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Well, we got hit pretty good up here in Michigan with snow last night. Pretty much all of the schools in the area shut down, so I decided to stay home and just relax and make a longer weekend of it (I was sick the two days prior, so I figure I might as well just wait it out and make sure I don't get anyone at work sick).

However, we needed groceries this evening, so we made a quick run to the local store and nabbed their last copy of Fire Emblem Awakening.

This game has been a pain in my bottom this week. I had a pre-order down on Amazon for it weeks ago, but it never shipped. I had a buddy who pre-ordered it from Walmart and he said he never got his either. I saw several articles talking about how Nintendo basically said E-Shop it and did not get into specifics as to why this release went so badly.

Not my favorite answer, especially since my son wants to play it too - so I prefer a physical copy. I did some checking around at several of the stores around here, but struck out repeatedly. Then we happened to go to one for groceries and I strolled through electronics and grabbed their last available copy. Score!

So between that, fiddling around with RPG Maker VX Ace (I probably won't complete the project, but I had a slightly creative itch lately), trying to prestige in Black Ops II (I'm level 52 I think?) and playing Assassin's Creed III (borrowing from a friend. It's well enough made, but I am struggling to get into it. I'm in Chapter 4 right now) - I suspect that is how I will spend my weekend. What about you? Anyone else been trying out Fire Emblem this week?


  1. Nintendo still hasn't confirmed that Fire Emblem will even release in Australia. Sigh. The 3DS is just not worth turning on.

    Stick with AC 3 - a couple more chapters and it really picked up for me :-)

  2. Think I mentioned somewhere else that I tried the Fire Emblem demo and really liked it. I have zero experience with this kind of game and am not sure about the sheer size/complexity, but it's on my maybe list for the future.

    Not sure about the weekend. Didn't have any energy last night and have been busy today, but maybe later tonight. Not sure if I want something short to complete or jump back into something like Rayman origins.

    Also scouting around for Yoshi's Island DS to snag. Debating $25 for used vs $29 new.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement on AC 3 - I will admit I've been struggling a bit. It's not really my preferred 'style' of game - but I am appreciating that it does a lot of things really well.

    Sorry to hear that on FE bud - I've been playing it all afternoon and it is fantastic. Planning to get a review up here and on DD soon. I haven't played my 3DS this much since Kid Icarus came out. The only other game I'm this excited about in the near future for the unit is Luigi's Mansion 2

  4. I think with that small difference? I'd just go $29 new and give Nintendo their cut. :P

    I've got a lot of history with strategy/rpg titles, but man - FE is excellent so far. The production values are excellent and while there is a fair amount of complexity to the strategy - they do an excellent job of explaining it all as you go. Higher recommended so far.

  5. That's a good point, but I am pretty cheap. If it's like-new with manual that's another $5 I can put towards something else.

    Though typically I stay in the sub-$15 range for used.

  6. I have been playing a ton of Black Ops 2. I decided last week to experiment with the Off-TV play while watching the boys at night, and it is insanely awesome. Bean 1 will be playing Mutant Mudds or World of Goo on the computer (or, maybe playing with trains), Bean 2 is happy watching shows on Netflix now and playing with toys, and I threw on a headset and played matches via just the GamePad...INSANITY!

    As for Assassin's Creed III, I have it. Have now since December, but have only played it one night so far. I completed Chapter 1 I think, and enjoyed it. Even found a coffee mention in the game that I screenshot and posted, but I just haven't been back to it. Not sure why (well, probably Black Ops 2, and Trine 2 in January)....

  7. I've been wondering how the Off-TV play would work for people. I can definitely see it as something I would have gotten tons of use out of several years ago when we only had 1 TV in the house. Now that we have a few and some extra gaming systems, we don't have the tv bottlenecks we used to. I feel like a lot of my time has been spent in Black Ops 2 over the last couple of weeks as well.

    Coffee reference eh? I don't know that I recall seeing that in Chapter 1.

    Thanks for dropping by!


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