NHL 17 - Play Time

Earlier in the week I showed a couple of different games of Madden 17, but today I wanted to talk a bit about the recently released NHL 17. For one, I decided to keep most of the settings at default, like usual when showing gameplay footage. But beyond that, I wanted to show a couple of different modes. Traditionally I play Franchise mode most heavily in the NHL series, so the first string of videos touches on this.

I broke the videos up into one each by period. As usual I am using the Detroit Red Wings.

Now, for what I found more interesting - I decided to delve into the career mode. The reason I find that interesting, is that this is a mode I usually don't spend a lot of time with in the NHL series, but I have been absolutely loving it in NHL 17 so far. Check back in a couple of hours to hear more on my thoughts about the career mode in this week's edition of Beeps and Beers, which will be focused on NHL 17 as well.

Article by Nick