Happy Birthday to my favorite gamer

Just a quick 'happy birthday' to my favorite gamer - who also happens to be my only son. :P

He's got a game blog he's sorely neglected since school started, and we tend to play different games - and he's turning an entirely-too-old 14 today.

Where as I tend to play more sports and RPGs, he's definitely in the shooter camp. I finally had to admit about a year or two ago he's better than me in most shooters - especially the Call of Duty franchise. Believe me - admitting that one hurt.

For Christmas we got him Black Ops II, which he beat the campaign to and has been logging a ton of time on the multiplayer. He's also recently gotten Halo 4 for the 360 and Resident Evil Revelations for his 3DS. With a birthday so close to Christmas, he saved up his money and nabbed some other cheap games over the weekend with his combined birthday and holiday loot and picked up Crysis 2, Brink and Sniper Elite 2 for the PS3 (noticing the shooter theme?) and Paper Mario for the 3DS.

Now, we all know I'm a big Madden fan, but the year this little guy was born I played more Madden than ever. It was before the PS2 was released, and this guy was sick and colicky a lot during his first 10 months. About the only way I could get him to sleep was to walk him around or rock him in a rocking chair. So basically, I learned how to cradle him in my arms for hours at a time while playing Madden at 4am while attending college and working a couple of jobs. It was the first and only time I had reached double digit seasons in a Madden franchise. :)

Most importantly though? Those sleepless nights were completely worth it. We might not always see eye-to-eye (though he's nearly as tall as me, so I may need a new analogy soon), but we have a lot of fun together - whether we're beating Gears of War 3 co-op, watching Family Guy or playing Magic: The Gathering together - we have a lot in common.

Happy birthday buddy.



  1. That Random Game Blogger15 January, 2013 10:31

    Heh, must be cool having a gamer dad

  2. LOL - You'd have to ask him I guess. I certainly hope so. I'll usually try a game, even if it's not my 'usual' thing, if he wants me to. :)

  3. That was a very touch, heart-felt read. Happy birthday to your son!

  4. Like father, like son...so to speak.

    Well, it's good to have a hobby, and I can't think of any better than the noble venture of games. (Except maybe joining the "Become a President Club" -- that's a thing, right?)

    Anyway, hope your son has a happy b-day, and that the two of you keep having good times together.

  5. Happy Birthday man! Hope it was a great one, and hopefully you got some game time in.

    (@Nick: Now I know which one you were playing Madden through the night with!)

  6. Thanks man - it was fun to write, believe me. :)

  7. Thanks! We had a good time last night. We played some games and my wife surprised me with a new Vita last night - so after setting it up I let my son spend some time with it last night and today - he had a blast with it.

  8. LOL - Thanks bud. We had a good time last night - and today was a continuation of that. In fact today he spent a few hours on the floor next to me playing Call of Duty on my Vita while I took my first crack at the PS3 Black Ops 2 online with him coaching me on it. We had a good time - but then we usually do!


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