Super Motherload Review, additional PS4 thoughts

It has been a very busy few days in my neck of the woods. Aside from trying to keep up with my online PlayStation 3 titles (my franchise in Madden 25 with a buddy there, and currently 3 different games of chess going in Pure Chess at the moment), work has not really been taking it easy on me (we just had a big slew of software releases, so my Support team has been putting in some extra time). Still, this gives me a chance to talk briefly about one of the titles I have reviewed for the PS4, another that is coming up shortly and to share a handful of other quick thoughts about the system.

So for starters, Super Motherload turned out to be a good deal more entertaining than I had originally expected. I knew it was based on a popular flash game from around seven years ago, and while I had never played it, my son had. When I told him about it and that we would be getting it for the new PlayStation, he was pretty excited.

Essentially you are trying to work your way downward through the soil (very much reminding me of Dig Dug at a glance). You gather resources for improving your driller, which allows you to dig further, find more resources and eventually complete the game. It could be a pretty repetitive formula, yet my son and I both enjoyed it quite a bit - especially in multiplayer. If you are curious about the game, which I have been told will be seeing a PlayStation 3 release very soon (it was just announced), then hop over here to read my review of it on Digitally Downloaded.

I also have a review of FIFA 14 going live over there somewhat soon as well. Quite the different gaming experience for me. Most sporting titles like Madden or NBA I play very regularly. I was completely new to FIFA, so I came into it with a ton of questions. Hopefully if you have some, the impending review will help.

So far the PlayStation 4 has worked pretty flawlessly for us. My son and I are the ones getting the majority of use out of it at this point (though its location in the den could be a factor there). I am well into Knack, which is entertaining enough, but every time I quit playing it, I cannot help but feel that the experience is a bit shallow. That will be an interesting one to review and I am going to try and log several hours with it this evening and see if I can beat it before tomorrow. Because tomorrow...

Xbox One. I plan to get a hardware review/comparison out as soon as I can, and hopefully a game or two for it as well (but since I plan to only use it late at night or while the kids are in school, because it will be a family Thanksgiving day present), I may not get quite as much time with it over the next week as I want. Let me know if you have questions!


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