Week in Review - May 1st to 5th

Welcome back to the weekend and this Week's in Review!

We started off Monday with our Month in Review which is a more expansive one stop shop for what we did over the course of the month

" This month has been a good one with various titles from the remade Bulletstorm to first looks at Indie titles such as Gataela. We've also had epic titles with Nick scoring Persona 5 with a 10/10 and Atelier Firis coming in not far behind with its own 9/10."
- Pierre-Yves

Tuesday Nick jumped back into the TellTale universe with the first chapterGuardians of the Galaxy.

"Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Episode 1: Tangled Up in Blue is a good time that shows us a lot of potential, but sacrifices some of its execution in favor of setting things up."
- Nick

Robert Wednesday jumped into the world of Sniper with Ghost Warrior 3. It sounds like it has its ups and down but overall sounds like it's worth looking into.

"Being the firearm junky I am and add that to the customization junky that I am, GW3 really hits some nice nails right on the head."
- Robert

Thursday hit a highpoint in the week with new SCUF Hardware for the PS4!

"...you have a controller with the same level of quality and excellence one has come to expect out of SCUF. They truly are at the forefront of professional-grade gaming controllers and their newest addition to the PlayStation line is worthy of their name. "
- Robert

Finally to end the week of yesterday I got to experiement with my own Pet Dungeons in the newest content for War for the Overworld.

"On a whole, My Pet Dungeon is a great addition to War for the Overworld. It is both fun and it allows for becoming familiar with all of its elements more than simply through a trial by fire."
- Pierre-Yves

Article by Pierre-Yves


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