Snag We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip for Free Until October 13th!

ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS — September 18, 2023 — Last Thursday, on September 14th, the previously unannounced We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip was released for free! Within the first weekend, 3 million Explorers joined The FriendShip and embarked on a thrilling ride to test the strength of their relationship on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. This bite-sized puzzling experience contains all the familiar elements of the We Were Here Series, so get it while it’s free until October 13th! 

To celebrate the success of We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip, Total Mayhem Games released a new co-op gameplay trailer:

Geoff van den Ouden, the Executive Producer of Total Mayhem Games, says, “We are blown away by not just the community’s response, but the response of the industry as a whole to the surprise launch of our newest project, We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip! The game is a token of appreciation to all the Explorers who have supported us this far as well as a great ride for newcomers to jump onto. This first weekend we welcomed 3 million Explorers onto ‘The FriendShip’, surpassing all our biggest expectations!”

The FriendShip is the first game of the new bite-sized series We Were Here Expeditions and serves as the ultimate friendship test. With asymmetrical co-op puzzles and communication via walkie-talkies, the Expeditions will include everything the We Were Here Series has to offer, focusing primarily on each player having a unique and essential role in solving puzzles together.. This standalone We Were Here game is the perfect starting point for anybody curious about the series and is all about Communication, Teamwork and Trust!

Friends can play this asymmetrical co-op puzzle game together across all platforms! 
The FriendShip is free to claim on PlayStation 5 & 4Xbox Series X|S and Xbox OneEpic Games Store and Steam until October 13. Xbox players gain free access to the game on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One for ten hours after starting the trial. From October 14 on, The FriendShip will be available for € 3,99 / $ 3,99 / £ 2,99 on all platforms. 

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The We Were Here Series

The co-op puzzle adventures of the We Were Here Series have been enjoyed by almost 10,000,000 players since the release of We Were Here in 2017, with We Were Here Forever breaking all records within the series! The puzzling adventures are playable in any order, although there is a common narrative thread running through them.

We Were Here, We Were Here Too, We Were Here Together and We Were Here Forever are all available on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, of which We Were Here Forever also launched on Epic Games, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip is the first of the Expeditions and also launched on PC, PlayStation 5 & 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on September 14th, 2023. The bite-sized We Were Here Expeditions experience is free until October 13th, 2023.

Since the console release of 
We Were Here Forever, all subsequent We Were Here games have launched with a cross-platform feature, allowing Explorers to play together across all platforms.

The We Were Here Expeditions

From the makers of the renowned We Were Here Series comes the bite-sized We Were Here Expeditions! The perfect chance for new Explorers to get a taste of Total Mayhem Games’s iconic co-op puzzle fun, while long-time fans can try to achieve the perfect score. 

Playing with a friend and communicating well is key to the series: asymmetrical puzzles give players different perspectives and can only be solved together. But don’t worry, your walkie-talkies will let you keep in touch. And if you enjoy 
The FriendShip, then you should definitely consider making your own visit to Castle Rock. Over and out!

Total Mayhem Games

Indie studio Total Mayhem Games started out in 2017 with the release of We Were Here for free on Steam. It was a great success with more than 1,500,000 downloads! They soon followed up with their first commercial games We Were Here Too and We Were Here Together on PC and consoles.  

The studio has only gone from strength to strength since, with the release of 
We Were Here Forever on PC in 2022 and on consoles on January 31st 2023. The console version was released with the addition of a cross-platform feature that allowed for collaboration across all platforms for the first time in the series. 

On September 14th 2023, the studio released the first game of the 
We Were Here Expeditions on PC and consoles. We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip is free to claim during the first month after launch and offers a bite-sized We Were Here experience.

Read more about the Total Mayhem Games team at

Article by: Susan N.



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