Dark Souls III - Play Time

We have a fun set of videos for you. While we cannot post a scored review for Dark Souls III until next week, we have been able to spend plenty of time with the game previewing it on both PC and PlayStation 4. Instead of writing our thoughts up twice, we thought instead we would show some video footage. We have just under an hour to share today, with a second part coming Monday.

This footage is taken from the PlayStation 4, which does not look as good as a max setting PC - but as you will see, it still looks pretty sharp. Even though we have the Day One patch installed for it and have the online functionality in place, you can see there are some stability issues still. We recorded at least one crash, and had a few others on the PlayStation 4. The PC also had a few issues here and there that hopefully will get smoothed out soon. Still, we are huge fans of the game, having beaten it myself once on both platforms now. I hope you enjoy the videos and let me know if you have any questions I can answer!

Article by Chris