The Xbox One is set up and rolling

So early this morning, I got up and ran out to nab my Xbox One and get it set up. I waited until the younger two kids were gone for school (the oldest already knew it was coming and takes classes online from home, so there was really no getting around her on that one as I save the big 'reveal' for the household on Thanksgiving next Thursday morning.

This qualifies as a 'Day One Edition' - which really does not mean a whole lot. My controller has that text on it, and I had a QR code I could hold up in front of the Kinect to give me the related achievement. The system comes with the console, the controller, some cables, the Kinect and headphones.

The first thing I noticed is that this is a bigger system than the PlayStation 4. You could feel the extra heft when carrying the box out of the store. It has a look that is half-gloss and half-grate. Two black systems with a mixed aesthetic - kind of an amusing comparison my oldest and I made between the Xbox One and PS4 right away.

Setup was actually quite easy. There was just a bit more tinkering with the XB1 versus the PS4 because of the Kinect cable and the external power source, which has a plug and the brick you are chaining together. Right away you have a mandatory update to the console, which only took a few minutes. Kudos to Microsoft for their server infrastructure holding up so well on day one. I had no problems transferring my account, downloading a game (Lococycle), and more. The network seems to be holding strong.

My wife and daughter have been playing Zumba World Fitness while I write this up. I plan to get a full review up on the console later today at Digitally Downloaded, so keep an eye out for that if you are interested. I should have plenty more PS4 and XB1 stuff going up on both sites over the next two weeks. Any questions for me? Ask away below and I'll do my best to try and answer them. Thanks!


  1. Congrats and crap, you're 3 consoles ahead of me! Time to catch up. :)

  2. It's his job, we all KNOW it. Even though he might try to deny it. His real job is console service support for Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.

    I did have a question though, and asked over on your DD review of it, but I'll ask here as well.
    Does the Xbox One allow for external HDDs to be used? Or, is that not clear right now? I think Microsoft changed the HDD setup on the Xbox One to an internal HDD, so it's not really swappable like the Xbox 360's.

    (You can change it apparently, but you have to open up the console, and I'm not sure if that is even allowed at the moment really for swapping them out.)

  3. Steamworld Dig and that boar game coffee posted about - digging is coming back.. :)

  4. " work has not really been taking it easy on me (we just had a big slew of software releases, so my Support team has been putting in some extra time)"

    Kind of ironic huh, how that falls into line perfectly with the PS4 and Xbox One releasing...aint no DENYING IT NOW! :)

    @Robert, he just confessed to the suspicions that have been stated around here for a while now.

    "...currently 3 different games of chess going in Pure Chess at the moment..."

    Grrrr! I'm so ready for the Wii U version to get released. While I downloaded the mobile version to Mrs. Coffee's NOOK, I haven't played a game since early-middle of October before we left town.

    Glad to know the PS4 has been operating well though, and I'll be on the lookout for your Knack and FIFA reviews.

  5. It really is crazy seeing the digging mechanic in quite a few titles now. Full Bore was the first I had experienced it in, and it's done very well there. I'm curious to see how it works in games like Steamworld Dig for comparison.

  6. LOL @ Robert - yes, catch up! Besides, the Wii U doesn't count yet since it's not ACTUALLY getting used until Christmas. Thanks for dropping by!

  7. You know Coffee? It sort of does feel like a 2nd job at times? Thankfully one I still enjoy loads, but I will admit that getting the funds around for these consoles and trying to keep written up about them on a couple of different sites has kept me hopping, especially while trying to play said games. I know, a truly sympathy-inducing problem, right? LOL

    The HDD - from what I have read, you can do it and that microsoft would allow for more generic drives to be used too, but I haven't had any hands-on with that personally. I am beginning to suspect I might though in the next year if the storage space becomes a concern. In anything? This might lead me to rotate games through my local Gamestop or Disctaders faster because having a huge library will be a bit more of a PITA with a small storage space, you know?

    Thanks for dropping by!

  8. It's a cool mechanic. So many games are about vertically working your way upward or horizontally, so it is nice to find some themes working the player down instead.

  9. Hey, thanks for stopping by. I had to put down the controller at work to type this up... :P Totally different kind of software, but talk about some timing conflicts. Really grateful for the 4 day holiday weekend coming up, believe me. Especially since the wife and my son wanted to go see Catching Fire yesterday. Had a good time with it, but my afternoons are getting kinked up a lot lately.


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