Motor City Comic Con - Cosplay Contest: Part 1

Certainly one of the biggest parts of any comic con is the elaborate cosplay that you see throughout the event. Earlier this week we took a look at some of the best we saw on the show floor, but Saturday evening was the official contest and it was an entertaining one.

Some of these will be characters from the show floor earlier in the week, but many of them on the stage were the first time we had seen them.

One of the interesting items that did make the session last longer but certainly made for some interesting moments was that each contestant had an opportunity to say something of give a little performance. The bar was set pretty high right near the beginning with this very enthusiastic Joker impersonation.

The general approach was to have contestants walk in from the left side of the room, approach and cross the stage in the middle, then exit off to the left where additional pictures could be taken and they would then wait for the rest of the entrants to wrap up.

By and large, it was a pretty easy, steady process.

I would guess that less than half of the contestants ever took the microphone, and what happened when they did ranged from spoken bits of rehearsed dialog, off-the-cuff remarks and some signing as well.

However, it is worth noting that there maybe should be a ramp on either side of the stage, and not steps leading up and down. For the vast majority of the contestants, the stairs were no issue, but there were a handful of outfits that were larger than life.

A couple of them struggled to get up onto the stage (Swamp Thing in particular, who was walking around all day on what looked to be painted green wooden blocks under his feet). After that, some of the bulkier costumes just passed in front of the stage, though it was a tight fit for a couple of them on their way through.

Still, it was clear to see some of those larger costumes were among the biggest crowd pleasers as well.

As you can see - there were a lot of sights and sounds. And... this is only part 1. Check back later today for our final article about Motor City Comic Con as we present more from the second half of the show.

Article by Nick


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