Tesla vs Lovecraft DLC is now Available on Android and iOS

Tampere, Finland, May 2nd 2019 - Tesla vs Lovecraft, the award winning top-down shooter from 10tons is now available on Android with DLC. The game was also updated on iOS with the "For Science!" DLC.

”It's time to celebrate science & fiction: Tesla vs Lovecraft just won the Big Screen Game of the Year -category in Finnish Game Awards. We're super grateful for the prize.” says Olli Alatalo, the designer of Tesla vs Lovecraft.

Game Features

  • Use the Quantum Teleport to zip out of harm's way and travel through solid objects!
  • Activate the Tesla-Mech battle robot to rip apart even the most hideous abominations!
  • Attack with shotguns, energy weapons, and scientific marvels such as the X-Ray Blade!
  • Fight through story mode with bossfights and compete in survival mode online leaderboards!

"For Science" DLC Features
  • Endless number of Dreamland Planes, for the players who feel Eldritch Plane is too easy
  • 10 new Perks (2 EPICS)
  • 4 new Weapons (including Teslazi, a submachine gun supreme)
  • EPIC version of each and every weapon
  • Collect Eldritch Signs for crystals
  • More choice when leveling up: 3rd perk slot
  • 2 new Abilities (Homing Pigeons!)
  • 2 new Powerups
  • 2 new Inventions
  • 2 new Monsters (Cultists & Mi-Go)

In Tesla vs Lovecraft, the player assumes the role of the cult famous inventor Nikola Tesla fighting waves and waves of monsters summoned by horror author H.P. Lovecraft. The player gets to use ingenious gadgets like the Quantum Teleport backpack, which allows teleporting a short distance even through solid matter. The highlight of the game is the Tesla-Mech battle robot, which provides a massive but temporary boost in firepower. A full arsenal of conventional and sci-fi weapons, powerups, special abilities, and selectable perks is also present.

Tesla vs Lovecraft is purchasable on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, and Steam.

About 10tons

10tons is an independent game studio based in Tampere, Finland. Our mission is to create games which can be enjoyed on a wide variety of platforms from mobile to the latest consoles. 10tons works with numerous platforms from the common to exotic, including consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One to PCs running Windows, Mac, or Linux!

10tons is truly independent: We develop and publish our games ourselves. We are 100% self-funded: Revenues from past games fund new games. We even use our very own game engine to ensure minimum time to market when new opportunities arise. 10tons is a true artisanal game developer - from the first bit to the last.

Fun fact: We're the oldest game studio in Tampere, Finland. 10tons - since 2003!

Article by Susan N.


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