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Good morning everyone.

After the post-a-palooza that was last week's top 30 Famicom/NES games countdown, I am taking it a bit slower this week, with a review slated for Thursday morning. In the meantime, I have been getting some articles up on a couple of other sites that I wanted to make you aware of. Hopefully this does not read as a giant advertisement - I just want to make readers aware of other sites that may interest them.

Both Digitally Downloaded and Otaku Gaming allow me to post some reviews, but also to focus on some screenshot and release info. There is some content overlap, but you will find a bit more mainstream games on Digitally Downloaded, and a more Japanese-heavy theme on Otaku Gaming.

If you have been reading here for a while now, you know I used to write weekly updates about what was going on over at Otaku Gaming, and that we were posting pretty regularly there. We let that site sit for a time, but Matt has decided to spin it up again and we are hoping to give it some new-found momentum soon.

Beyond that, there are the Digitally Downloaded Forums, which got off to a nice strong start, but could definitely benefit from an influx of new posters, so if you are interested - please sign up. All three of these sites were linked above, so it should be easy for you to visit if you are interested.

Also, if you check out the Blog Roll tab on the right of my site, you see a lot of gaming sites. Some stay current more often than others, but there are lots of really good sites there, including:

Coffee With Games
The RPG Square
8-Bit City
The Quest to Review Every NES Game
The Gay Gamer
SuperPhillip Central
Red Parsley

And many more. There is a great little community of game bloggers forming here, and this list hardly does justice to them all (seriously, not playing favorites, I basically pulled names out of a hat - but check out that Blog Roll tab to see them all. It's right here:)

Last, but certainly not least is Kingdoms of the Lost.

This is definitely a different kind of game - it's a MUD, so think of it as text-based World of Warcraft or online D&D. We really have a great set of zones and some very cool code supporting it. Unfortunately a lot of MUDs have been struggling for the last several years. It is hard for them to compete with all of the different video games out there, especially with so many graphical free-to-play options.

We are closing in on 13 years of running the game (my wife and I co-own it, and we have had some very long-time support from some amazing staff members such as Thalia (our primary coder and fixer of many of my mistakes) and Miraelle. If you are interested in the game, I did a 10 year anniversary post about it here a few years ago. Our numbers are way down, and I spend less time there than I used to, but would love to see some new faces at least give it a try and hopefully they enjoy themselves.

Anyway, I hope that you take the time to visit some of these sites - I definitely think it is worth the effort as I frequent them all (and well, contribute to some and run Kingdoms of the Lost). Take care and thanks for reading - please feel free to ask questions or provide feedback!



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