Haunted House Renovator: Demo available ahead of Steam Next FEST - PLAY TODAY

2024-06-06 - Image Power is delighted to announce that the Haunted House Renovator demo is now available! Be the first to try it after our successful playtests and add the game to your wishlist. 

Also Available at Steam Next Fest 

Get a sneak peek ahead of the Steam Next Fest happening in June 10-17. This demo gives you an early look at the game’s thrilling blend of home renovation and paranormal activity. Don’t miss your chance to explore and share your experience! 

Experience the Demo and Join the Conversation 

Explore the game’s mechanics, confront various hauntings, and enjoy the detailed, atmospheric graphics and creative decorating options in the Haunted House Renovator demo. Remember to add the game to your Steam wishlist and share your experience by tagging Image Power and Haunted House Renovator on social media! 

Players are also encouraged to join the official Discord server where they can talk with the developers directly. Any feedback is taken very seriously and the game has already gone through many changes since the game’s Kickstarter campaign. 

Changes since the Kickstarter Triumph 

The demo presented at the Steam Next Fest has a lot of extra content and more polish than the Kickstarter preview version showcased in March. New additions include a gremlin intruder, two new rooms to explore, and a fearsome wraith that can possess the player. Aside from that, the tutorial was improved while the game got a lot of quality-of-life improvements, all based on feedback from Kickstarter backers and playtesters. 

Aside from new additions and improvements, the demo went through rigorous bug-fixing, making it more stable than ever before. There may be some lingering bugs still present and optimization isn’t where it needs to be yet but thanks to bug reports submitted by the community, all issues are swiftly taken care of. If a need arises, there may be patches for the demo released during the Steam Next Fest. All to ensure that players have a fun experience trying out the game. 

The Future of Paranormal Renovation 

There’s no official release date yet for the full version of Haunted House Renovator. There is still a lot of work to be done, especially regarding new locations. The full game will feature a campaign, a progression system, a simple pet system (teased but not shown in the demo), and obviously more mysteries and hauntings to solve. Releasing the game in Early Access is a possibility but that decision has not been made yet. 

Right now is a perfect opportunity to experience the thrill of paranormal renovation. There’s a lot to do and experience already, and any suggestions have a real chance of being included in the full game. Don’t miss out on trying the demo of Haunted House Renovator for yourself! 


  • In Haunted House Renovator, you take on the role of a paranormal renovator, transforming haunted houses into stunning homes while dealing with ghosts, demons, and other supernatural entities. 
  • Key features: 
  • A first-person paranormal renovator simulator experience that plunges players into the heart of the supernatural. 
  • Atmospheric graphics that set the stage for a truly eerie adventure. 
  • Encounters consisting of various hauntings, possessions, and curses players have to combat while navigating through each haunted house. 
  • Diverse locations, each presenting its challenges and mysteries. 
  • Unbound creativity with decorating, enabling players to transform these haunted houses into inviting homes. 


The history of Image Power reaches back to 2012 and the establishment of the first concept art and digital painting school in Poland 'Potęga Obrazu'. In 2019, after becoming a public company, Image Power extended the scope of its business to game production and publishing. In April 2021 the Company successfully debuted on the NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The strategy of the Company assumes working on low-budget productions, including simulators and similar genres, as well as gradually engaging in projects of higher production and marketing scope, including the premium category. Image Power creates games with the use of internal developer teams, as well as external studios. The strategy of the Company is to publish 3-4 titles per year for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox family consoles, and Nintendo Switch.

Article by: Susan N.



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