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So I recently played and reviewed Time and Eternity, which released on the PlayStation Network a few weeks ago. It is a JRPG with a lot of dialog, some grinding and plenty of quests. For the most part, I enjoyed it, despite some flaws. I summarized it as the whole being more fun than each of the individual parts would probably lead you to believe.

I wound up spending about 27 hours with it on the first play through, and about nine on the second. There were a few reasons I went back through to play again. Once, it provided a New Game+ mode, and allowed you to skip a lot of the conversation scenes (sadly, not all of them. That would have shaved at least another hour off because of how much dialog there is). All that carries over are your skills and your money.

I also managed to get a Platinum Trophy - meaning I unlocked everything. I do not have very many Platinum Trophies, so when I realized this one was pretty easy to reach - but would require one more quick run through the game - I decided to go for it.

I have never done a Trophy road map/walkthrough/guide before, but thought it might be fun to do one here, while giving me a second chance to talk about some of the game's mechanics and features along the way. Keep in mind, there are some spoilers to be had in here.

I will break these up by exposed and then hidden trophies, in alphabetical order.

Visible Trophies:

Chain Master (bronze) - You completed a triple Chain attack.
    This is like a combo using magic spells. Basically do three chain attacks in a row. Pretty easy to
    do. It just happened over the duration of the game for me. If for some reason you get stumped on
    it though, the ultimate spell for Toki and Towa each do a 10 chain hit.

Chain Novice (bronze) - You completed your very first Chain attack.
    So how is a chain done? Just hit with a couple of spells back to back. This is easiest to do if you
    just use the cheaper variety, like frost and fire. You get this out of the way pretty early organically.

Chemistry Master (bronze) - You pulled off 4 different kinds of Chemistry.
    There are four different kinds of chemistry reactions in the game. This trophy goes off once you
    have performed each.

Chemistry Novice (bronze) - You pulled off your very first Chemistry skill.
    So chemistry is similar to chains, except you are looking to use a specific pair of spells in a
    specific order. When you hit an enemy with the first one, there is a short time where they may
    glow a related color (for example Bolt will leave your opponent a yellow color). If you follow that
    up with an ice spell such as frost, you will inflect an effect on the opponent. This is called

    These are probably among the most important keys to success in the game. Honestly, they can be
    almost game-breaking, but then some of the bosses would be almost impossible to beat without
    these. You can unlock a skill called Dragon Master, that allows Drake to gain the Dragon of
    Insight ability. This means he will try to pull off chemistry hits with you, but you do not need
    him. In fact, I found Towa and her chemistry abilities mixed with Time Surge to be most effective
    when battling very difficult bosses. Below are the combinations.

Electricity first > Ice second = Silences enemy attacks
Ice first > Earth second = Puts the enemy to sleep for a time
Earth first > Fire second = Poisons the enemy with lava damage
Fire first > Electric second = makes the enemy take more magic and physical damage

    Do each one once, and the trophy pops.

Combo Journeyman (bronze) - You successfully executed 10 combos in a row. Keep up the good work!
    Combo is simply landing two melee hits in a row. This is easiest to do with Towa, because she
    strikes faster and more powerfully. Three hits in a row breaks the combo normally, so you can
    do two, use one of Towa's special moves that hits a few times, then strike again two more times...
    lather, rinse and repeat. Honestly though, it is easier to wait until you get Time Surge and just
    mash the circle button. Your actions are sped up, and I broke 100 combo hits just to see if I
    could string enough Time Surges together to do it. I could.

Combo Master (silver) - Combo, combo, and combo again! You successfully executed 20
combos in a row.
    See above. I still recommend using Time Surge to make it easier. You get Time Surge in
    chapter 2, and it was my favorite of the time manipulation abilities.

Combo Novice (bronze) - You successfully executed your very first combo.
    This happens pretty much right away

Flawless Victory (bronze) - You won a battle without taking any damage.
    Pretty self-explanatory. Just time your hits perfectly as well as your dodges. You actually cannot
    miss this one, because it is part of an early tutorial.

Gallery King (bronze) - You unlocked every single gallery image.
    This one is not hard, but it is very easily to miss. There are two things that can gum this one up.
    The first is, you need to beat the game twice, and get the good/alternate ending. The other is that
    throughout the game, Drake will have questions posed to him. I made a remark in my review that
    it was sort of annoying that these responses did not seem to change anything significant - only
    the immediate response it generated in dialog. That being said, there are eight questions that get
    posed to you that are important, because if you answer them 'right' - you unlock a gallery item.
    Four of these occur at the home, four in adventuring zones.
Toki conversation (at home) - choose: Let's clean the roof!
Towa conversation (at home) - choose: Vacuum the living room.
Toki conversation (at home) - choose: Let's try the medicine.
Towa conversation (at home) - choose: Rip the shirt off!

Toki conversation (on Panela Isle) - choose: Let's rest here!
Towa conversation (on Panela Isle) - choose: Is she embarrassed...?
Toki conversation (in Hateful Forest) - choose: I'll become a cushion!
Towa conversation (in Wicked Forest) - choose: I'll chuck it away!

Godly Blessing (silver) - You unlocked every single gift.
    Gifts are the unlockable skills Toki and Towa earn. They both earn points toward purchasing those
    skills at the same time at the same rate, so I found that when I maxed out one, I was ready to max
    out the other, so all three related trophies went off at the same time. I would recommend not
    attempting to do this on your first play through. You earn a lot more points for quest completion
    than you do from grinding critters, so you should get it easily enough on that New Game+

Lunch Master (bronze) - You received every single meal from Toki and Towa.
    This was easily the most frustrating of all the trophies for me, because there is such a high amount
    of randomness involved. There are several keys to getting this trophy:

    First, you will not gain any lunches until Drake learns to talk - so partway through the first chapter.
    Do not even try this before then, you will just be spinning your wheels.

    Secondly, lunches are earned based on a bracket system. If you go to the menu and look at the
    status for Toki and Towa, you will see in their right side stat column a number for love about
    halfway down. That number has to fall into a range for you to get specific lunches. There are four
    lunches per bracket. A normal and a huge, which either Toki or Towa can give you, or a specific
    lunch that only that girl can provide. These last ones are the most potent, and also the rarest to get.

Love range: 0 to 49
Fine Meal
Huge Fine Meal
Toki's Fine Meal
Towa's Fine Meal

Love range: 50 to 99
Special Meal
Huge Special Meal
Toki's Special Meal
Towa's Special Meal

Love range: 100 and over
Lovely Meal
Huge Lovely Meal
Toki's Lovely Meal
Towa's Lovely Meal

    In case you had not guessed, if you accidentally move the girls out of that range without having
    collected their meals, you cannot get this trophy. You can only cause love to increase, no
    decrease.  You do have to watch it, because I found it really easy to increase Toki's love too much
    early in the game (memory events and having Drake heal the girls will increase that value quickly)
    and early on in chapter 2, you cannot access your home. You can only get lunches when leaving
    your home. I had to purposely avoid a specific love event for Toki until I was able to reach my
    home again because I was at 86 love with her (the girls' value is independent of one another) and
    that event would have pushed me to 101 if I went to it.

    A tip for making the meals pop up. Basically, they have a chance of triggering any time you
    participate in an event (like a memory spot, or a sub quest) and return home, and then exit.
    However, the more events you do, the better your chance. The math here is incredibly fuzzy, but
    if you only complete one sub quest, you may only have a one in ten shot of getting a meal when
    you leave. If you knock out six or seven, it will almost certainly happen when you return home

    The huge meals were the most frequently rewarded, with the exclusive Toki and Towa ones being
    the most rare. I have a few tricks here that can help. First, make sure you save when you first
    enter the house. That way, if you get a meal you do not need, you can reload your game just
    before you exit. Also, whenever you do a save of this game, you will see two different files getting
    saved. One is your specific game file, but there is a general data file that is getting saved as well.
    Many of these trophies can be spread out over multiple saves, I discovered. So for example, when
    you are in the 0 to 49 bracket, build up six or seven quests (so your odds of getting a meal are
    really good). Then return home with Toki and save. Then leave and save to a new game file (let's
    pretend you got the Fine Meal this time). Then reload your original save and leave again (let's once
    more pretend that you get the Huge Fine Meal this time) and then once again save to an all new
    file. Reload the original and leave again (you probably get the idea here, but let's say you get
    Toki's Fine Meal). Great. Now you just have to switch to Towa (using pepper or leveling) and do
    some more quests. Then come back, save, and exit/reload until you get Towa's Fine Meal.

    If that seems like a lot of work for a bronze trophy... well, you are right. I spent about an hour
    doing this, and nearly swore off the Platinum Trophy just because of this guy here. The high
    degree of randomness is what seems to frustrate people, based on forum posts I saw. Still, using
    the trick above can save you a lot of time in the end while guaranteeing you get all of the meals.

Overwhelming Victory (gold) - You won 20 battles in a row without taking any damage.
    Like the above trophy, we are are able to use the save system to exploit this bad boy. It can be
    somewhat hard to have 20 straight matches without a single screw-up. It is easiest to do on the
    first map, where your enemies are slow and have a very limited number of attacks.

    If you want this trophy out of the way earlier, you can run around near a save point, fight and
    win flawlessly, then save and do it again until you hit 20. If at any point you get hit, just reload
    your game and you can pick up where you left off.

    It may be quicker and easier to just wait until near the end of the game however, and come back
    to this spot. By then your rifle damage will one or two hit kill everything, and well... if they do not
    live long enough to hit you, odds are you get out of the fight without a scratch.

Personal Memories (bronze) - You took part in every single one-on-one conversation with Toki and Towa.
    When you return home, you may get more than a lunch or dialog scene with one of your friends.
    If you see a heart bubble over Toki or Towa's head, you will know you are able to chat with that
    girl. There are usually a few factors that make these conversations available - the love meter of
    each girl and where you are at in the story. These conversations actually lead to four of the choices
    needed to unlock Gallery King, discussed above.

    These happened pretty organically for me - I did not do anything special. I just played and checked
    in somewhat frequently, and eventually the trophy popped.

Supreme Blessing (silver) - You unlocked all of Towa's gifts.
    This is related to the Godly Blessing discussed above. Basically, three silvers in one.
The Simple Rich Life (gold) - You obtained 15,000 chronos.
    This pretty much happens while you are playing. At the end of the game, you will want to sell
    everything but what you have equipped and a handful of specific consumable items anyway (since
    all that carries over to New Game+ is your money and unlocked gifts). On my first play through,
    I had about 100,000 in my pocket, so no concerns getting this guy eventually.

Travelogue (bronze) - You visited every single Memory Site.
    Memory Sites are events are usually pretty easy to find. The map in this game really makes it
    simple to see areas and items of importance (chests, save points, quests and the memory sites).
    These are indicated by a heart symbol on the map. Take note that like the Personal Memories
    trophy, these are what trigger the conversations needed to unlock Gallery King.

    About the only tricky thing to watch out for here, is that some Memory Sites are specific to only
    Toki or Towa, meaning you will have to level up or use pepper to switch (though I think there is
    a chest with pepper nearby each of these). The rest can be accessed by either girl, and help to raise
    her love for you. This can be handy or a pain in the New Game+, if you are trying to keep the
    affection meter balanced.

Treasure Hunter (bronze) - You opened every single treasure chest.
    This one is as straight-forward as it sounds. Chests are marked off on the map, just like Memory
    Sites, but with a bright yellow star instead. All but one is very easy to spot - they just sometimes
    take some walking to get there, but they are worth it - especially on your first time through the

    As for the one that is not easily seen? That one got me until I read about it online by another
    frustrated gamer. There is a zone near the tail end of Chapter 3 called Draquoise's Garden. Right
    when you enter, there are several things in that space, including one very visible treasure chest and
    a save point. There is also another treasure chest right next to the save point that sort of visually
    blends a bit with the environment, and because it and the save point are in the exact same spot on
    the map, there is no gold star visible to represent it either. As soon as I found it, the trophy popped.

Ultimate Blessing (silver) - You unlocked all of Toki's gifts.
    Just like the above Blessing trophies.

Winning Record (bronze) - You cleared the game on Normal without changing the difficulty once.
    This is a pretty basic trophy, and easiest to do on your first time playing through the game, since
    you will likely be doing every single side quest and looting each and every treasure. The only
    tricky thing to watch out for, is when you do die, you are given a chance to retry the fight. If you
    select that, it then gives you the choice to do Normal or Easy, and you can accidentally select Easy
    if you get careless. Do that, and the trophy is hosed on that play through.

Hidden Trophies:

Case Closed (Ch. 1) (bronze) - You finished every Sub Quest in chapter 1.
    Sub quests are pretty easy to spot. New ones to be given out are marked on the map with a blue ?
    and ones completed and ready to be turned in are indicated by a blue !  It also helps that
    the main map that links all of the locations generally shows you when you have quests you can do
    there as well. Some quests cannot be completed until you finish others. For example, there are a
    few hamster retrieval ones (yes, saving the world is important, but so are furry rodents!) that you
    get early on - but really cannot complete until much later. Many of the zones have warm points in
    them as well, but you cannot access that warp point until you complete another quest first.

Case Closed (Ch. 2) (bronze) - You finished every Sub Quest in chapter 2.
    Just like the above trophy. In both of these chapters, you will be asked before you are thrust ahead
    to the next chapter, giving you a chance to finish up whatever loose ends you might have.

Case Closed (Ch. 3) (bronze) - You finished every Sub Quest in chapter 3.
    This one can be tricky. You do not get warned first before advancing to Chapter 4, so be careful
    about having dialog with Toki's grandmother in the main city near the end of this chapter. Do so,
    and you may be reloading a prior save.

Case Closed (Ch. 4) (bronze) - You finished every Sub Quest in chapter 4.
    This one is not too bad. You kind of get the feeling early on that this chapter is going to be linear,
    with a bunch of boss fights one right after the other. However, things do stop and while the final
    boss fight can be started at any point in this chapter, you can wait to do so until you have finished
    up your quests for chapter 4.

Eternal Timekeeper (platinum) - You obtained every single trophy. Good job! Thanks for playing!
    Typical Platinum Trophy. Do everything else and you get this guy last, right after Miraculous
    Ending after the credits have rolled and you have gone back to the main menu.

Miraculous Ending (gold) - You unlocked the special ending. Enjoy a long, happy life with Toki and Towa!
    So, this one is pretty zesty. Not terribly hard really, but it requires playing through the game a
    second time, just like Gallery King. The second play through went much, much faster for me. If
    you followed my advice and got the Winning Record trophy the first time around, you can go
    through New Game+ on Easy from the start, which is nice.

    The other thing to keep track of is the affection meter, which does not seem to have much of an
    affect on the game - and the first time through that is true. I tried to keep it balanced on principle.
    However, once you are in New Game+, that affection meter takes on a glowing outline when you
    are perfectly balanced between Toki and Towa. Make sure the meter is in that location before
    initiating the final battle.

    If the meter is to one side or the other, make sure you are using the girl you want, doing things like
    killing creatures, completing quests and having Drake heal her. Eventually you can swing that
    puppy back toward perfectly balanced. The final battle happens in several segments, but it does not
    impact that affection rating at all, so there is no need to worry about tweaking it partway through.
    Like the other endings, you will be asked to choose a girl - but your choice has no impact on this
    ending, unlike those ones.

Royal Blood (gold) - Toki, Towa, and Drake have all reached level 70.
    I do not know why they worded it this way. Like the gift points, your characters all level together
    at the exact same rate. I got to the high 50's organically, just by playing the game. I did grind out
    the last 10 or so before fighting the final boss. There are items that can help that along, such as
    Sweet Candy - which ups enemy encounter rates, and Bookworm Charm, which gives you 50%
    more experience after battles. Money is really no object at the end of the game, so these are good
    time savers.

Supreme Ending (silver) - You married Towa.
    During the final battle, you have to choose which one of the two girls you want to see survive. This
    does not impact the Miraculous Ending, but it does impact Supreme Ending and Ultimate Ending.
    The final fight is broken up into a few parts, and you can save during one interval. If you do, just
    complete the game with one girl to unlock one ending, then reload it and do so again (making sure
    to save after at least one of these, so you can load that ending into New Game+ afterward).

Supreme Love (gold) - Towa's 'Love' level is higher than Ever! Now it's time to...
    By now you have heard me make references to the love statistic several times. It is important to
    conversations and to the lunches. Here, you need to get it over 200, and this trophy will ding.

Ultimate Ending (silver) - You married Toki.
    Just like the Supreme Ending above.

Ultimate Love (gold) - Toki's 'Love' level is higher than ever! Now it's time to...
    Just like Supreme Love above.

So, there it is. I have never written up a guide quite like this, but after having had so much success with getting the Platinum Trophy with Time and Eternity, I thought I would share my findings with the rest of you. Let me know if you found it useful at all!


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