Future Games Show Summer Showcase Returns on Saturday, June 8 2024

World premieres, exclusive gameplay reveals, developer deep dives and more from across the gaming landscape

London, Wednesday, April 10 2024, 16:00 BST:

Hot on the heels of the Future Games Show Spring Showcase in March, which reached 8.5 million live viewers, the Summer Showcase will return on Saturday, June 8. Featuring more than 40 exciting upcoming games on PS5, Xbox, Switch and PC, the broadcast will be the most ambitious showcase yet on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, X, TikTok and GamesRadar.

The Future Games Show is a multiformat games event with a mission to help viewers discover something new. The Spring Showcase in March, debuted nine world premieres including city-builder-with-a-twist Worshippers of Cthulhu, the genre-defying Blue Prince, and anticipated sequel Knights in Tight Spaces, plus many more.  The Summer Showcase promises more updates on blockbuster games and deeper dives into some of the most anticipated titles.

The Future Games Show has accumulated over 120 million views in 2023 across all shows and platforms, featuring over 550 amazing games since the event’s inception in 2020. The Summer Showcase is expected to be the biggest, most varied show yet. Expect the return of the post-show Expansion Pack, demo drops in the Ones to Play section, new entries into the Ones to Watch yearbook, and more surprises, exciting hosts and special guests.

The Summer Showcase will be the second of three shows taking place in 2024, with an additional show planned for August 22, 2024.

Daniel Dawkins, Content Director - Games, Video and Digital Events said:

“The Future Games Show Summer Showcase is a highlight of the digital showcase season, and a fantastic way to see new games. Our recent Spring Showcase reached 8.5 million live viewers , with amazing feedback from our rapidly growing network of over 200 notable co-streamers from across the globe.

“Every show’s multi-format games line-up is painstakingly hand-curated, with a growing reputation for celebrating innovation, and titles that defy genres. A city builder for worshippers of Cthulhu? We’ve got your back. From fresh updates on AAA blockbusters, to debuts of daring indies, we showcase them all on the Future Games Show.”

Developers and publishers who wish to showcase their upcoming projects can submit their games for consideration now through to Friday, April 26 2024 by filling out this form. The show also invites streamers to apply to become partners of the show by filling out this form.

Look out for more exciting announcements about the Future Games Show Spring Showcase in the coming weeks via GamesRadar, X, Facebook, TikTok or visit futuregamesshow.com.

About Future

Connectors. Creators. Experience Makers.

Future is a global multi-platform media company and leading digital publisher, with scalable brands and diversified revenue streams. It connects over 300 million people worldwide with their passions, through expert content, world-class events and cutting-edge proprietary technology. Every year Future attracts millions of consumers to its brands’ websites, magazines, events and social spaces. Its factual production company Barcroft Studios specialises in producing amazing content, enjoyed and shared by millions of people worldwide.

Its market-leading portfolio of over 220 brands spans technology, games, TV and entertainment, women’s lifestyle, music, creative and photography, hobbies, home interest and B2B sectors. Brands include Techradar, Gamesradar+, Country Life, woman&home, Marie Claire UK, Classic Rock, Guitar Player, FourFourTwo, TV Times, Homebuilding & Renovating, Decanter, Digital Camera, Guitarist, How It Works, Total Film, What Hi-Fi? and Music Week. In print Future’s brands have a combined global circulation of over 3 million.

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Unleash Your Inner Flame: Eagerly Anticipated Action-RPG 'Gestalt: Steam & Cinder' Launches May 21st

LONDON, UK – April 10, 2024 – Embark on a gripping mission to reforge humanity's future in Gestalt: Steam & Cinder, an eagerly anticipated, stunningly handcrafted action-RPG, launching May 21st on Steam.

Developed by Metamorphosis Games and executive produced by gaming personalities Jesse Cox and Dodger, Gestalt: Steam & Cinder invites players to unleash their inner flame as Aletheia, an elite mercenary of the Steam City of Canaan, in an all-new adventure inspired by classic Metroidvanias and action-RPGs.

A seemingly routine job catapults Aletheia into a whirlwind journey to uncover long-buried secrets lying at the heart of Canaan and fight for mankind’s survival as the Steam City teeters on the brink of war.


Take up arms as Canaan's top Soldner, wielding long-lost tech to engage monsters and machines in deadly combat. Enter a world of rust and ruin to challenge powerful rivals, smash through hordes of Clockwork automata, and work with allies new and old to uncover powerful lore. Upgrade your abilities, take on side jobs to earn extra scrap, and delve into a history lost to time on a journey to hunt ancient enigmas threatening the very foundation of Canaan.

Watch the new Release Date Announcement trailer, revealed first at The Triple-i Initiative


  • Unleash Your Inner Flame – Discover the long-buried past of Canaan and uncover secrets lost to time on a thrilling, unpredictable journey.
  • Become a Soldner – Join Aletheia on a heroic quest filled with challenging encounters. Combine close-quarters melee with lethal ranged gun combat to unleash staggering combos in epic feats of skill.
  • Unlock Powerful Skills – Discover and upgrade new abilities and skills to become an unstoppable force against enemies both new and long-forgotten, trading scrap for new accessories to customise your character build.
  • A Beautiful, Handcrafted World – Meet a vibrant cast of characters and journey through a world of stunning pixel art and spectacular handcrafted animations.

"Gestalt: Steam & Cinder is a heartfelt ode to classic Metroidvanias and action-RPGs, featuring enthralling combo-driven combat, a beautifully handcrafted world, and a story filled with incredible twists and turns," said Jesse Cox, Executive Producer. "After years of anticipation, I can’t wait for players to finally discover Aletheia’s adventure for themselves when Gestalt: Steam & Cinder launches on Steam next month."


"Working with Metamorphosis Games on the production of Gestalt: Steam & Cinder has been an incredible experience," added Dodger, Executive Producer. "From the very beginning, the team has been committed to creating an exciting action-RPG that keeps players captivated with an engaging story and stunning pixel art. I’m thrilled  for the game to be shared with the world on May 21st."

Gestalt: Steam & Cinder can be added to your Steam Wishlist now. For the latest info, follow @GestaltGame and visit fireshinegames.co.uk. For more on The Triple-i Initiative, visit iii-initiative.com, @iii_initiative, and check out the Triple-i Initiative Steam Sales page

About Metamorphosis Games

Metamorphosis Games aims to rekindle the feeling of late nights curled up with corded controllers and chunky pixels in the soft glow of a CRT. The team’s first title is Gestalt: Steam & Cinder, an epic narrative driven 2D action-adventure inspired by 16 and 32-bit classics.

About Fireshine Games 

Fireshine Games is a global publisher of digital and physical videogames based in London, England. Originally established in 2014 under the name Sold Out, Fireshine Games works with studio giants such as Team 17, Rebellion and Frontier Developments as well as introducing new indie dev studios to the world like Pugstorm, Stonewheat & Sons, Spiral Circus, ColePowered Games and many more - publishing for physical and digital distribution. Fireshine is also part of the EG7 group of companies. For more information on Fireshine Games and its upcoming titles, visit the official website at fireshinegames.co.uk.

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Open World Star Systems to Explore, & modules to customize your ship in Underspace Early Access Launch

The spiritual successor to Freelancer with a Lovecraftian, sandbox space RPG twist.

[Boston, MA USA / Apr 10, 2024] - Developer Pastaspace Interactive, a solo dev infamously known as Trainwiz in the Starfield and Skyrim modding community for his Thomas the Tank Engine mods that convert ships and dragons – and publisher Camlann Games are thrilled to announce the Early Access launch of their first title Underspace.

Featured in GamingBolt’s “15 Big Games Launching in April 2024” roundup, Underspace is inspired by classic games such as Freelancer. It’s an open-world space RPG where every star system is crafted by hand and every sector has something to discover. It’s a truly open-world experience with no fast travel. Players accelerate their journeys by use of station-to-station lanelines, three-tiered engine thrust for local travel and jumpgates for interstellar travel.

The game follows the tragic tale of Kardoz, a disgraced noble stripped of his wealth and power now eking out a living as a starchaser. In a galaxy rife with plundering pirates, crazy cultists, sudden storms, and cosmic monsters that just normally don’t belong in space.  Starchasing is a dangerous career where the risks are great but the rewards are even greater.


  • Play Your Way: Choose from a variety of roles to tell your own story. From mercenary to miner, courier to pirate, scrapper to starchaser. Professions and ways to make coin are diverse and numerous
  • Truly Open World: Traverse 110+ handcrafted star systems, in a seamless, natural space exploration experience
  • Lovecraftian Cosmic Horrors: Face off against world-eating serpents, possessed battleships, and living minefields. 35+ unique bosses stand in your way to untold riches and glory
  • Dynamic Dogfighting: Rip through enemy formations and give ‘em hell. Combat is manual and skill-based; speed and aggression are emphasized and rewarded. Dodge and weave through enemy fire while claiming kills of your own. Combat is fast with a huge variety of weaponry and ship mods to both outgun and outsmart your opponents
  • Your Ship, Your Character, Your Choice: Fly, paint, and customize 60+ different ships. Outfit your build with 500+ pieces of ship equipment. Level up your character the way you want with a deep skill tree. Unleash your own brand of peace or mayhem on the galaxy in true sandbox fashion
  • Every Star A Story: 40+ different factions to meet, all with their own alliances, goals, cultures, and preferences. Pursue the main quest or discover hidden stories and questionable motives in 45+ unique sidequests
  • Early Access Roadmap: 
    • Mod Support
    • Planned PvP and Co-op
    • Planetary exploration and EVA
    • More to be announced!

Quick Facts & Links:

Early Access Release Date: April 10, 2024
Platforms: PC on Steam & GOG
Game Modes: Single Player, Multiplayer PvP & Co-op (WIP - one of first EA milestones) 
Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1111930/Underspace/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UnderspaceRPG
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ThW2B28JTp


About Pastaspace Interactive

Pastaspace Interactive is a small but mighty team headed by veteran game developer Kevin Brock, humorously known for his viral Skyrim mod that replaces dragons with Thomas the Tank Engine. Brock has been working steadily on Underspace for the past 6 years, including launching a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised 127% of its goal on July 19, 2020. Brock’s vision of Underspace has been inspired by classics like Freelancer.

About Camlann Games

Camlann Games is a newly formed video game publisher from Boston, MA, US with a focus on meaningful, fun and highly replayable games. With industry veterans at its core, Camlann Games intends to back passionate developers, vibrant worlds and the most unforgettable stories ever told in indie PC games.

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Veteran-Developed Game "GunGuru" Launches

A Unique Blend of Military Experience and Mystical Exploration

Today marks the official release of "GunGuru," a groundbreaking video game developed by a real-world US Marine Veteran and machine-gunner, bringing a fresh perspective to the gaming world. Drawing from intense personal experiences in the military, the developer has crafted a game that balances the thrill of combat with the serenity of exploration, set in the mystical and ever-changing jungles of GunGuru.

A Journey Through GunGuru's Magical Jungles

"GunGuru" invites players to navigate a procedurally generated jungle, rich with magic, mystery, and hidden secrets. The game promises an engaging experience where relaxation meets adrenaline-pumping action, keeping players engaged with dynamic gunplay that demands both strategy and reflexes.

Channeling Real Experiences into Virtual Challenges

The developer’s military background not only inspires the game’s combat mechanics but also enriches the game’s narrative and environmental design. "Creating 'GunGuru' was a therapeutic process for me, allowing me to transform my experiences into something positive and engaging for others," said the game’s creator. "I aimed to craft a game that resonates with veterans and civilians alike, offering an escape into a world where every decision and bullet counts."

Future Updates and Community Engagement

The launch of "GunGuru" is only the beginning. Players can look forward to a series of updates, including additional missions, enhanced character creation, and deeper story elements. The development team is committed to building a vibrant community, encouraging open communication and feedback to shape the future of the game.

Supporting Veterans Beyond the Battlefield

In a move to give back to those who have served, a portion of "GunGuru’s" proceeds will be donated to veteran organizations. This initiative underscores the developer’s dedication to supporting fellow veterans in transitioning from service to civilian life.


"GunGuru" is now available on Steam. Players are invited to embark on this unique adventure and uncover the secrets hidden beneath the mystical jungles. For updates, support, or to join the "GunGuru" community, visit : https://store.steampowered.com/app/1305890/GunGuru/

About the Developer

As a US Marine Veteran, the developer of "GunGuru" brings a unique perspective to game development, blending real-world experiences with a passion for gaming. With a commitment to creating immersive, engaging experiences, the developer aims to connect with players through stories, challenges, and adventures that resonate and inspire.


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Children of the Sun’s Bullet-bending Road Trip of Revenge Begins

Children of the Sun, developer René Rother and Devolver Digital’s stylish telekinetic puzzle shooter, is available NOW on PC for $14,99 (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1309950/Children_of_the_Sun/). 

On a mission to destroy the sinister CULT who ruined her life, THE GIRL can only fire a single bullet per level. But this solitary projectile can be re-aimed on impact, curved around obstacles, smashed through armor and obstacles and used to perform other acts of gravity defying ballistic trickery.

One shot is all you need.

Children of the Sun combines sniping, stealth and puzzle solving as THE GIRL takes on the nefarious forces of THE CULT and hunts for her nemesis, the mysterious LEADER.

As you take down THE CULT one well-placed bullet at a time, you’ll learn more about the group’s shadowy past, the heinous crimes committed in the name of THE LEADER and the harrowing backstory of THE GIRL.

Children of the Sun is also lethally replayable, with a leaderboard and scoring system that encourages players to complete each level with ruthless timing and terrifying precision. THE CULT won’t know what hit them.

You can play Children of the Sun on PC today.

Check out childrenofthesungame.com for more information.


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Watch the First Gameplay Trailer for V Rising’s upcoming Castlevania crossover DLC

Prepare for an epic brawl with iconic vampire hunter Simon Belmont, Cosplay as Alucard and build your own Castlevania-style domain

Skövde, Sweden - April 10th 2024 - Swedish game developer Stunlock Studios with Konami Digital Entertainment (KONAMI) have today released the first gameplay trailer for V Rising — Legacy of Castlevania. This crossover collaboration is set to release on May 8th alongside V Rising’s much-anticipated full release on Steam; with the PS5 version launching later this year. The trailer was also part of the Triple-i Initiative showcase, a digital event founded by Dead Cells developer, Evil Empire.

Wielding his legendary whip and an infamous arsenal of holy weaponry, infamous vampire hunter Simon Belmont is infiltrating V Rising to challenge all of Vampire kind. As the trailer shows, facing him won’t be easy, with his righteous crusade through Vardoran posing a threat to all that stalk the night. If you are somehow able to defeat him, the secrets of his iconic weapon will be yours, offering new combat abilities that embody the grace and precision of a deadly Vampire! Watch the trailer and get your first bloody taste of the battle to come!
As well as the free content coming to the game via the Legacy of Castlevania DLC, vampire enthusiasts will be able to purchase the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack cosmetic DLC for 19,99 EUR/USD, allowing players to construct their own castles inspired by Castlevania’s classic gothic aesthetic. The pack also contains further additions and customizations, allowing you to traverse the open world with the Soul of the Wolf, don Alucard’s elegant outfit, embody the prodigal Maria Renard to move unnoticed among the realms of man, or spring through the air as the mischievous Flea Man! There are also two classic Castlevania themes to unlock in your castle: “Simon’s Theme” and “Bloody Tears”, reimagined by V Rising composer Aleksandria Migova.


Read into all the juicy details in the “Legacy of Castlevania” blog post: 


More on V Rising:
Survive as a newly awakened vampire in a world ruled by humans and rise to become the next Dracula. Feed on blood to gain new powers, hide from the scorching sun, and engage in real-time PvE and PvP combat set in a dark fantasy realm. Raise your castle and invite friends to join as you explore a vast open world, pillage villages, skirmish with bandits, and delve into the lairs of supernatural beasts. Attack other players’ castles or become a diplomat in a game of blood, power, and betrayal.

Buy now on Steam: 


Wishlist Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack DLC: 


Wishlist now on the PlayStation store:


V Rising on Socials

Website TikTok X
Facebook Discord Newsletter

About Stunlock Studios
Stunlock Studios is one of the leading independent Swedish game developers in Skövde, known for vampire survival game V Rising and arena brawler Battlerite. Out now in Early Access, V Rising’s gothic world has already attracted more than 4 million vampiric initiates and Battlerite was one of the most popular free-to-play games on Steam with over 6 million unique players entering the arena. With a passion for multiplayer action games, the studio crafts groundbreaking and community-driven games, always with their players in mind.

Visit: https://www.stunlockstudios.com


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Captivating "Against the Storm" Immerses Players in City - Building Allure

Polish Devs Claim "Best Design" Honor

At Indie Game Award 2024, the captivating city-builder Against the Storm claimed the coveted "Best Design" honor. This roguelite colony simulation, crafted by the Polish development team Eremite Games in collaboration with publisher Hooded Horse, seamlessly blends dark fantasy elements with addictive city-building gameplay. Since its release, the game has not only maintained an overwhelmingly positive reception on the STEAM but has also garnered playful remarks from numerous fans, who jokingly suggest enabling the in-game "playtime warning" feature is a must – a heartwarming reminder that hints at the developers' confidence: Against the Storm is a game that will undoubtedly keep gamers hooked once they start playing!"

Dream Chasers ! Mobile Game Devs Boldly Pursue Indie Ambitions with Against the Storm

During Taipei Game Show 2024, the publisher Hooded Horse made a special appearance to represent the developers in receiving the award. They also shared the fascinating backstory of the team, praising Eremite Games not only for their unwavering commitment to quality during development but also for their dedication to addressing gamer feedback and diligently improving pain points, even proactively investigating negative reviews. Hooded Horse commended them as an exemplary team offering exceptional "after-sales service."

Interestingly, Eremite Games was formed by a group of seasoned mobile game developers who maintained close connections while pursuing their respective careers in the industry. Despite their accomplishments, they harbored a smoldering aspiration to develop an engaging PC game. Determinedly turning their dream into action, in November 2019, team member Michał penned the first line of code for Against the Storm, officially marking Eremite Games' transition into full-time inde game developer. The initial planning phase alone spanned nearly three years, but their meticulous efforts paid off, successfully delivered a game that the developers themselves yearned to play.

Intricate Design Fuels Long-Term Against the Storm Allure

As developers who are also avid players themselves, the Eremite Games team understands that while city-building games are undoubtedly engaging initially, gamers often find themselves drifting away after the first 2-3 hours, mirroring a relationship exiting the honeymoon phase when challenges diminish and growth stagnates. Consequently, during development, they relentlessly pursued a diverse array of gameplay elements, seamlessly blending roguelike features into the experience. Their goal was to sustain an enthralling, honeymoon-esque allure that would captivate players’ long-term interest.

Despite the plethora of existing city-building titles on the market, Eremite Games sought inspiration from their personal encounters with Blizzard Entertainment games and classic hand-drawn Disney animations during their formative years. This inspired them to forge a distinctive dark fantasy art style, replete with vibrant colors, intricately sculpted species, and imaginative objects. To maintain a harmonious balance amidst the complexity, the team strived for the "perfect fusion of familiarity and novelty." Whenever designing a new species, members would first identify a core concept from various proposals and then expand upon the artistic vision, gradually shaping the foundational outlines encompassing culture, specialties, attire, and architecture. They meticulously ensured each element resonated with the overarching world, ultimately crafting the vast and visually captivating realm of Against the Storm.

"The team is truly elated by this experience!" Eremite Games emphasized that the competition featured numerous exceptional contenders, making their triumph with "Against the Storm" – a project that began as a modest side endeavor – all the more remarkable in the face of such fierce rivalry. To see their humble beginnings blossom into a mature, widely beloved masterpiece, even clinching the prestigious "Best Game Design" award, feels utterly surreal.

Looking ahead, the team reveals that during the game's early access period, they maintained a cadence of releasing new content updates every two weeks. However, following the 1.0 release, they plan to moderate the pace slightly, though assuring that Against the Storm will not be abandoned. On the contrary, Eremite Games is actively considering supplementing the continuous free updates with their first paid DLC offering. Tantalizingly, they hint, "This could potentially include brandnew playable species, so players should stay tuned!"


Article by: Susan N.


Star Wars Outlaws™ Launches August 30

Fans can preorder now, with Gold and Ultimate Edition purchasers enjoying the first-ever open world Star Wars game up to three days early


SAN FRANCISCO – April 9, 2024 – Today, Ubisoft, in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games, announced that Star Wars Outlaws, the first open-world Star Wars game, will launch on August 30 on Xbox Series X|S consoles, PlayStation 5, Amazon Luna and PC through Ubisoft Connect. Fans who subscribe to Ubisoft+ or purchase the Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition of the game can enjoy up to three days early access*, and those who preorder before August 30 will receive the "Kessel Runner Bonus Pack" which includes cosmetics for Kay’s speeder and for her ship, the Trailblazer.


Ubisoft revealed more details about cunning scoundrel Kay Vess and her companion Nix’s search for an opportunity of a lifetime. During this era, the Empire’s rule is distracted by the rebellion that won’t quit, leading to a golden age for the underworld. As a skilled thief, Kay’s antics catch the attention of Sliro, the leader of a new, foreboding criminal syndicate Zerek Besh. After Sliro places a bounty on Kay’s head, Kay and Nix are offered their one shot at freedom - pull off one of the greatest heists of all time. Kay and Nix will need to navigate the underworld across the galaxy, building their reputation with legendary criminal organizations including the Pyke Syndicate, the Hutt Cartel, the Ashiga Clan** and Crimson Dawn to earn the support they need to finish the job.

In search of true freedom, the resourceful Kay and Nix will journey through the underworld and across the Outer Rim, taking on jobs from syndicates, facing off against intimidating foes, avoiding oppressive Imperial rule and recruiting a skilled outlaw crew in order to pull off one of the greatest heists the galaxy has ever seen,” shared Julian Gerighty, Creative Director.


"Star Wars Outlaws invites fans to experience a side of the galaxy that has a treasure trove yet to be explored, the exploits of the scoundrels taking advantage of the golden age of the underworld. We’ve been inspired by Massive Entertainment’s dedication to bringing this aspect of Star Wars to life, including both iconic and new things for fans to explore in an open world," said Douglas Reilly, vice president, Lucasfilm Games.


Kay and Nix will travel across the galaxy to gain the right resources and crew for the ultimate heist. In their journey, they’ll travel across distinct locations, both iconic and new: Canto Bight, Kijimi, Tatooine, Akiva, and the windswept savannah of Toshara**. Along the way, Kay will explore bustling cities and cantinas, race across sprawling outdoor landscapes on her speeder, and pilot her ship the Trailblazer through the wilds of space. When things go awry, the Trailblazer will also help them chase, evade and attack to gain the upper hand in thrilling dogfights with the Empire and other foes.

Star Wars Outlaws will be available through the Ubisoft Store and at retail at a suggested price of $69.99 for the base game. By subscribing to Ubisoft+ or purchasing the Gold or Ultimate Edition, players can also access the game up to three days early*.

  • Standard Edition:
    • Base game
  • Gold Edition:
    • Base game
    • Season Pass (Includes 2 DLCs, the "Jabba's Gambit" exclusive mission at launch and the "Kessel Runner Character Pack" cosmetic pack)
    • Up to 3 days early access*
  • Ultimate Edition:
    • Base game
    • Season Pass (Includes 2 DLCs, the "Jabba's Gambit" exclusive mission at launch and the "Kessel Runner Character Pack" cosmetic pack)
    • Sabacc Shark Bundle: includes cosmetics for Kay, her blaster, Nix, Kay’s Speeder and the "Trailblazer" spaceship
    • Rogue Infiltrator Bundle: includes cosmetics for Kay, Nix, Kay’s speeder and the "Trailblazer"
    • Digital art book: A selection of the game's concept art and visuals, including unique cinematic storyboards
    • Up to 3 days early access*

For more information about Star Wars Outlaws, please visit: starwarsoutlaws.com.


To preorder the game on the Ubisoft Store, please visit store.ubisoft.com.


For the latest news on Star Wars Outlaws and all of Ubisoft’s games, please visit: news.ubisoft.com 


*Play the game up to 3 days before the official launch date. Internet connection and Ubisoft account required to redeem the digital content. Please check system requirements and product details/restrictions before purchase and upon game release.

**Created by Massive Entertainment in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games.

About Star Wars Outlaws

With development led by Massive Entertainment*, Star Wars Outlaws will invite players to experience the Star Wars galaxy like never before through an original story set between Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™ and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™. As the Galactic Empire relentlessly pursues the final defeat of the Rebel Alliance, the criminal underworld thrives. Fans will play as cunning scoundrel, Kay Vess and her loyal companion Nix, as they attempt one of the greatest heists the Outer Rim has ever seen. Seeking the means to start a new life, players will join Kay and Nix as they fight, steal, and outwit their way through the galaxy’s crime syndicates and join the galaxy’s most wanted.


Kay and Nix can turn any situation to their advantage: use stealth and gadgets to gain the upper hand, use Nix to distract and draw away enemies, or engage in blaster combat in tense situations throughout their journey. In order to pull off the ultimate heist, Kay and Nix will search for and join forces with a cast of outlaws, including battle-hardened droid ND-5. While stealing valuable goods, infiltrating secret locations, and outwitting enemies, they will need to carefully consider how their choices affect their status with each syndicate, as each move will influence Kay’s ever-changing reputation.


*Development partners include Ubisoft Annecy, Bucharest, Chengdu, Milan, Montpellier, Paris, Redlynx, Shanghai, Stockholm, Toronto.

About Ubisoft

Ubisoft is a creator of worlds, committed to enriching players’ lives with original and memorable entertainment experiences. Ubisoft’s global teams create and develop a deep and diverse portfolio of games, featuring brands such as Assassin’s Creed®, Brawlhalla®, For Honor®, Far Cry®, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon®, Just Dance®, Rabbids®, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six®, The Crew® and Tom Clancy’s The Division®. Through Ubisoft Connect, players can enjoy an ecosystem of services to enhance their gaming experience, get rewards and connect with friends across platforms. With Ubisoft+, the subscription service, they can access a growing catalog of more than 100 Ubisoft games and DLC. For the 2022–23 fiscal year, Ubisoft generated net bookings of €1,739 million. To learn more, please visit: www.ubisoftgroup.com.


© 2023 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Ubisoft and the Ubisoft logo are registered trademarks in the US and/or other countries.


Lucasfilm, the Lucasfilm logo, STAR WARS and related properties are trademarks and/or copyrights, in the United States and other countries, of Lucasfilm Ltd. and/or its affiliates. © & TM 2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved.


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The Space Age Industrial Revolution Has Arrived, Final Factory is Out Now!

Explore the unexplored with automated mobile space stations, mega structures, and a fleet of spaceships.  

Boulder, CO, April 9th, 2024 - The final frontier is open for business as Final Factory launches into Steam Early Access today! Intergalactic manufacturing and mega factories reign supreme as players explore the vastness of space while building moveable space stations and defending their builds from hostile alien forces in bullet-hell style combat.


Final Factory blends factory building and spaceship design with exploring the vast reaches of space. From beautiful star nebulas to the terrifying depths of black holes where light itself can not escape, take your battleships and massive fleets to combat hostile alien life. Unlock secrets of an ancient civilization and receive materials that can take your factory to the next level. 


Show hostile alien forces what humans are capable of with a unique blend of RTS, factory management and classic bullet-hell gameplay to combat scenarios. Unlock and upgrade new abilities through a sprawling tech tree to protect your creations from incoming enemies. Reap the rewards from every encounter to bring back to base to improve productivity and continue the path of conquering the unknown. 


Final Factory is available now on Steam Early Access for $29.99. For a limited time, players who are eager to be the first to explore the stars can enjoy a 20% launch discount of $23.99. Players can chat with other cosmic factory explorers by joining the official Discord.


  • Automate Everything: Set up automation to make all aspects of your stations run like clockwork. Design space stations and connect them through careful logistical planning. Automate the production of a massive fleet of ships that will grant you special abilities and help you defend your base against the local aliens.
  • Design Sprawling Space Ships: Every station in Final Factory can move! Slap a rocket onto anything to make it go faster. Design huge battleships that can house their own fleets for battle. Or design and program cargo haulers to carry items to different parts of your factory.
  • Build Massive Scale Mega Structures: Create mega structures like Dyson Spheres and Dark Star Gates to supercharge your factory and delve deeper into the unexplored reaches of space. Scale your structure across an infinite map.
  • Command Your Fleet: The local aliens aren't happy about your presence in the system. Command a great fleet to defend your factory and expand. Gain access to new abilities depending on your fleet composition and take on your enemies in bullet-hell style combat. Or play the game on pacifist mode for a relaxed experience!

About Never Games:

Never Games is an indie development studio based in Boulder, Colorado. The studio aims to create emergent games with community-driven gameplay that allows player creations and builds to dictate how a game unfolds. Never Games began developing its debut title Final Factory in 2018 and plans to release in spring 2024. For more information, please visit: https://www.nevergames.com/#

Article by: Susan N.


The Planet Crafter is available today on PC

Miju Games is Delighted to Announce the Official Release of 
The Planet Crafter, a Captivating Space Adventure 
where Creation and Exploration Meet Survival

(Paris, France) – April 10, 2024 – Miju Games, an independent French video game development studio, is over the moon to announce the official release of The Planet Crafter on PC! This game, available in early access since March 2022, offers a first-person crafting experience in a 3D open world, combining survival and exploration gameplay mechanics. The full version of the game is now available and boasts a new multiplayer mode hosting up to 10 players, several new biomes and the introduction of different animal species.

The Planet Crafter introduces a complex and innovative game system where players' actions directly influence the transformation of the world they are living in. By developing technological equipment and optimizing the space and resources at their disposal, players can observe the results of their interventions and gradually see the terraforming index increase, thus unlocking new possibilities and challenges. As they progress, they unveil the mysteries of the planet and bring life to this arid land, transforming it into a living, lush oasis, offering a rewarding experience for players.

The game features a complete and diverse immersion experience with over 30 biomes to discover, a storyline with several narrative arcs, various difficulty levels and an all-new multiplayer co-op mode for collaborating together around a common goal. Players can enjoy this epic space adventure in solo mode, or share their exploration with the community. 


In The Planet Crafter, players embark on an interstellar adventure where they must terraform a hostile planet to make it inhabitable. By producing oxygen, gathering resources and building their base, they have at their disposal all the elements they need to survive and create a new biosphere while living through the hostile conditions of the environment. The game offers a complex experience where players' actions have a direct influence on the evolution of the world, unlocking new challenges and mysteries as they progress.

With over 30 biomes to discover, a planet-wide riddle to solve, the highly expected addition of fauna and a co-operative multiplayer mode, The Planet Crafter is set to deliver immersive gameplay and rewarding progression for players, whether they choose to play solo or with friends.

"We're thrilled to finally be able to reveal version 1.0 to our community. This is by far the most content-packed update we've ever made for The Planet Crafter, and we hope players will enjoy it! Rest assured, though: we're not turning our backs on The Planet Crafter, many more updates are planned for the coming weeks and months," say the game's developers.

Game Features

  • Survive, Collect and Craft: Gather minerals and resources to survive. Craft all the tools you'll need to fulfil your mission. Explore crashed ships sites and ancient ruins to salvage at will a planet full of mystery.
  • Build your own base: Set up a base from scratch and add complex machinery to achieve your goals.  
  • Terraform the entire planet: Surviving is not enough; you'll have to make the planet habitable for humans. Once your base and machines in order, heat the planet up, create an atmosphere with enough oxygen and eventually geo-engineer the entire planet!

The Planet Crafter is available on PC for $23.99 USD. From April 10 to 24, players will enjoy a 30% discount on the purchase of the game to celebrate its launch. The Planet Crafter is partnering with Lightyear Frontier - released on March 19, 2024 - to offer an additional 10% discount on the combined purchase of the two games via the "Outer Space Homestead Bundle" offer.  

To keep up with the latest news about the game, follow The Planet Crafter on X (Twitter), YouTube and the dedicated Discord server.


About Miju Games
Founded in 2019, MIJU GAMES is an independent studio based in the south of France. The team currently consists of six people - programmers and artists - working entirely remotely. In 2020, the studio developed and published Abracadabrew, a co-op memory game, before embarking in 2021 on The Planet Crafter, a space crafting, exploration and survival game whose early access launched in March 2022 is enjoying real success through various updates.  For more information, visit https://mijugames.com/


Article by: Susan N.



2D Open World Adventure RPG SCRIBE tagged as PROJECT WE LOVE

After several hard years of Indie development, Scribe has launched a campaign on Kickstarter. We’re eager to share our ideas, our passion, and the fruits of our labor with our fans and supporters. This campaign is not just about funding our project, it’s about building a community around Scribe, a community that shares our vision and our excitement.


We are honored that Kickstarter has recognized Scribe as a standout project, distinguished by its quality, and has chosen to recommend it. For us, being labeled as a ‘Project We Love’ goes beyond mere endorsement. It serves as an affirmation of our chosen path and the high-quality experience we strive to provide to players.

About Scribe

Scribe is a unique fusion of retro platformer and side-scrolling action games, masterfully combined with the nostalgic charm of point-and-click adventures. This blend is further enhanced with the incorporation of modern RPG mechanics, creating a gaming experience that is both familiar and innovative. Despite its slow pace, Scribe offers an action-packed adventure and exploration RPG game, meticulously crafted by a dedicated two-person team.

The game seamlessly integrates platformer and action gameplay elements with the immersive narrative depth of point-and-click adventures. This combination places a strong emphasis on exploration, inviting players to delve into the richly detailed game world.

Scribe boasts a variety of engaging mechanics, including branched dialogues, quests, combat, crafting, stealth, archery, and magic. These elements are all presented in stunning handmade pixel art graphics, adding to the game’s visual appeal. The game’s mechanics are designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive gaming experience, ensuring that there’s always something new and exciting for players to discover.

Players step into the shoes of a rebellious Scribe, embarking on a quest to uncover the true history of the Continent. In this world, studying or preserving pieces of true history is a crime punishable by death, adding a layer of danger and intrigue to the player’s journey. The player’s path is accompanied by non-repetitive original art at every turn, further encouraging exploration and interaction with the game world.

Scribe is more than just a game, it’s a journey through a beautifully crafted world, filled with mystery, adventure, and a rich, engaging storyline. It invites players to explore, discover, and ultimately, write their own story.

About Rawmeat

Meet the creative duo of indie game development, the Podprocky brothers, Mikulas and Tomas. Their journey began in the year 2020, marking the inception of a team that would soon make waves in the gaming industry.

Mikulas, a veteran in the field, brings to the table a wealth of experience from his time in AAA game development. His portfolio boasts of illustrious titles such as Mafia 2 and Top Spin 4, and he held the esteemed position of Art Director for the critically acclaimed Kingdom Come: Deliverance. At Rawmeat, Mikulas is the creative compass, guiding the artistic vision of their projects.

Tomas, on the other hand, is the technical powerhouse of the team. With a robust technical background, he adeptly handles all the technical aspects of Scribe’s development, ensuring that the game not only looks good but also runs smoothly.

We believe in the power of collective effort and we are confident that with your support, we can make Scribe a reality. So join us, be a part of our story, and let’s make something amazing together. Thank you for your support and belief in Scribe. Let’s make this dream a reality!”

Mikulas and Tomas Podprocky

Kickstarter campaign page


Backer Quotes

Oh.. my... god! This was a pleasant surprise. Is like Flashback and some old rpg had a baby. Woah, really promising game. The trailer was awesome. Best project on Kickstarter right now? Probably. Jaime Thorin This game looks amazing. I backed it immediately. Jonathan I love the way this game looks and truly support the project. Jeremy Blum


Gameplay Trailer Video


Story Teaser Video


Web Page



Platform: PC Steam






Article by: Susan N.


Super Fantasy Kingdom bids farewell to MVP original demo

160,000 wishlists later, the roguelite city builder’s original prototype hands in its badge and rides off into the sunset

April 5, 2024 – Hooded Horse and Feryaz Beer today bid farewell to a true hero – the original prototype for roguelite city-building game Super Fantasy Kingdom. It is being retired as the developer shifts focus towards main game development, including a new and improved demo that will debut later this year.

Thrown together as a proof of concept in less than a month, the original demo debuted alongside Super Fantasy Kingdom itself during TactiCon 2023, earning over 85,000 wishlists in the first three months alone. Throughout 2023, the prototype was updated over 100 times with new experimental mechanics such as a faith skill tree, new characters, reworked performance, and more. Super Fantasy Kingdom has earned over 160,000 wishlists to date, all thanks to the prototype that could.

The game is now officially in pre-alpha, with regular playtests and updates that take it in exciting new directions – slowly, the original demo is becoming less representative of the final vision. Players can stay up to date on the game’s development via the official Discord and Twitter accounts.

Super Fantasy Kingdom will be coming to early access on PC via Steam Early Access in 2024.


About Hooded Horse™
Hooded Horse is a publisher of deep strategic and tactical games with people and partners worldwide. Starting in 2019 with a single title, Hooded Horse’s portfolio has grown to 29 games and counting. Our goal is to empower and support developers in doing what they love so that they can create world-class experiences for their audiences. From the distant past of Manor Lords and the haunted woods of Against the Storm, to the depths of space in Terra Invicta and Falling Frontier.

You can find out more about us on our Steam publisher page, as well as our social channels; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Discord, and website.

About Feryaz Beer
Feryaz Beer is a solo developer from Hanover, Germany. His debut title is roguelite city builder Super Fantasy Kingdom, which is coming to Steam Early Access. He credits his dog, Mio, as co-developer – with Mio also starring in the game.

You can find out more about the game online via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Discord.  


Article by: Susan N.

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