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Anonymous;Code by developer MAGES and Chiyo St. Inc. and publisher Spike ChunsoftSwitch review written by Natasha with a copy provided by the publisher.
Estimated reading time: 7 minutes.

*Incoming Message*

This is Cicada 3301. I have your next quest.

Your go[a]l is to scan through this review for any strange anomalies. If you find anything out of plac[e] or unrealistic, fix it. W[i]th your expertise in proof reading you may be able to spot something. H[o]wever, be vigilant. I m[u]st make this short as, even now, I'm being tracked. It's up to you, br[a]ve hackers, to save the world from annihilation. You ar[e] humanities last hope!

*This message will shelf destruct in...*






The Year is 2037

Allow me to introduce the intricate world behind Anonymous;Code. This adventure visual novel takes you on a ride with our young Script Kiddie (Amateur Hacker) named Pollon. He joins a group of hackers, devised by his friends, to help those in need... just in a much more introverted way. Even though Pollon is just a beginner, his skills aren't anything to sneeze at.

One day, after completing a job, his buddies critique him on his lonely lifestyle. Always teasing him about never having any experience with the ladies. Annoyed, he accidentally blurts out that he does have a girlfriend. In fact, he's eloping with her. Hoping this will lay off the questions, his plan back fires and now he must find a girl willing to go along with his crazy story.

Wondering if he should just confess the truth, Pollon goes to the park the next day to meet with said “GF” (Girlfriend). What he didn't expect was a young cutie to run right into his lap, asking for help. Confused and a bit surprised, he agrees to help her out, only to find out that the military is after her.


A chase scene begins, and our cautious couple do their best to avoid the authorities, however they're no match for the military. After a freaky accident that sends them flying, Pollon is beaten to a pulp while Momo (GF) is hauled away. Pollon's mission has failed. He failed Momo...

No... It can't... END THIS WAY!” Pollon screams.


A chase scene begins, and our cautious couple do their best to avoid the authorities, with Pollon's skills to hack all available networks around him he's able to out-smart the military.

Wait... Did we just go back in time?

Welcome to the Nakano Symphonies

What's a VN (Visual Novel) game without a lovable cast of characters? Our team of Hacker's aren't the only ones to look out for. Let me give you a sneak peak:

Pollon Takaoka

This 16-year-old protagonist has one dream: To become the coolest, smartest hacker hero that anyone can look up to. The only problem is making himself known on a cyber-connected level. Maybe if he shows off a little girls will start to notice him more.

Momo Aizaki

This mysterious damsel seems to be hiding a couple of skeletons in her closest. Having never been raised in such a high-tech environment, she can't seem to find the time to quench her curiosity when the world is after her.

Cross Yumikawa

This dark haired, handsome, individual makes up the other half of Pollon's duo hacker squad. The man behind the computer, he is the digital brain behind background checks and fake ID's. When he's not surfing the web he spends his time teasing his blue haired friend.

Wind Maki

A high schooler with a high IQ and an even higher love of AI (Artificial Intelligence). He hopes to one day be Nakano Symphonies Informant, but first he needs to graduate. When he's not sleuthing about he spends his time, and romantic heart, on his AI girlfriend.

Tengen Ozutani

A jack-of-all-trades, this undercover agent is a little old-fashioned. Don't let this lazy guy fool ya, Oz will flex his investigation and negotiation prowess when the time comes. His vast knowledge of urban legends and conspiracy theories could fill an entire library.

Nonoka Hosho

An amateur hacker and excellent gadget crafter to work closely under Oz. She may be young, but she never lets adults intimidate her. With her confidence in all her inventions you don't have to look far for the best devices to aid in your mission.

The Cyber Force Dolls (Bambi, Riko & Iroha)

They're not only police officers, but idols, too. This trio of femme fatales are ready to stop crime both in the real world and virtual one. When they're not overwhelmed by paperwork you might be able to catch their next concert.

Asuma Soga

Not many people get the chance to interact with this genius as he rarely leaves his home. He would rather stay in his office perfecting the ultimate world simulator. His precious 'GAIA' is the next level of super computer the world will ever see. Now if he can bleed those greedy adults dry of all their money he may consider showing you mercy.

When VR and AR have a Baby

The world of Anonymous;Code plays on the idea of what the future will be like. In this new aged world all your handheld devices programmed into a micro chip which is embedded into your nervous system, allowing you to see a reality that's more to your liking. Everything from your phone, internet and banking at a blink of an eye.

Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) play a key role in this story. Humans rely on this technology to go about their daily lives, but it could ultimately lead our group of sci-fi heroes to their doom. For hacker's it's a digital paradise.

Saving Your Point

I knew something was up when I couldn't save the game right off the bat. A small part of me was wondering if the game had a weird bug, but my confusion was rectified when I found out that 'Saving' your game is also a portal to time travelling.

In most VN I've partaken in, I usually create a save file as a back up incase I make a wrong choice. However, this is a different scenario amidst this coded universe.

The game will automatically create save files for you just before peak moments. It's up to you to figure out when is the best time to actually send Pollon back in time to reverse a bad scenario. These moments aren't subtle. Most of the time Pollon will stop you from time travelling too early, but there will always be more than one moment to activate this power. Those decisions could end up giving you a bad ending if you're not careful. It really makes you think carefully before jumping the gun.

After a while you will get access to saving a regular file, but the game does have a large log of auto-save capability so if you find yourself in a pinch you may have to reload a later save point.

Fan's of the Series

Here's a little something you might not know. Anonymous; Code (2022) is the sixth installment of the Science Adventure Series. For those who may not know, it's part of the same universe as Stein; Gates (2009). Other titles that follow this adventure includes Chaos; Head (2008), Robotics; Notes (2012), Chaos; Child (2014) and Occult; Nine (2018). It's the perfect game to feed off of those who have a thirst for the unknown.

Hackers Paradise

To conclude, I was pleasantly surprised by how engrossed I ended up being with Anonymous;Code. Knowing that it wasn't my typical romance VN, I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy this. Luckily, I was proven wrong. Once things started to pick up I was hooked on knowing how everything was going to end. The time travelling points were a little vague, but I eventually got the hang of it. If you're into Sci-fi or adventure novels then maybe consider taking this title for a spin? I'm happy to give my rating of 7.5 out of 10.

Now remember kids... If you get an unknown email in your mailbox, DON'T OPEN IT! It may just be your last...

Score: 7.5 / 10


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