Still alive and kicking - just been very busy

Good morning. Just a quick plug that I am alive and well - just backed up over the last several days. I had a training seminar last week that used a good chunk of my time and then over the weekend my PC's hard drive really took a bit of a dive. Performance has been getting steadily worse on that machine over the last couple of months, and running disk check brought up a ton of errors that apparently are often precursors to hard drive death. Soooooo, I'll be likely swapping that out sometime in the next couple of months.

I still have some reviews pre-written up though so I'll send a few of those out over the next week and hopefully get some more content out shortly (I've been playing quite a bit of the new Vita, with Call of Duty, Corpse Party and Zen Pinball 2).

Take care


  1. Simon Lethbridge21 January, 2013 12:22

    I know the feeling man, I've done very little blogging lately too :|

  2. Thanks for dropping by!

    Yeah, it'll get better. At least, I'm fairly somewhat-ish kinda-sorta-maybe certain, right? :P

  3. You're good, bro. Shit happens.

  4. Hard drives problems, eh? Damn, that sucks. When our XP computer was playing up I accidentally uninstalled something that didn't want to be and the operating system wouldn't boot. At least we had our new laptop there.

    Also, congrats on the Vita. I'm interested to know if you like it, because I've heard many mixed reviews on it.

  5. Yeah, the PC's a pisser. Luckily it's getting near tax time, so I have a bit of money coming in soon. Downside is I have some things around the house I need to have looked at first, like a wiring issue in my living room and my furnace just kicked off last night and I couldn't get it started. Sorta sucky in 1 degree Michigan weather. :P

  6. Yik on the xp machine. Basically what happens in the pc will run fine for awhile, and then it will start to bog down and just not let me access 90% of my programs or OS options. I've run various other scans against it and it comes back clean of virus or malware, so then I had a friend suggest checking the hard drive using a check disk and I had a page of bad sector notices during the process. So... feels like it's on borrowed time. I've done that check disk thing 3 times now over the last month. Each time the machine runs better for a couple of weeks, but each time it returns more and more errors. I did back everything up this last time.

    And so far, I'm REALLY enjoying the Vita. It's an impressive bit of hardware. Probably more the concern so far are the games, but I'll go into all of that soon. Thanks for dropping by!


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