PS4 pre-orders drying up? Posts at Digitally Downloaded and a few more Gaming Thoughts

It has been a crazy couple of weeks in my neck of the woods. Lots of activities with the family, lots of games rolling my way, and still trying to get lots of posts out. I figured I would make a few quick plugs here for things Digitally Downloaded, mention what I was currently playing and recently beaten, and also share a report I just read about the PlayStation 4.

To kick things off, it looks like Gamestop may not be taking any more PlayStation 4 preorders. Given that quite a few other sites had already quit taking them weeks ago, this is not a huge surprise - if anything Gamestop held up longer than most. Mine's completely paid for, with a second controller - something else I had read may wind up a bit scarce around release time. Excellent news for Sony - it seems that despite the 180 Microsoft pulled, Sony still has the lion's share of the momentum at this point. I find myself wondering if the Wii U will be seeing price cuts or special bundles around November when the PS4 and Xbox One release? That is a point I have been speculating on with my son. It seems like Nintendo will have to do something, but what?

Moving on, I would like to make a quick plug for another site I write for, Digitally Downloaded. I do sometimes put up reviews for games that I review here, though I try to write them up in a completely different fashion. Here I break things down into four categories and assign scores on a scale of one to ten, while there I try to keep the review a bit more conversational and score it from one to five stars. Some quick examples of what you might see of mine over there:

- Another review of Project X Zone
- A quick article about Lebron James and NBA 2K14
- And I do lots of screenshot/game previews, like these for Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2 and Drakengard 3

So while there is some overlap with what I do here on this site, I tend to do some different things over there as well. We have also recently added a forum, so if you like to chat about games (and if you are here and reading and not immediate family - thanks to my dad and wife who sometimes poke in - then odds are that is exactly what you're looking for), then stop by and see if it is for you.

I have had no shortage of games over the last few weeks - as evidenced by reviews for Super Splatters, Project X Zone and Magic 2014. Persona 4 Golden is on its last legs - I am so close to beating that one. I recently beat The Last of Us and have spent some quality time with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (my son has been roping me into playing it quite a bit lately) - so expect reviews on all three of those soon. I just started God of War: Ascension last night and plugged through about a fifth of it already and am over halfway to completing Time and Eternity as well.

What have you been playing? Any titles coming out soon you are excited for? Tales of Xillia, Dragon's Crown, NCAA 14 and Shin Megami Tensei IV are all on my radar - whether or not I will be getting to any or all right away remains to be seen. As always, thanks for stopping by!


  1. I haven't been playing a lot of anything here lately, been working on some game stuff though like crazy!

    As for the PS4 pre-orders, kind of interesting you mentioned it. I was talking with a friend the other night, and he went by a store and saw the PS4 info and asked about reserving it. He did so and the receipt he got has a date on it, which is kind of interesting because I haven't seen any news specifically on release dates for the PS4. Though, the date could be a place-holder, as I saw so many varying dates with Wii U stuff.

  2. Do you happen to know what date has been on there? When I did the PS4 pre-order, they put end of Novermber - like the 30th I think? But it too, felt like a placeholder. I know Amazon does that all of the time anymore. I just did the pre-order for Final Fantasy X | X-2 remastered and they have Dec 31st on there.

    Interestingly, I saw an article run last night on IGN that Xbox One pre-orders have been capped out via Best Buy now as well. Seems like the demand for this next generation of consoles is higher now than it was last generation? I recall the Wii being hard to find, but Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles were everywhere last time.

    Looking forward to your upcoming game stuff, and thanks for dropping by!

  3. Just a quick FYI, Rage of the Gladiator is FREE right now on the App Store.

    The date was the 30th as well, which I think Amazon has it just as December 31st.

    Launches are usually when it's harder to find consoles, but yeah the 360 and PS3 had STACKS of systems sitting around a few months after launch. I remember my Best Buy store had piles of 360s then, and the PS3 shortly followed after it launched. The Wii was hard to find in our area for close to 2 years after it launched.

    Even the Wii U pre-orders were quickly filled, so I'm not sure really how to gauge pre-orders on the newer consoles, considering many of the pre-orders will probably end up attempting to be sold by vendors at higher prices DURING the holidays.

  4. Awaiting for FFXV PS4 bundle instead.. And I am too afraid to Pre-order anything from gamestop since they just canceled my order for TOX collector edition when I actually ordered and fully paid them around 2-3 days after the announcement. I understand though on the shortage of stocks, but it really annoys me somewhat. Will probably try getting all the CE and bundles from my local retailers next time although it can get abit pricey.

    In the mean time, I will try to finish off my back log which starts to pile up. But currently I am still playing Persona 4, Tomb raider(trying to get all the treasures and journals I missed out) , and Bioshock 2. After these will try finishing up dragon dogma, DA series, Dishonored, replay MGS through MGS legacy edition, try platting FFXIII-2 and just so many more.

    As for the upcoming tittles, well, nothing new, just the HD versions like KH 1.5 and FFX/X-2. The only new tittle I am very hype about is TOX!! Not to forget Killer is dead as well, but I will have to wait a little longer before getting them. I just have to slow down untill I finish half of my collection. Really hope I have got more time for myself...

  5. I went and tried to snag it - but it was still showing up as $2.99 both two days ago and yesterday. I must have just missed it by the time I read your comment. :(

    As for the pre-orders, yeah - I find it all very odd. my wife was even commenting that it sounded odd to her that the Xbone One was 'out' at Best Buy, given how poorly it had been selling compared to the PS3. She suspects, as do I, that there will be a lot of consoles still for the shelves, but that they don't want people over-ordering what they can supply as pre-orders, that they have little fear they can't still move units being so close to Christmas.

  6. Yeah, I will admit I am at least slightly concerned that my pre-order, which is 100% paid for, might get nixed if they are low on units or something. Hopefully not, as I ordered about a week after they were taking orders was all, and people were still going as of a month or so later.

    Quite the backlog list - many of which I have knocked off, but I am working on Persona 4 myself right now. So close, but got NCAA football and God of War this week to play (didn't buy, just loaned), so trying to get through those now too.

    I am also pretty stoked about TOX, but not sure 100% that I'll nab it right out of the gates.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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