Some games beaten, new ones started

I'll probably put a review out this weekend, but not this week. Too many games to work on this week - not that that is a bad thing. I have a handful of new games coming over the next week or two, and picked up some new ones recently as well. Probably the most pronounced was Assassin's Creed III, which I beat late last night. That game got off to a 'slow' start for me - I really was not terribly into it, but it got considerably better in the later portions. Except the end. I will not go into details, but the ending left a bit to be desired in my opinion. Surprised that I had not heard more about it, given the fits the ending from Mass Effect 3 caused.


Double XP weekend for Black Ops 2 this weekend

The title says it all really. I know Coffee With Games posted previously about the Wii U having a double XP weekend and it looks like they are not all held at the same time on all consoles. So PS3 players - go ahead and take advantage of this while it lasts. Technically it started yesterday on the 22nd and runs through the 25th.

Happy Hunting and have a great weekend!

Impressions after Sony's conference last night

Man, there was a lot to take in in that just over 2 hours that passed during Sony's conference. All kinds of stuff, ranging from technical specs, to game trailers and demos, to hearing from developers who are ready to really back this system up - there was a lot to take in.

I suspect we will be seeing a lot of this game in the future


Fire Emblem Awakening - 3DS Review

My big review/post for the week. Had a great weekend out and about and played and picked up a handful of used games really cheap at a sale (Dead or Alive 5, Street Fighter X Tekken, Agarest War 2 and a couple of others off of the top of my head).

I recently got an exciting new handheld console in the shape of a PlayStation Vita, but it was another handheld's game I have been most anxiously awaiting. Fire Emblem Awakening checks off a lot of the boxes I look for in a game and has been the most fun I have had with any game on any console in a while, let alone just my 3DS.


Corpse Party: Book of Shadows - PSP Review

I recently reviewed the original Corpse Party, which was basically an interactive story built out of an old RPG Maker interface. The story was interesting, though there were some frustrating design choices, like limited save points that meant replaying scenes over and over again - making the game feel unnecessarily padded.


Busy couple of days in gaming land...

To start off, got my gold cam for my 50 cal sniper rifle and prestiged and got back up to around level 8 or 9 before I realized I would want more than 3 hours of sleep for work.


Corpse Party - PSP Review

The first corpse party caught my eye because it looked like an RPG with a horror theme when the first screenshots and text about it came out a few years ago. I had never heard of the series and did not know that it had in fact originated as an RPG Maker project. The PSP has played host to a lot of RPG games over the years, and given the visuals I made the mistake of thinking that this would be as well.


Infamous - PlayStation 3 Review

I hope you all had a great weekend. I certainly enjoyed mine as I got lots of gaming in and got to hide away indoors from our dark, gloomy weather. This morning the skies are still incredibly dark over here, so I decided to go with the dark wallpaper image and kick off the first of my 3 'darkly themed' game reviews this week - Infamous.

I am not always a big fan of sandbox games.  In RPG's where I can grind for experience and items, it is a bit easier on me than the GTA or Red Dead games which I can fully appreciate on a technical level, but just never seem to get into enough to want to spend more than a handful of hours on them.  So, when I picked Infamous up, it sat on my shelf for awhile.  I knew the scores were good, but I just was not sure about how much I would enjoy the game.


Weekend thoughts...

Well, we got hit pretty good up here in Michigan with snow last night. Pretty much all of the schools in the area shut down, so I decided to stay home and just relax and make a longer weekend of it (I was sick the two days prior, so I figure I might as well just wait it out and make sure I don't get anyone at work sick).

However, we needed groceries this evening, so we made a quick run to the local store and nabbed their last copy of Fire Emblem Awakening.


Battlefield 1943 - PlayStation Network Review

I was first introduced to the Battlefield series years ago on PC.  A coworker of mine at the time was big into setting it up for LAN play and a group of seven to ten of us would get together and shoot the snot out of one another.  It was Battlefield Vietnam, and that game was probably my introduction to playing FPSs against a live person.  I still do not get into the genre as much as a lot of people do (such as my son or a co-worker of mine who finally got me to try Modern Warfare 2 some time ago on Xbox 360), but I do enjoy them as a quick diversion.


PlayStation 4 - Thoughts on the next generation

I am a few days later to this conversation than a lot of places. Why? Because I usually do not speculate on things like teasers about specific dates that have no information behind them. It is way too easy to get your hopes up only to be disappointed if the topic is in fact completely different than what you expected it to be.


PlayStation Vita - System Review

I waited on the Nintendo 3DS until my wife got it for me for Christmas several months after it had released. In fact she nabbed it for me not too long after the price drop made it a more affordable option. I was interested in the 3DS from the beginning, but questioned the $250 price point it released with.

I have also been following the Sony PlayStation Vita since its initial announcement. Recently my wife picked me up a Vita bundle an additional memory card. It felt to me from day one that the Vita was going to be a more impressive system in terms of hardware, and its price point of $250 and $300 (for the 3G version) seemed a direct threat to the Nintendo 3DS.

It was inevitable that these two handhelds would get compared to one another. Both are trying to dominate in a market that has seen phones and tablets encroach on the mobile gaming market, while releasing around the same time at similar prices. I will be primarily reviewing my impressions of the Vita now that I have had a week and change with it, while probably drawing some parallels to the 3DS as well.


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