Win a free copy of Crazy Strike Bowling EX for PlayStation 4

It's that time again - the end of the week. Friday. The day you have been looking forward to since... probably Sunday evening, if we're being honest here. Well, we have some good news for you tonight. Now - we can't help you play a fun new bowling game this weekend - but next weekend? That's totally in the cards as we are kicking off a contest to win a free North American PlayStation 4 download code for the recently released Crazy Strike Bowling EX.

We have several codes here, so there will be lots of winners. Now all you have to do? Enter of course!

The guidelines are very simple for this one.

If you're not already following us on Facebook? Please do so by going here and liking our page:

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If you are already following one of both pages? Awesome - thanks! We both really appreciate it and you can enter as well. If not? Please do - it really helps us spread the word when they have new games and we have new content to share with our readers.

Last step? Just shoot me an email at letting me know you're following both pages. That way, I can follow-up with you next Friday night if you are in fact one of our winners. Contest will be closed as of 5pm EST on 6/17/2016 and I will do my best to follow-up with those of you who won that night so you have a shiny new bowling game to play over Father's Day weekend.

As for the game itself? We will have a review going live for it in the near future as well - so keep an eye out for that also! Good luck and we hope you have a great weekend!

Article by Nick