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SCUF Gaming is the premiere controller manufacturer for last and current generation systems. We recently reviewed the Xbox One Infinity1 controller and loved it, and after a grueling 6+ month wait, the new SCUF Infinity 4PS is finally here! We were fortunate enough to build a custom unit, matte black with blue face buttons, short concave analog sticks, SCUF's control disc, and various other goodies.

Holy crap. I really liked the initial build quality of the Infinity1 for the Xbox but the 4PS puts it to shame. Lightweight but durable, the 4PS feels solid while maintaining a light and airy feel. It comes with these witch's fingers adapters for the L2 and R2 buttons that I immediate popped off because they were awkward, but once I popped in the traditional trigger cover, I was on my way to all manner of fun things. Whether I was playing Atelier Sophie, Destiny, or The Witcher, I was constantly in awe of how quick and easy it was to switch the hair trigger on or off. A little twist here and you are done. Sooo easy, whereas the Infinity1 (Xbox) forces you to get into an MMA match with the controller back.

The paddles on the Infinity 4PS are snappy and easy to get to, even with small hands like mine, and take a few minutes to reset (if you picked up that package), though most traditional (read, non-professional) gamers will likely leave them in their default settings. The real winner is the control disc for the d-pad; I was not sure how I would like it, but man, do I ever love it. Easy to use, precise, and best yet, after hours upon hours of JRPG goodness, the pads of my thumbs don't feel beaten the way they do on a regular d-pad.

After nearly 180 hours of gaming the Infinity 4PS is still going strong with face buttons working as expected and triggers and d-pads working great. The real test will come over the next few months though ... The Xbox One Infinity1 is a great controller, however about a month ago the X button stopped working and shortly thereafter the left and down D-Pad buttons stopped working; add that to the fact that the last few weeks has seen me resyncing the controller to the Xbox One every single time I turn the Xbox One on. It is inconvenient enough that I no longer turn the Xbox off; I just leave it on and reset it once a week (I'm sure that is doing wonders for the hardware). Ahhh... the things we will do for a good piece of hardware. I intend to put the 4PS through the ringer over the coming months and may update this thread (or a new article completely) with the durability factor.

As it stands? I need more Infinity 4PS controllers. Primarily because I am a hoarder of excellent things, and the Infinity 4PS is certainly an excellent thing. The highest quality build materials, a slick paint job, fully customizable, and damn, it is pretty. Easily customized, the Infinity 4PS works for literally ANY gamer out there. Go now, and buy one. Heck, buy three or four; I know I myself will be placing an order for a few more in the future (one more for the PlayStation 4, one for the PlayStation TV, one for my Raspberry Pi, and one more for my gaming PC). The only real barrier to acquisition (price) is not really a barrier at all, as the Infinity 4PS is professional gear that is attainable by anyone, in any format.

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