Week in Review - May 22nd to the 26th

Welcome back to the weekend and this Week's in Review!

Richard started the week off with some dungeon crawling in the newest entry of the New Tokyo Legacy.

"...some of the more annoying parts have stuck with Babel from its predecessor, that doesn't stop Operation Babel from being a decent sequel or stand alone game..."
- Richard

Following up on new entries was the newest Hakuoki that our new writer Natasha reviewed for the PS Vita

"Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds is game that every romantic fantasizer needs to experience, providing an emotional trip that will have you hanging on the edge of your seat. The "What if?" thought of "Did I make the right choice?" will always make you second guess yourself…"
- Natasha

Tuesday started off with a literal bang as Nick got to essentially play God and guide the growth of worlds with NIS's Birthdays the Beginning.

"There is an undeniable charm to taking the simulation genre and adding some adorable critters to it with a loose take on how evolution works."
- Nick

I wasn't sure there was a way to top Samurai Warriors 4 but they did it anyways with 4-II and again with the newest Spirit of Sanada which has to be one of my favorites of the entire franchise. This includes all the spin-offs.

"Building further on the ideas presented in 4-II, Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada finds a balance of both while also improving upon the gameplay for possibly the best Samurai Warriors entry yet."
- Pierre-Yves

And here's something that I would NEVER touch. Outlast 2. Thankfully that's why Nick's around because he plays crazy scary horror games. For fun.

" And horrors you will find. There is a warning at the start of the game, and it is an apt one. Outlast 2 goes for a lot of shock value with its loud sounds, use of language, depictions of torture and more. The first title was an unsettling one that pulled very few punches, and Outlast 2 follows the same basic path - now with better graphics! The end result is an even more intense experience. "
- Nick

After the horrors of the morning Robert tackled a science fiction twist on the whole style that From Software made popular with their Souls series. Enter the newest Deck 13 experience with The Surge.

"Deck13 has delivered a wonderful, difficult, engrossing, and thrilling experience with The Surge"
- Robert

Starting the day off with a bit more Horror, jeez you think it was Halloween around here this week, Chris dives back into Narcosis though without a headset this time. Wait... he did this in VR? *shudders*

"It is during exploration that Narcosis is at its best. The unique setting and an interesting story serve as fantastic motivators to keep you moving through this survival horror experience."
- Chris H.

Balacing the horror once again is a bit of retro going back to the first Xbox with Tomb Raider: Legend

"In conclusion, Tomb Raider Legend is among the best XBOX games. Besides its impressive technical quality and artistic finesse, it offers a perfectly balanced combination of narration and various types of action."
- Dimitris

The end of the week is topped off with my final thoughts on the Utomik Platform. It's definitely good and worth a look into even if it can be considered in its "Early Stages".

"Having a Steam, PSN, Xbox Live, Nintendo eShop as well as a GoG and a Humble Bundle account, I would recommend looking into Utomik."
- Pierre-Yves

We topped off the week with a look at the remastered Valkyria Chronicles. Hopefully this leads to a remaster of the Second and possibly a Remaster and a Localization of the Third. I know. I'm probably dreaming but crazier has happened!

"If you didn't pick it up originally on the PS3? You should do it now. If you did? You should do it again. It's worth it and just as good as the last version though more refined on the newer hardware. "
- Pierre-Yves
Article by Pierre-Yves