A Time-travel Puzzle Game Demo Release of Chrono Weaver VR

A Single-player Co-Op Time-travel Puzzle Game on Quest and PCVR

Chrono Weaver is a VR game that answers the question, "Is it possible to play a co-op game by yourself?" Enter a mysterious science facility floating through space and solve mind-bending puzzles using a slingshot, physics, and time-travel.

Solving a puzzle with copies of yourself

In our game you play as a test-subject starting a new job, with unknown origins and a simple goal: Smash the Data Disk. Guiding you along the way is a flying robot named Yoto, a quirky character who manages your journey and helps make sure you don't get too lost along the way.

The gameplay loop has a vibe similar to Portal, going from puzzle to puzzle with short bursts of story and mystery in between. The game teaches as you go along, so there is no true tutorial, instead it grows in difficulty, introducing mechanics and weaving them together creating exciting and challenging puzzles. Other games that are similar to it in VR are The Last Clockwinder, We Are One, and Transpose VR.

Time going in reverse


  • Single Player
  • On Quest 2 and above, as well as PCVR
  • Rated E for Everyone
  • Play though the first 11 puzzles of the game and experience the story that gets you there
  • Demo is between 30 minutes and an hour long
  • A world filled with intractable physics objects built for VR
  • Physics hands with force pull to make picking things up easy
  • A slingshot built into your hand for solving puzzles
  • The ability to rewind time and work with yourself to solve puzzles designed for co-op
  • Masks that you can put on to customize your play-through
  • A companion Yoto who guides you on your journey



About Us

Alexander Soustek (Alex) and I (Richard Sinai-Yunker) are Ivory Crow Games. We met 15 odd years ago in highschool and immediately started building everything we could imagine from game engines to Rube Goldberg machines. We continued making video games together as a hobby until two and half years ago we finally decided to give it a real try and form our very own company. We have spent every minute since then working on Chrono Weaver and are so excited to have finally released the demo.


Article by: Susan N.



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