Gaming thoughts on Nintendo's eShop $30 3DS offer

So just some quick thoughts on the deal Nintendo announced a few weeks ago - if you purchase and register both Shin Megami Tensei IV and Fire Emblem Awakening before the end of August, you would get a $30 credit in the eShop

I have heard a few questions raised by people curious how this would work. Well, after a bit of hunting around last night, I finally found a copy of SMT and picked it up. For starters, in case you were not aware, SMT is $50, not the usual $40 you see 3DS games going for. It does come with a nice art/strategy book, and a CD with a handful of songs from the history of the series, all capped off with a slightly taller than usual box.

Also, the game is proving a bit challenging to find. I it two different Walmarts, Target and Meijer before going to a Disc Traders and being told they did not have any copies at all, new or used. I went to Gamestop and got their fifth and final copy. I get the feeling this title did not get a lot of initial circulation. Maybe more will be forthcoming, but it really should not have been this hard to find a copy of the game.

To get the credit, you have to be registered with Club Nintendo (which frankly, you should be anyway if you have a Wii, Wii U or a DS of some sort. You can get a handful of nice freebies. I have so far picked up four NES classics remastered to 3D) and then register your titles. When you register games on the site, you get little promotional boxes you can click - usually to take a survey and earn coins toward your account. Once you register both titles, there is a new box that pops up immediately that lets you click on it - and redeem for a $30 credit. This is only for the 3DS - it will not work on Wii, Wii U or DS Lite.

You will then get a code on the page with directions on how to enter it (Club Nintendo will also email you the information). You then go to the eShop on your 3DS and choose Add Funds and then enter a code. I immediately got my $30 increase.

This all seems pretty basic, but I know I saw a lot of questions for people wondering how the process worked and how quick it was. It was an easy and almost instant process - I think it set me back about five to ten minutes in total (and that includes taking a quick survey and registering the game in the first place).



  1. So have you played SMT IV? How is it? If you're planning on doing a dedicated post on it, I guess I can wait, though. ;)

  2. Hey Holly! :)

    I have begun it. I'll probably do a full-on review, but I get the feeling that like Persona 4 Golden, this could be a pretty hefty time investment. So far I like it quite a bit. Music and graphics are sharp, and the gameplay has been pretty enjoyable as well. I'll probably toss out another post or two along the way, and hope that it doesn't take me 3 months to beat it the way Persona did. :)


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