Considering some tweaks to the format around here

Good morning, everyone.

So I've been considering some tweaks to the site here. You may have noticed that a few of my articles have been written by guest contributors once in a while, and I would certainly not object to having more of that going forward. If you think you have a gaming-related article you would like to see published, feel free to contact me at and we can almost certainly make that happen. Doing so on a somewhat regular-ish basis would also encourage me to create a contributor's section to the site.

Speaking of further sections for the site, I have considered setting up a review database as well. Considering that is just about all I do here now is write reviews, I feel as though the various page links at the top might not be the best way to simply browse and see what we have here. A more organized list of reviews would certainly be a bit more upkeep on my part, but hopefully worth it for people browsing the site.

I have also considered things like a complete facelift to the site visually - something new from a layout perspective as well as that eternal debate of lighter color scheme versus darker. Any feedback or suggestions there are also welcome.

Last, but hardly least, I have been toying with the idea of setting this guy up with an actual domain name and perhaps changing the name of the site to something else. The Gaming Room is the current leader in my mind (while I love the user name 'Chalgyr' - it doesn't really mean much to a random person searching about for the site).

Having been at this a little over 4 years here now, I figure it's time to change a few things up and help keep the site fresh!

We have seen a spectacular uptick over the last two months, regularly coming in between 1,000 and 1,500 page views a day - I appreciate that! This is considerable growth from the 500-600 I was seeing about seven months ago.

If you are not comfortable leaving comments below, again feel free to hit me up via email with any or all thoughts you might have on the various topics above. I am still in the 'bouncing things around in my head' stage, and am open to ideas, contributions or even rotten veggies I suppose, if that's all you have to throw my way.

Thanks again for dropping by!

- Nick / Chalgyr


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