Check Out the Fellow Traveller Publishers Sale Until October 2nd!

18 September, 2023 - Indie narrative publisher Fellow Traveller today launched its Steam Publisher Sale featuring a range of discounts across their catalogue of story-rich titles. From now until October 2, players can score up to 90% off a range of indie narrative games including hit titles Citizen SleeperThe Pale BeyondBeacon Pines and many more! A full range of titles and their respective discounts can be found below.

In addition to launching its publisher sale, Fellow Traveller announced three new titles to their catalogue earlier this week. Joining the label’s family of highly successful narrative indie titles will be Kulebra and the Souls of LimboScrabdackle and Wander Stars. The label now has seven announced upcoming games and a DLC expansion for release in the next two years plus two further games yet to be revealed.

Demos for Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo, Scrabdackle as well as other upcoming titles Times & Galaxy and 1000xRESIST are available to play now. Head to the Steam pages for these and other Fellow Traveller titles for a range of developer streams and showcases.

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 Fellow Traveller Publisher Sale Discounts

🧊 The Pale Beyond - 30% off
🌲 Beacon Pines - 40% off
🔺 Citizen Sleeper - 40% off
🌙 Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between - 40% off
🥦 Kraken Academy!! - 60% off
🏠 No Longer Home - 60% off
🎷 Genesis Noir - 70% off
💼 Suzerain - 70% off
🌴 Paradise Killer - 60% off
🚕 Neo Cab - 85% off
👁️‍🗨️ Orwell: Ignorance is Strength - 70% off
🐠 In Other Waters - 70% off
📈 The Invisible Hand - 70% off
🖥️ Hacknet - 85% off
👾 Hacknet - Labyrinths - 60% off
🖼️ FRAMED Collection - 80% off
🐐 The Stillness of the Wind - 85% off
 The Church in the Darkness - 90% off
⚙️ Hiveswap Friendsim - 80% off
😈 Pesterquest - 80% off
🦯 Blind - 90% off
 Vertiginous Golf - 85% off

Editor Note: Chalgyr wrote a review of Suzerain. Check it out here:
Article by: Susan N.