Siralim - PS4 Review

The King is dead. As their heir it is up to you and your magical powers to continue to grow Siralim and to protect it against those that would do it harm. Armed with powerful magic and the ability to create allies in order to battle on your behalf, explore the realms in order to bring back materials to further both Siralim and the forces that you can create in order to protect her.

Siralim is a throwback to the much older days of RPGs that were based on the thrills of exploration through various random lands in order to do just that. Explore. Instead of concentrating on modernizing pixel art, the look of the exploration is kept simple in order to bring about that classic retro feel while still instilling senses of wonder as to what could be beyond the fog of war that covers those areas just out of your current view. Continuing with this nostalgic feeling is how the various creatures and monsters are portrayed in battle as their two dimensional representations hold much more detail in order to differentiate themselves from one another.

Exploring the various realms is quite simple in and of itself. The new King or Queen of Siralim uses a portal from the Castle and sets out on their adventure. While out and about with creatures that they have summoned in order to do their bidding, there are going to be plenty of different objectives to complete as well as materials to amass in order to further the expansion and the facilities of your kingdom. As our monarch makes it further however, things will not be quite so easy and if they are going to survive, they are going to need more help than the simple one that they started off with.

Being very much a key component, exploration of the various realms is a must as without said exploration, there will be no materials in order to further build the castle or materials in order to summon new creatures through summoning rituals. In order to build the new facilities once the cost of the facility has been paid up front, our Monarch must dispatch an appropriate amount of beings out in the realms in order to obtain the energy needed to finish the construction process. Then in order to dispatch the various beings the one that we start off with will need help which comes in the form of extracting cores from the various creatures. Needing three cores and materials in order to summon a new being to the playing field and it becomes apparent just how important all of this exploring really is as just about every feature is tied to it.

This is honestly what makes Siralim interesting. Everything can be done at the player’s pace and nothing is truly forced upon them. What to simply explore to acquire materials? Do so. Want to simply kick the royal crap out of everything in sight? Do it but make sure that you’re at least building something. Grabbing materials, acquiring creature cores in battle, and collecting relics in order to give a good needed boost to your own creatures and everything comes in neatly together.

Exploring and everything that follows along with it is simply everything above the hood however. Under the hood Siralim has more than enough to make it run with a vast quantity of spells, other features within the castle walls themselves, creatures to summon and equip, as well as our Monarch themselves to level up both with experience and with royal points to learn permanent boosts both for the field and the field of battle. With everything that it offers though it would generally be a bit hard to keep up but thankfully this is another point in which Siralim shines. Using a proper approach to tutorials and information about the newer features as they come, there is a care as to not over stimulate the player as they explore both the castle and the various realms that unlock.

Siralim offers plenty to do in an old school classic format that fits its style perfectly. While the exploration can seem a bit long winded at times, it fits in rather well once the rest of the systems all start to fall into place which offer hours upon unrestricted hours of RPG greatness.

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PlayStation 4
Thylacine Studios
Thylacine Studios LLC
Single Player
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Article by Pierre-Yves