show and books) in George R.R. Martin's amazing fantasy world, I was holding out hope that it would lead to an excellent game with a compelling story.  My basic thoughts on the matter?  Well, we got halfway there.


Reflecting on the Nintendo Wii

I have owned every Nintendo console (except the Virtual Boy) since the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System graced my living room, opening my eyes to a whole new world of video gaming. Obviously the visuals and sound were unlike anything I had played at the time, but more than that the experiences the NES brought to the table were new. Never before had I seen sports games or action games - or adventure and role-playing games like this. The technology brought with it not just bells and whistles, but innovative new possibilities in game play.  Now that the Wii U is upon us, I wanted to take a look back at the original Wii, and reflect on my experiences with this unique gaming console.

Still alive and kicking - just been very busy

Good morning. Just a quick plug that I am alive and well - just backed up over the last several days. I had a training seminar last week that used a good chunk of my time and then over the weekend my PC's hard drive really took a bit of a dive. Performance has been getting steadily worse on that machine over the last couple of months, and running disk check brought up a ton of errors that apparently are often precursors to hard drive death. Soooooo, I'll be likely swapping that out sometime in the next couple of months.

I still have some reviews pre-written up though so I'll send a few of those out over the next week and hopefully get some more content out shortly (I've been playing quite a bit of the new Vita, with Call of Duty, Corpse Party and Zen Pinball 2).

Take care

So, what new surprise did I get last night?

So, last night I was out and about with my wife (you can ignore the goofy-looking guy next to her in this pic)...


Happy Birthday to my favorite gamer

Just a quick 'happy birthday' to my favorite gamer - who also happens to be my only son. :P

He's got a game blog he's sorely neglected since school started, and we tend to play different games - and he's turning an entirely-too-old 14 today.


Kid Icarus Uprising - 3DS Review

This review is two things. For one - I am trying something slightly different with it and secondly? This review is... way overdue. I picked up Kid Icarus Uprising as an Amazon pre-order, which came with the 3D classic Kid Icarus download code. The game also came in a larger box than most 3DS titles because it included a stand. Many times I pick up a game and just do not get around to playing it for a while - which can lead to reviews that come along much later in the process.

That is not the case here however. Kid Icarus Uprising got played that night by my son, and the next day by me. In truth, it was probably the most played 3DS game for both of us in 2012, which was why it was among my game of the year candidates.

Swords and bows make up only some of the weapons you will see in Kid Icarus Uprising

Rage - Xbox 360 Review

Well - it's finally Friday. Being fully back to work after some time off over the last couple of weeks is both good and bad I suppose. It gets me back to a slightly more 'structured' schedule - where I should be back to my 2-4 posts a week norm going forward. Unfortunately, I'm a bit 'down' on playtime for games lately as a result since work has been VERY busy. I still have a handful of reviews in the cooker and have been following a lot of different game announcements (I am VERY excited from what I've been reading about Fire Emblem for the 3DS). Speaking of reviews...

Everything about Rage prior to its release seemed amazingly bigger-than-life.  Boss fights, expansive environments, multiplayer and more.  Then the game came out to really solid critical reviews and good early sales, but before long found itself heavily discounted at a lot of stores.  Last week I saw it new for $15.  So what is Rage?  It is a first-person shooter from the makers of Doom and Wallenstein - so they know their way around a gun or two in video games.


Wow... so it's 2013 now

And just like that - 2012 is done. Over. Gone. Onto newer things - like 2013.

Seriously though - it's amazing to me how fast we shot through last year, and that we're already through the first week of 2013. I had some time off to kick off 2013 and I enjoyed it thoroughly. If I had to say which gaming endeavor of mine took up the bulk of my time, it would be Guild Wars 2, but I dabbled in a LOT of stuff over the last couple of weeks.


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