The Walking Dead: Season One - PS3 Review

The Walking Dead is a game, based on the hit show, based on a comic book. So basically you have a bunch of influences here, but while a lot of the material is based loosely on an existing set of stories, the approach Telltale Games took with Season One was somewhat risky in retrospect.


Memorable Music in Gaming #1

I thought I would kick out a different kind of post for this site, and maybe just talk about a favorite aspect of mine - music in video games. There are all kinds of things I have enjoyed about video games over the years. Graphics, box art, a mechanic that simply 'hooks' me - and perhaps all of these will also get their own series of posts over time. But for today? I wanted to kick off with five of my favorite video game songs. Some of these might be painfully obvious and popular down the road, such as the Hyrule theme music from The Legend of Zelda, which even today is burned into my memory and immediately invokes images of adventuring as Link.


Tecmo NBA Basketball - Retro Reflections

Every now and then, I reflect back on my gaming experiences, and I recall the points in my life they happened. Whether it was getting a Genesis for my birthday, an NES for Christmas or even a particular gaming title around a big event like graduation.


Toukiden - PS Vita Review

The Monster Hunter series is incredibly popular all over the world. It has a grind heavy formula and online cooperative play broken up into missions that makes it ideal for fantasy fans, online fans and those who like bite sized (and often portable) action. Considering how well Monster Hunter has done on the DS and the PSP in the past, it amazes me that the Vita still had this void in its library for so long. If anything the system with its gorgeous display and two stick configuration seems as though it would prove a natural fit for the series.


Considering some tweaks to the format around here

Good morning, everyone.

So I've been considering some tweaks to the site here. You may have noticed that a few of my articles have been written by guest contributors once in a while, and I would certainly not object to having more of that going forward. If you think you have a gaming-related article you would like to see published, feel free to contact me at and we can almost certainly make that happen. Doing so on a somewhat regular-ish basis would also encourage me to create a contributor's section to the site.


NIS America is making 2014 look pretty awesome right now

It is no secret I like a lot of the titles NIS America puts out there. I have had a chance to review several of them, and it feels like they are getting stronger just about every time. When NIS America had their keynote in San Francisco last week, they got a lot of gamers - myself included - very excited about what is to come.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc - PS Vita Review

I love that this hobby of ours, playing video games, comes in so many different shapes and sizes. Sure, everyone has their favorite genres - one of mine is the strategy/RPG game. However, there is a lot of room for games that do something different, and Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is one such title.


Eternal Sonata - PS3 Review

Eternal Sonata is one of the oldest titles I have had kicking around my collection for some time. It first released on the Xbox 360 around the same time as Blue Dragon did. It always looked good to me - I even played the demo. Eventually however, it released on the PlayStation 3 about a year later and brought with it a handful of small enhancements.

Early impressions - Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Last week Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was on sale on the PlayStation Store, and it was a title my son and I were both very interested in. I have played a handful of MMO games over the years, with World of Warcraft getting the lion's share of my time. My son enjoys just about anything online, whether it is the competitive modes to a first person shooter, or games like APB or Maple Story on the computer.


The Pinball Arcade - PSN Review

I really like pinball games - we will just get that one out of the way here. Mind you, when I would go to the arcade with my dad as a kid, he was the one who spent all of his tokens on those, and maybe a couple of rounds of air hockey with me, while I dumped most of mine into actual arcade cabinets like Double Dragon, Ninja Gaiden and Solar Warrior. However, I would always make sure to save a few tokens for playing against my dad - who usually won.


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