Birthdays the Beginning - New English Screenshots

We have a handful of new images from the upcoming title by NIS America. Check them out below!


Month in Review - October 2016

Looks like it’s that time of the month again! See everything that we’ve been up to and catch up on anything you may have missed.

The boss took a bit of a step outside of reality this month into a more virtual one. Want to know what he though? Read up on his adventures with the Oculus Rift through the many Reviews and Previews!

Article by Pierre-Yves

TOMOKO I-600 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Hardware Review

We at Chalgyr's Game Room are no stranger to mechanical keyboards. Many, if not most of the contributors here grew up with "clicky keyboards" complete with their curly cords and serial connections. Fortunately we are beyond that and living in the midst of a resurgent era of the mechanical keyboard. With this boom it is expected to see everything from the ultra-expensive "brand names" to budget-conscious keyboards. Enter TOMOKO's I-600 waterproof mechanical keyboard, coming in under $60 USD, the blue switch mechanical keyboard is one of the least expensive keyboards we have ever tested. The kicker? It is easily worth twice that.


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JenEricDesigns – Coffee that ships to the US and Canada
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