So, what new surprise did I get last night?

So, last night I was out and about with my wife (you can ignore the goofy-looking guy next to her in this pic)...

When I made a joking remark that the bonus we just got from work was more than enough to spring for a PlayStation Vita. We went out to dinner, shopped at a small store for some things for her trip later this year, and then she drove us over to Gamestop. She picked up a Disney Just Dance Game and then grabbed the Call of Duty Vita package and 32 GB card for it without warning me.

Turned out - they were sold out of 32 gb memory cards and all of the Vita packages except the one with a year of PlayStation Plus - which I already have like 7 more months of. So, that took just a bit of wind out of her sails I think as we were told we would have to order it online or even maybe from someplace like Amazon.

Undeterred, she stopped off at Best Buy next, not warning me that she was still planning to get it last night. They did in fact have one, and I was up entirely too late at night/early in the morning getting my games onto it. I already had one game through the frequent reader program at Digitally Downloaded - Disgaea 3 (if you are not a participant in the program or even going there to read articles - you should be!). On top of that, I had a ton of games through PlayStation Plus. Good thing she sprung me for the 32 GB card because I have in one night already whittled it down to about 15 GBs remaining.

However, between Disgaea, the PlayStation Plus games plus my fairly sizable digital PSP and Mini collection - I have a pretty robust collection of games for it day 1. So, expect to see some more thoughts on the hardware itself plus some Vita games in the somewhat near future now as well. Oh, and to my wife? Thank you! :)

Yup, she loves me. Sometimes I dunno why, but she does



  1. Kudos to your wife! I love hearing great husband/wife stories today, whether they're gaming-related or not; too much negativity around marriage in society. I'm also looking forward to your thoughts on the Vita - seems like it's finally picking up steam.

  2. Welcome to the party buddy. Incredible console :D

  3. I am absolutely thrilled so far with how good this thing is. Could use even more room for the app bubbles given how many downloads I have and it seems to be limited to a certain number of pages, but man - this is a good system so far.

  4. Huuuge kudos to her on this one - and you won't have to worry about too many negative stories coming from me and her I don't think. It's our 15 year anniversary this summer and while we surely have our moments here and there? They are few and far between - we're a good team. :)

    Thanks for dropping by to comment!

  5. Good call on picking up a 32gb card. Just got one myself and it makes a world of a difference. Enjoy your new system!

  6. Oh snap, another portable gaming console...and more games, to help keep you incomplete! (Does your wife read the blogs!?)

    It's awesome that she picked up on your "joke" that quickly! I'll be looking for impressions next, January (?!), on Disagea and Black Ops? ;)

  7. I was really surprised how quickly I kicked through the first half of the card. I was tempted to go the 16 gb but knew I had a ton of games like Wipeout and Uncharted that would chew up some real estate. Of course, there's that whole ACTUAL space thing - the 32 gb card really only has like 29 to start. I'm down to about 14 gb now, but with almost all of my app slots filled up.

    Thanks for dropping by to comment - I've been enjoying it a ton so far tonight. :)

  8. LOL - right? And no - she doesn't. I think she knew I was REALLY itching to try a Vita though - especially knowing I had a bunch of titles already in the tank, so to speak.

    I suspect we'll have reviews on uncharted and Call of Duty quickest. Neither is a terribly long game from what I have read and uncharted is chewing up abount 3gbs of space at the moment too. I'm also plotting what game I want to nab next. Pretty excited - not going to lie. :)

    (oh, and no - she doesn't read unless I oint a post out to her on here lol


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