Afterlight - A New Kickstarter Adventure Puzzle Game Begins

Madrid (Spain), April 16th, 2019 - Afterlight’s Kickstarter campaign starts today. Developed by Silent Road Games, the title proposes a mixture of adventure and puzzles in a unique environment: Titan, the largest moon orbiting Saturn.

Along with a staging in 2.5D and a narrative that addresses all kind of psychological and emotional elements, Afterlight makes an original and different proposition capable of revolutionizing the genre -as titles such as Journey or Inside did in their day.

Although the development of Afterlight has already advanced beyond its initial phase, it will be key that its Kickstarter is successful, in order to finish properly.

Afterlight is an introspective adventure into the mind of an isolated astronaut in Titan. This journey is about trust and forced friendship, perception and psychological traumas -as a metaphor for toxic relationships in desperate overcomes.  Set in Titan's Kraken Mare landscape in the XXII century, Afterlight is a puzzle-adventure game in 2.5D with environmental narrative. You are Xin, an astronaut who has to update the mission’s corrupted AI in order to establish communication and ask for rescue.

Afterlight is being made with lots of care, focus on the environment, emotional and psychological elements and animation to provide a rich gameplay experience as well as a compelling story.

Main Features:

  • A creative interpretation of a large documentation on Titan's environment -bringing a dreamy and beautiful setting.
  • An emotional insight into mental disorders, not focused on the cliché aspects, but to talk about their consequences in relationships and personal growth.
  • Carefully crafted animations to tell from gestures and little details.
  • Vast possibilities in puzzles by getting to control giant robots.

Afterlight, the oniric 2.5D adventure set in Titan and developed by the Málaga based Silent Road, opens its Kickstarter page today.

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Article by Susan N.