With the new officially PlayStation® licensed REVOLUTION 5 PRO, NACON offers PS5®, PS4™, and PC* players a controller with an advanced design and cutting-edge technology.


Kirkland, WA, September 27, 2023 NACON, a major player in video game publishing and designer of premium gaming accessories, is delighted to announce the forthcoming release of a new controller officially licensed for PlayStation. With over 6 million NACON PS4 controllers sold, including 1.6 million of its NACON Pro line since 2016, the features of NACON controllers have won over legions of competitive gamers.

"This new model in the Revolution line is the culmination of years of development and NACON's passion for gaming. We wanted to create the best controller possible, a controller that would give gamers the upper hand. The Revolution 5 Pro combines the best of our expertise, technological innovation and ergonomics," said Yannick Allaert, Head of Accessories Division at NACON. "I want to thank Sony Interactive Entertainment, our long-time partner, who has enabled us to develop this product in the best way possible."

The Revolution 5 Pro is the result of years of research as well as constant discussion with players and professional gamers about previous NACON controllers. The result is a unique controller for players in terms of design, ergonomics, comfort, precision and technical innovation. Among the new features is Hall Effect technology which allows for greater precision, with the joysticks and triggers, as well as a very long service life. The entire controller has also been designed with environmental responsibility in mind. The ability to repair and replace key components was a prerequisite during the initial design phase.

Compatible with PS5, PS4 and PC*, used wired or wireless, the officially licensed Revolution 5 Pro is the perfect ally for competitive gamers who require high performance. As well as being fully customizable to suit every player, the controller can be used more than 10 hours before recharging. An additional benefit for gamers is that it connects to wireless headphones via Bluetooth as well as wired headsets via the included 3.5mm jack.

The Revolution 5 Pro from NACON will be available in December 2023 at leading U.S. retailers for MSRP $199.99. Pre orders available starting November at Best Buy and GameStop.

Watch the teaser trailer here:
Discover all the technical features on

NACON is a company of the BIGBEN Group founded in 2019 to optimize its know-how through strong synergies in the video game market. By bringing together its 16 development studios, the publishing of AA video games, the design and distribution of premium gaming devices, NACON focuses 30 years of expertise at the service of players. This new unified business unit strengthens NACON's position in the market and enables it to innovate by creating new unique competitive advantages.
“PlayStation”, “PS4”, “PS5” are registered trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment 
*PC compatibility not tested or endorsed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.


Article by: Susan N.


Silent Hope - Switch Review

Silent Hope by developer Marvelous Inc and publisher XSeed GamesSwitch review written by Richard with a copy provided by the publisher.
Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

A land bereft of voices, where you cannot speak. An abyss filled with malice on the Kingdom's edge. Seven brave heroes arrive, ready to aid a princess in returning the voices back to the people. Oh, there's a lot of monsters down in that Abyss by the way. Have fun traversing it in Silent Hope!

Long ago a kingdom experienced a tragedy. After this tragedy, the citizens blamed their king, and turned their words against each other. The king, distressed by what his once-kind citizens had become, sealed away their voices and threw himself into the Abyss. Three hundred years later, seven heroes arrive at the mouth of the pit leading to the abyss. Meeting a princess trapped in a crystal tear, the seven heroes who have gathered are tasked with clearing the layers of the abyss, reaching the bottom, and recovering the voices of the kingdom from the king.

Your seven heroes, yes they're all you, now have to venture through the abyss after setting up an encampment near the princess's crystal. The only problem is they haven't exactly brought much along with them. No worries though! The abyss is chock full of interesting creatures, plants, and minerals to help you out! The standard gameplay loop for Silent Hope will have you making a delve into the abyss, returning to collect completed materials and start production on new ones, crafting gear and food, then heading back into the abyss.

So, while six of the heroes are setting up the hub area for your return, let's take a trip into the "only one person at a time" abyss. The abyss is essentially a roguelite type dungeon, where every time you enter there is a new layout, albeit with some exceptions. Your goal is to keep moving down floors until you reach the bottom. This can be done either by killing all the monsters in your way on the way down, running by as many things as possible and avoiding combat when an option, or a combination of the two. If you do go about beating up the things in your way, you'll earn exp, as well as maybe items, runes (which are the currency used in Silent Hope), or equipment blueprints and food recipes. Some floors have gates barring entry to the route downwards, some require you to fight through rooms that will spawn a number of enemies while you are trapped in a room, and some are boss or miniboss fights.

So, the abyss comes in layers, with each layer having a set number of floors, with some of those floors indicated to you if they are a special or normal floor. Don't worry by the way, there are plenty of return crystals you can use, as well as the occasional checkpoint that you can choose to go back to when you return to the abyss. Dying in the abyss isn't super awful either, as while you do lose some items you've collected, you are returned to your camp area with all your equipment and levels intact, although you will have to start again from the nearest checkpoint.

Now that you've made a trip into the abyss and brought some spoils, it's time to take a look at what the other six have been up to in your absence! First up on the left side of base, they've set up an Atelier and Workshop. These two facilities allow you to turn minerals and wood based items into crafting materials, respectively. These crafting materials can then be used at the Forge in order to craft gear such as weapons, rings, and earrings, one of each can be equipped by characters. Something to note is that it takes time for the materials to be turned into crafting materials, while equipment is an instant completion item. On the right side of the base we have the farm, the fields, and the kitchen. These are similar to the left side, only result in the creation of food items, up to three of which can be set that will give you a boost on your next run through the abyss.

In the back of the base you'll find the princess trapped in her crystal. You can talk with her, the only one to retain her voice, and she will help you appraise unknown blueprints you find in the abyss, change your characters' classes, as well as check and turn in missions for rewards. Classes are individual to each hero, along with specific weapon types that are unique to the individual heroes, and have different stat distributions and unlockable skills associated with them. Once skills are unlocked they can be used on any class.

Before we go back into the abyss to teach you some of the combat basics, I do want to emphasize that each of the seven heroes is very distinct. Their classes, weapons, as well as combat style and skills are all unique to that hero. For example, my personal favourite unit, the warrior, uses a greatsword, has buffing and sword spinning skills that tend to stun enemies, and has the classes: warrior, paladin, and berserker. The caster on the other hand uses a staff, uses skills that are based around magic, and has the classes: caster, sage, and summoner. All the classes, associated skills, and unlock conditions can be checked at the class change menu. 

While this means there are a lot of different characters with cool sets of playstyles, the heroes do have different weapons, as well as levels. So, building all seven heroes at once could be a little rough on you if you want them all to keep pace with each other. There are also other factors to consider, like different effects built into weapon blueprints, and synth stones you can attach to gear to add different effects and elemental attributes.

Well then, let's hop back into the abyss for a bit to talk a little more about the exploration and combat. As you travel through the layers of the abyss, you will come across plants and rocks to break for materials, chests to open for blueprints and runes, as well as monsters to battle for, well, all of the above really. Exploring the abyss is a 3D active action style, where you have full control of your character as you attack, dodge, chug one of your two potions to heal, and use skills. Good news by the way, skills don't consume any resource, and just require a period of waiting time before they're available for use again, something that took me a while to get used to at first. As you level you will get skill points that you can spend to upgrade your skills.

Now, you may be wondering "why use multiple units then if everything is individual?". First up, there are plenty of enemies and bosses that are kind of rough with certain units. Using the warrior as an example, one boss hits hard and fast, so you want to stay far away from them, but if you don't have a character with some ranged skills, you're in for either a long "hit and away" tactic fight or a really rough slog. Second, as the heroes are individual, sometimes you might get really good gear for a hero you don't use and not the one you are currently using. I managed to go almost three full layers without getting a decent weapon for either my warrior or archer, for example. Also, class unlock requirements have to be earned individually as well, so a hero you don't like could have a skill set you may like but will never see if you don't use them. Third, and maybe most important for the more casual player, is that you can actually swap heroes out mid run through the abyss anytime you find a crystal, earning stat boosts when you sub out as you explore.

I'll be honest, if you're only going for a single run on the easiest difficulty, or even a little higher, you can certainly get away with only using one character, but you'll be missing out. Thankfully, since there are six heroes remaining at base at all times, any production requests you have will still be ongoing while you're out! Also, there is a post game and harder difficulties, so swapping out and keeping your heroes all leveled does have its share of benefits.

Silent Hope is wrapped in a neat package that any Harvest Moon or Rune Factory fans will probably recognize pretty fast. Yup, the farming game has an action RPG spin-off, so expect a lot of the same sort of colourful and chibi artstyle that you've come to love. Each layer has its own theme that is reflected in the terrain style and enemies you encounter, and while there is some repetition and palette swapping of enemies, they normally have at least one or two aspects that set them apart from their earlier counterparts.

So, we're nearing the end, but let's talk about a few things that haven't really fit in anywhere else yet. First up, there's a sizeable post-game. By this I mean that there are more unlockable difficulties, as well as extra stages that are unlocked by clearing the game. While some may find it gets a little repetitive, that's what the multiple characters are for. If you're a fan of the roguelite action RPG style then you'll also be glad there's more to it. Exciting news as well, class respecs are completely free and at will. I was a little worried about this when I first started, but after my first class unlock I tried it and it let me completely refund all my skill points, right before a boss that my set-up wasn't particularly good for. This is great, especially since there are a lot of skills I like, but might be situational or not good against large amounts of enemies, or vice-versa.

Now for the two really cool points. First up, your base camp will change to reflect your clearing of the abyss. As you continue to go through new floors, you'll start accruing items in the back near the princess's crystal. Also, your 3rd class will net you a cool wooden figure that gets a shelf you can view, which is really neat. My other really cool point is that the credit sequence is one of the neatest I've seen in quite some time. You'll have to see it for yourself, but I was a fan of it.

Now obviously, as a Roguelite action RPG, this won't fit in everyone's wheelhouse, especially if you consider it can get somewhat repetitive if you don't change classes or try different characters. While #MarvelousEurope didn't really break any molds with Silent Hope, that's not to say it doesn't have its fair share of charm and unique twists and takes on the genre. I thoroughly enjoyed even some of the rougher points while playing through Silent Hope until now, and will continue my harder difficulty runs after this for sure. Definitely take a look at this cool title for either your action RPG or roguelite needs, and I doubt you'd be disappointed.

Score: 8.5 / 10

Survive the Wilds in Smalland on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation!

Stockholm, Sweden – (September 22, 2023) – Maximum Entertainment AB (Nasdaq: MAXENT B) today announced a December 7th launch date of open-world multiplayer survival game ‘Smalland: Survive the Wilds’. Leaving Early Access and releasing on PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5, the game will arrive with new content, alongside a roadmap of future updates bringing fresh and exciting new content to players. The game’s third major content update arrives in October for Early Access PC players, adding a new biome and new creatures, and more is planned in the lead up to 1.0 this December and beyond.

Developed and published in-house, ‘Smalland: Survive the Wilds‘ launched via Steam and Epic in March of this year, hitting a peak of over 52k daily players in launch week and garnering over 1.9 million Twitch watch hours to date. Now, for the first time, console players will be able to explore the rich and immersive world of the Smallfolk, a tiny race of people striving to conquer the towering overland left behind by the giants.


“The growth of Smalland has been anything but small, and the game continues to expand its feature set and acquire new players,” said Christina Seelye, CEO of Maximum Entertainment. “It’s been incredible to see the community’s response to the game, and we are thrilled to open up the massive world of Smalland to players across consoles.”

Traverse lake-sized puddles and mountainous trees, battling, taming, and riding monstrous creatures from grasshoppers to geckos in a bid to survive and thrive in a harsh and wild world. New content will continue to be added to the PC game right up to launch, with the same content available in the console editions.

For more information about Maximum Entertainment, its publishing labels and studios, visit


Article by: Susan N.

Distant Worlds 2: Factions - Quameno and Gizureans - DLC Review

Distant Worlds 2: Factions - Quameno and Gizureans by developer CodeForce and publisher Slitherine Ltd.PC Steam review written by Robert with a copy provided by the publisher.

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

The Distant Worlds franchise, developed by CodeForce and published by Slitherine, Ltd., returns with another Factions update containing two new species. Distant Worlds has long been a favored franchise of mine, with Distant Worlds Universe being one of the seminole "it" franchises for galaxy-spanning strategic gameplay. Adding to the existing 7 races (9, if you include the Ikkuro and Dhayut Factions, available here), the Gizureans are an insectoid-like plague on the galaxy. With more in common with locusts, they are an entirely organic species- while I wouldn't go so far as to call them "Zerg-like," but their primary modus operandii is not unlike the blitzkrieging that the Gizureans thrive by. In stark contrast to the Gizureans are the reclusive and introverted Quameno; an aquatic race that, for all of their love of science and research, have culturally grown into a race whose society is modeled after a modern-day military economy. With that, I'd like to spend a few minutes talking about my time with these two races.

I initially felt that I would struggle with the Gizureans as I tend to lean into more defensive gameplay in strategy titles like Distant Worlds; color me shocked when I found that the Gizureans were an absolute hoot to play. I never really liked playing the Zerg in StarCraft and I still hold that the Flood from Halo is right up there next to Dead Space's necromorph as "scariest space-faring organic blobs of hatred" that we've seen in gaming. The Gizureans are like that, but fun. As you're guiding your tidal wave of organic expansion, you'll be hard pressed to keep your insatiably-hungry and ever-expanding empire. CodeForce says, "The Gizureans are legion..." and there haven't been truer words said about the Gizureans. Well ... except that they are actually pretty dumb, so dumb that even they don't know their past. While I'm sure the claim that they have a "mysterious past" has a grander story to tell, but my headcanon is not that they have a mysterious past. It's that they hove focused on breeding and feeding rather than retaining knowledge. 

While the Gizureans do have some diplomacy options, their lack of a diplomat means the rest of the galaxy will hate you, which is just fine for the Gizureans. When one of the options for a planet is, "devour," you know you're in for a good time! As you encroach upon a world, if you come across intelligent beings, you can choose the aforementioned "devour" option, or you can instead choose to "study" ... which just means you'll stare at them a bit before you eat them. Moral of the story is that you have a choice to eat anything you come across, including other Gizureans, or you're going to take the time to put on a bib, then you'll devour them. TLDR, lots of eating are in your future if you're playing the Gizureans.

Where the Gizureans were a complete opposite to what I typically play, I'd have thought I'd have more fun with the Quameno than I did. It's not that they are bad, but I think me playing the Gizureans first sort of spoiled the fun of Quameno for me. As a highly introverted guy myself, I thought that I might enjoy playing a highly introverted species. Focusing more on introspection, research, and solving the puzzles of the universe, the Quameno aren't much for military might. In contrast to the Gizureans, the slower, more methodical and plodding nature of the Quameno is a much-appreciated counter to the downright evil nature of the Gizureans. 

With it's focus on self-improvement and research, the Quameno leave much to be desired by way of its military. This proved to be a bigger issue for me than I would've initially thought, as it seems that most of the galaxy wants to punch me in the face. I can't help but think that my playstyle (ergo, me) may be the issue here. While on paper the Quamenoan species seems like it'd work well for me but I just couldn't become invested in the playthrough. I personally find that I was constantly being badgered / at war with due to the fact that the Quameno military has the same structural fortitude as mashed potatoes.

Though I favored the Gizureans, I was challenged more as a player by playing as the Quameno and I think that is a huge accomplishment; not once did I feel that my looses as the Quameno as a failure due to balance or bugs, but mostly because I just suck; not so much with the Gizureans. Though the subsequent updates to Distant Worlds 2 have made it far more accessible, I think that the Gizureans may actually be the easiest species to play as with the only caveat being, "don't slow down." If you don't maintain your forward momentum in the early game, the end game will be absolutely brutal. Push, and push hard with Gizureans; if you're looking for a slower, but more hands-on playthrough, the Quameno are right up your alley. Any which way you spread it, the point is the same in that ... you should absolutely go buy Distant Worlds 2: Factions - Quameno and Gizureans (after picking up the main game, of course).

TLDR, Distant Worlds 2: Factions - Quamen and Gizureans is an easy 8 out of 10.

Score: 8/10

Glam Up in One of the Best Games of this Year, Baldur's Gate 3

DUBLIN, September 22, 2023 - Mac users and chronic character re-creators rejoice! Today’s Baldur’s Gate 3 update brings the full release of the critically acclaimed RPG to Mac, and finally allows players to change their characters’ appearance in-game via the Magic Mirror.

Patch 3 also contains many pages of bug fixes, tweaks and improvements. Does your dog begin to float away when he senses the postman is near? Patch 3’s got a fix for that. Read the full patch notes on Steam

Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror lives in the party’s camp and allows players to change up their appearance whenever they’d like. There are some restrictions: your appearance, voice, pronouns and nether region can be changed, but race/subrace and body type cannot. Origin characters, hirelings, and full illithids cannot use the Magic Mirror, and any cosmetic modifications that are a consequence of gameplay choices will persist – hag got your eye? swallow any interesting tadpoles lately? There’s no Magic Mirroring those big life decisions away.

Mac Support

Where previously Mac support was limited to Early Access, the full release of Baldur’s Gate 3 is now available to Mac players via Steam.

As with BG3’s launch on PC earlier this year, Early Access saves on Mac will not be compatible with the full version of the game. To minimise potential compatibility issues, Early Access players are encouraged to fully uninstall the Early Access version of Baldur’s Gate 3 and ensure all mods are removed before reinstalling the latest version of Baldur’s Gate 3. Players can follow this pre-launch guide for best results: Baldur’s Gate 3 - Preparing for Launch


Baldur’s Gate 3 is out now on PC, Mac and PS5, and is coming to Xbox later this year.

More information on Baldur’s Gate 3 is available here on the official website. You can stay up to date with the latest Larian Studios news via TwitterFacebookInstagramTikTok or the official Discord Server


About Larian Studios

Larian Studios is an independent RPG developer founded in 1996 in Ghent, Belgium. Over 400 people work between worldwide studios in Ghent, Quebec, Dublin, Guildford, Malaysia and Barcelona. Larian is best known for the Divinity universe, which they introduced to the world with Divine Divinity in 2002.

In 2014, Larian launched Divinity: Original Sin, a classic CRPG that won over 150 awards and nominations. The company released its critically acclaimed sequel Divinity: Original Sin 2 on September 14, 2017, followed by the Definitive Edition in August 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to a 93 Metacritic rating. The Nintendo Switch version released in September 2019 featuring cross-save progression between Nintendo Switch and Steam. Divinity: Original Sin 2 won a BAFTA for Best Multiplayer Game. On August 3, 2023, Larian Studios released Baldur’s Gate 3 on PC. On September 6, 2023, Baldur’s Gate 3 was released on PS5.

Article by: Susan N.

Learn and Explore a New World in Sand Land Coming Soon!

25 September, London: Watch our new trailer here and get ready to explore the SAND LAND and save the world!
How did this unlikely alliance between humans and demons come to be and what is their goal?

A new trailer of SAND LAND shows more about this world turned into a scorching desert, where the greed of the King makes life impossible for its inhabitants by controlling access to water. Sheriff Rao strongly believes another oasis, capable of ending the terrible drought, is here somewhere…
In order to find this Legendary Spring, Rao knows he cannot undertake this dangerous journey alone and travels to the Demon Village to seek help. With the consent of the King of Demons, Beelzebub the Friend Prince and his chaperone Thief join Sheriff Rao on their thirstiest adventure ever, searching the world for this life-saving spring.
As they progress in their journey, the group realises they shouldn’t let their guard down as heat and thirst are not their only enemies. General Are, accompanied by the Royal Army, will pursue Beelzebub and his companions around the world and try to stop them.

SAND LAND is set to release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and PC.
For more information about SAND LAND visit the official website. For other BANDAI NAMCO Europe products, visit our website, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

About Bandai Namco Europe S.A.S.

Bandai Namco Europe S.A.S. is a leading global publisher and developer of entertainment content for platforms including, but not limited to, all major video game consoles and PC.
Bandai Namco Europe is producing intellectual property for a global audience and is building its reputation with franchises such as LITTLE NIGHTMARES™, PARK BEYOND™, and the upcoming UNKNOWN 9™ Awakening - developed by the recently acquired Reflector Entertainment based in Montreal, QC.

Bandai Namco Europe serves as the Headquarters of Bandai Namco Holdings Inc. for mainland Europe, which is known for creating and publishing many of the Toy & Entertainment industry’s top franchises, including PAC-MAN™, TAMAGOTCHI™, GUNDAM™, TEKKEN™, DARK SOULS™ and the recently released ELDEN RING™.

For more information please visit
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All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.
Article by: Susan N.


Watch Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Trailer Here!

September 25th, 2023 - CD PROJEKT RED has released the official Launch Trailer for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty in anticipation of the game’s premiere.

The new, dynamic trailer dives deep into Phantom Liberty’s world and story, exploring the themes of loyalty, trust, freedom, and responsibility for one’s actions. Players can see characters from the expansion in action — including Solomon Reed, portrayed by Idris Elba — and discover some of the dangers awaiting them in Dogtown before Phantom Liberty launches.

As of the day of the release of the Launch Trailer, the Phantom Liberty expansion has already received very positive reviews from journalists.

The trailer also features the theme song of Cyberpunk 2077's expansion — "Phantom Liberty", performed by Dawid Podsiadło, who’s currently one of the most popular singers-songwriters in Poland.

Phantom Liberty, Cyberpunk 2077’s spy-thriller expansion, is coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PC, and GeForce Now on September 26th, 2023. Players take on the role of V, a cyber-enhanced mercenary for hire who is pulled into the world of spies and political intrigue, joined by sleeper agent Solomon Reed, played by Idris Elba. More information on can be found on the game’s official websiteFacebook, and X

About Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is a narrative-driven, open-world RPG set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour, and body modification. The game tells the multilayered, mature story of cyber-enhanced mercenary V. Players are faced with choices and consequences as they customize their character and playstyle, take on jobs, and build their reputation. The game has sold over 20 million copies and won over 200 awards, and is also the inspiration for the award-winning Netflix anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, created by CD PROJEKT RED in collaboration with Studio Trigger. Its spy-thriller expansion, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, is slated for release in September 2023. Cyberpunk 2077 is set in the universe of the classic pen & paper RPG system, Cyberpunk 2020.


CD PROJEKT RED is a game development studio founded in 2002. It develops and publishes video games for personal computers and video game consoles. The studio’s flagship titles include The Witcher series of games, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, and the futuristic AAA role-playing game — Cyberpunk 2077, upon which the Netflix anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, created by CD PROJEKT RED and Studio Trigger, is based. Together with GOG.COM, a game store offering hand-picked titles for PC and Mac, CD PROJEKT RED is part of the CD PROJEKT Group. CD PROJEKT S.A. is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (ISIN: PLOPTTC00011).
Article by: Susan N.


Get Spooked In A Ghoulish Haunted House on October 12th!

September 18th, 2023 - Atari taps into its horror roots with Haunted House, a roguelite revival of the first-ever survival horror game that made its debut on the Atari 2600 in 1982. Now reimagined as a stealth-horror adventure from Orbit Studio, the minds behind Retro MachinaHaunted House is ready to creep onto PC and consoles on October 12, 2023. 




Spooky to its core and riddled with unexpected ghoulish charm, Haunted House draws inspiration from the classic while adopting modern characteristics, creating a unique 2D isometric horror experience where stealth and precise strategy trump the played-out jumpscare. 


In Haunted House, players take on the role of Lyn Graves, the niece of renowned treasure hunter Zachary Graves. When Lyn learns of her uncle’s disappearance, she and her friends head to his mansion to investigate, but before long, Lyn’s friends are also swept into the shadows. Players will navigate shifting walls, unpredictable enemy encounters, and all manner of ookie-spookie frights to guide Lyn back to her friends and put an end to the eerie ectoplasms that have infested the mansion. Should Lyn succumb to a sinister spirit, she’ll find herself back at the entrance of the haunted house, facing a completely new floor layout and rearranged enemies, guaranteeing a unique experience with each attempt.


Key Features of Haunted House Include:

  • All-Ages Thrill Ride: The whimsical, cartoonish art style only thinly veils the chills and thrills in Haunted House! Expertly riding the line between goofy and spooky, the game keeps things rated E with its primarily stealth-based gameplay and light combat sequences. 

  • Unlockable Characters: As Lyn explores the Haunted House, she’ll free her trapped friends, who become playable characters you can use to dive deeper into the mansion. Each friend possesses different stats, so depending on who you explore the mansion with, it’ll be a totally new experience! 

  • Atari Easter Eggs: The game is full of collectibles and lore based on the original Haunted House and other classic favorites from Atari’s golden age. 

  • Did We Mention Stealth?: With combat de-emphasized, players must focus on stealth movement and solving challenges unseen in the shadows, along with utilizing the arsenal of traps and items at their disposal 


Haunted House is developed by Orbit Studio and published by Atari. The game launches on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Atari VCS, and Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S on October 12, 2023. To learn more, visit the official website.

To stay up-to-date on all things Atari and retro-pop culture, follow on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, join the community on Discord, and enroll in the Atari Club at


Thank you for sharing this news with your audience! If you’d like to coordinate an interview with the devs, let us know and we’d be happy to coordinate.


About Atari

Atari is an interactive entertainment company and an iconic gaming industry brand that transcends generations and audiences. The company is globally recognized for its multi-platform, interactive entertainment, and licensed products. Atari owns and/or manages a portfolio of more than 200 unique games and franchises, including world-renowned brands like Asteroids®, Centipede®, Missile Command®, Pong®, and RollerCoaster Tycoon®. Atari has offices in New York and Paris. Visit us online at


Atari shares are listed in France on Euronext Growth Paris (ISIN Code FR0010478248, Ticker

ALATA). ©2023 Atari Interactive, Inc. Atari wordmark and logo are trademarks owned by Atari Interactive,



About Orbit Studio

Founded in 2016, Orbit Studio is comprised of a group of passionate game developers with a shared vision of creating captivating and innovative gaming experiences. Over the years, Orbit Studio has grown from a small indie team to a full-fledged game development company, earning recognition and accolades, including the prestigious Big Award for our groundbreaking game, Retro Machina.

Learn more at

Article by: Susan N.


Check Out the Fellow Traveller Publishers Sale Until October 2nd!

18 September, 2023 - Indie narrative publisher Fellow Traveller today launched its Steam Publisher Sale featuring a range of discounts across their catalogue of story-rich titles. From now until October 2, players can score up to 90% off a range of indie narrative games including hit titles Citizen SleeperThe Pale BeyondBeacon Pines and many more! A full range of titles and their respective discounts can be found below.

In addition to launching its publisher sale, Fellow Traveller announced three new titles to their catalogue earlier this week. Joining the label’s family of highly successful narrative indie titles will be Kulebra and the Souls of LimboScrabdackle and Wander Stars. The label now has seven announced upcoming games and a DLC expansion for release in the next two years plus two further games yet to be revealed.

Demos for Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo, Scrabdackle as well as other upcoming titles Times & Galaxy and 1000xRESIST are available to play now. Head to the Steam pages for these and other Fellow Traveller titles for a range of developer streams and showcases.

To stay up to date on Fellow Traveller titles and sales, follow Fellow Traveller on Twitter or join the Fellow Traveller Discord server.
 Fellow Traveller Publisher Sale Discounts

🧊 The Pale Beyond - 30% off
🌲 Beacon Pines - 40% off
🔺 Citizen Sleeper - 40% off
🌙 Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between - 40% off
🥦 Kraken Academy!! - 60% off
🏠 No Longer Home - 60% off
🎷 Genesis Noir - 70% off
💼 Suzerain - 70% off
🌴 Paradise Killer - 60% off
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JenEricDesigns – Coffee that ships to the US and Canada

JenEricDesigns – Coffee that ships to the US and Canada
Light, Medium and Dark Roast Coffee available.

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