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So I did not get quite as much time in with my shiny new system as I hoped this weekend due to some serious storms in my neck of the woods yesterday and some running around on Saturday. Thankfully sleep was treated by and large as optional and I did manage to sink some time in on several titles. I also have fielded some questions here and on Digitally Downloaded I thought I would try to answer as well.
About the system:
I have had a couple of questions about:

Question: How fast does the PS4 start up/shut down?
Answer: Much quicker than the PS3. A few seconds is all on the shutdown. Starting up does take a few more, but both processes are snappy

Question: How does the PlayStation Plus work for other people in the household?
Answer: I set this PS4 as the 'primary' for my account. Because of this, my PS+ subscription allows anyone on my machine to play online, whether it is my son with a permanent account or a friend popping on by and doing a guest one.

Question: The controllers have a speaker in them. Does it get used? Is it any good?
Answer: Use will be a case-by-case scenario, depending on the developers. So far most games have not done much with it, but Knack does make small brick sounds when you pick runes up and Resogun talks to you about your mission through it.

Question: How is the Vita Remote Play?
Answer: Overall it seems okay, but it is not a feature I will use much. My PS4 is set up in a room that really only myself and my son tend to use. It is not like it is competing with my wife's television shows for screen time, so I will almost always be playing it on the big screen. Also, while it does do exactly what it is supposed to, transferring the screen experience to your Vita, there are some latency issues in some games. Knack was fine. Battlefield online? Not so much.

Question: When are you getting game reviews up?
Answer: As quickly as I can. My Madden review is up here at Digitally Downloaded if you want to take a peek. The cliff notes version? A minor improvement over what you have on the PS3, which was a good if not great title. I am working on a review for Super Motherload which will show up on Digitally Downloaded soon as well. I'll post here to let you know when it is live.

From there on, I plan to have reviews both here and DD, as quickly as I can get to them. I have gotten a good ways into Knack at this point, so I am hoping to get that up sooner than later. My hope is to get a post up pretty much every other day over the coming two or three weeks as I work through these next generation consoles. Also, if you want to see my PS4 console review, you can view it here at Digitally Downloaded as well.

I have a few other recent reviews up I did not write up here, including Blood Knights for the Xbox 360, and a pair of Pac-Man games (one for the PS3 and one for the 3DS). If you have questions about the PS4 I haven't answered yet, feel free to email me or post it in the comments and I'll try to answer it as soon as I can. Thanks!


  1. Thanks for the PS4 review... I am itching to get the console... Lol.. But I am betting on the FFXV console bundle... So gona wait for awhile...

    On a side note.. Are You planning on upgrading your HDD?

    Hope to see more PS4 game reviews in the future... :D

  2. I probably won't upgrade the HDD right away - just due to financial reasons more than anything. The Xbox One is coming Friday and while it's paid off, I still need to get some games for it. same for the Christmas Wii U. From what I have read, I will have similar concerns about the XB1 hard drive - that a lot of the space will be gone very quickly. These 30-50 GB installs will chew things up quickly I suspect.

    Thanks for dropping by!


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