Happy Thanksgiving!

For those of us in America, today is Thanksgiving Day! I certainly try to remember to be thankful throughout the year, but this is without a doubt my favorite holiday. Football, food... and four days off from work.

Here's hoping the Lions beat the Packers - that would certainly be something for me to be grateful for.

But beyond that, I know I have a lot to be appreciative of. I have a loving wife, three great kids, a good job, a roof over my head a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of food we are putting on the table today. What can I say? I like to cook.

It would be easy to look at glass half-full or half-empty. Being diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes was a surprise this year to be sure, but I am looking at it as an opportunity to improve my eating and exercise habits, and hopefully I will be better for it in the long run.

Sure, work has been incredibly busy this year, but I have a job I enjoy, co-workers that I really do like and the opportunity to provide for my loved ones. That could be a whole lot worse.

And sure, if we want to put a video game spin on it, having a handful of new consoles certainly gives me a reason to be thankful - but more so that I get to play some new games with my family (both video and some board games), spending time together.

Hardly the last thing I'm grateful for, I have readers who continue to visit this blog and help keep me energized and excited about this hobby of mine as well. We have a great little community here and at plenty of other sites as well. Take care, and for those of you celebrating this holiday - Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Hope your Thanksgiving was good. Mine was too short... as usual. At least the short break is always worth looking forward to.

  2. Doesn't it always feel entirely too short? But thank you - glad you enjoyed yours as well. Hang in there, for better or worse - Christmas is right around the corner!

    Thanks for dropping by!


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