Busy couple of days in gaming land...

To start off, got my gold cam for my 50 cal sniper rifle and prestiged and got back up to around level 8 or 9 before I realized I would want more than 3 hours of sleep for work.

I also knocked out some side quest maps in Fire Emblem and got through a couple more chapters in Assassin's Creed III. The early chapters were really straining my patience, but hte last couple were much more entertaining. I should have my review of Corpse Party 2 up tomorrow.

How has gaming been treating all of you this week?


  1. I starting playing Mass Effect 1 again and was disappointed when I learned I can't make my character look old.

  2. Busy and behind as usual. Demoed Vita and 3DSXL this week which was cool.

    Have also been playing more Gunman Clive in hard mode on my 4th play-through.

    Also put some time into Rayman Origins this week and ran into some quite difficult stages. Well, the main level was ok, but a few of the bonus areas to collect more lums were very tricky.

  3. Black Ops 2. Black Ops 2. Black Ops 2. I have now hit 55 again, but not sure about doing it again...probably should have just done it immediately, as I have been playing it an unhealthy amount here recently.

  4. LOL - that was me. I was afraid if I stopped at 55 too long, I wouldn't prestige. I had that problem in Modern Warfare 2 a few years ago - I didn't want to give up my hard earned gear. Though, I think the progression system here, with the unlocked weapons and such, really helps.

  5. So how long until Incomplete Gaming turns into Incomplete Vita Gaming? :P

    I still haven't played Origins. I suspect it's going to be one of those titles that looks solid, and that I'll be interested in, but just not find the time to delve into with everything else I'm juggling. This has proven to be one of my busiest gaming months in a *long* time (probably helps I've gotten out from under all the holiday business). I suspect that at the end of Feb when I look back at everything I've been working on, it'll turn into a pretty ridiculously long blog post.

    Thanks for commenting!

  6. Haha - probably not a feature many people look for in that game - myself included. I've been talking to a co-worker who went back and restarted his ME 1 campaign fresh to play through all three titles. It's something I'm hoping to give a go still sometime this year - those are still among my favorite games ever.

    Thanks for posting!


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