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Being a huge fan of Super Smash Bros. dating back to the N64 and right through to the Wii U, the idea of something similar in the same genre coming to the PC was very appealing. If the game could be easily accessible to play with friends through a platform such as steam? Even better - I was already sold. Since then however, there haven't been that many titles to really try capitalize on this idea with limited selections such as Brawlhalla and Megabyte Punch, I wondered what Brawlout could offer compared to the competition.

For those who are unacquainted with the game type, it's a side scrolling versus fighter anywhere from 1v1s to 1v8s (WiiU Smash Bros.) on small to large stages either on a single plain or multi-leveled platforms. Matches can contain any number of human or computer controlled opponents in which all players will start with 0% damage and the more % damage you take, the further people will be pushed back with each subsequent hit until an attack strong enough flings them out of the stage entirely. Either that or they simply fall far enough that they cannot return to the stage and which ensures their doom.

Currently Brawlout has 6 characters with a plan for at least 3 more as the slots are there but currently locked off, and, at this point in time, a total of 5 maps to brawl out on. Each available character has unique abilities that allow for a variety of playstyles. For example, Paco the Frog Luchador, has the ability to run around at a fast pace and pick up the opponents to throw them as well as use his extendable tongue to bring himself back onto the platform if he's thrown off. Olaf Tyson (PY's favorite), is a heavy puncher with the ability to spawn giant ice blocks under him that prevent death from falls as well as use his own type of mega punch for massive launching power.

Instead of a shield type of defense and rolls like Smash Bros., Brawlout has a basic roll mechanic to dodge. To use it you must move the same direction and hit a roll button as you cannot roll while standing still. Obviously. This encourages a beat down type of experience where you want to simply beat your opponent before they beat you rather than playing a defensive game. This leads on to the next point of the Rage meter which builds as you deal and receive more damage in order to be used for a brief moment of reduced damage, more impact, and more damage done by your character.

PY's Note: This one picture pretty much sums up ALL of Marc and I's matches after we gave every character several matches. Once he learnt what he was doing? I lost. Every Match. *sighs*

There is online content to Brawlout and after a few attempts of playing the current stability is a bit iffy. A few times I was disconnected either before finding a match or in a few cases mid match. There are a few other options such as single player, but as the bots are not weak… nor are the much of a challenge after a few games. There is currently no tutorial or campaign mode but there is at least plans to add a campaign in the future (as it is currently un-selectable but present).

Other than the instability of online battles and the lack of total stages and characters. Brawlout is still a rather good game. The only real problem with it is with the lack of edge grabbing or ability to get back on the stage from certain angles. A few times I felt that my character was about 80% higher than the edge with only his feet hitting it straight on and I fell to my doom. This doesn't add a good flavor to trying to survive and falling short because a few of your pixels matched the edge rather than 100% getting over it.

Overall Brawlout is a great game so far, short of the ledge grabbing, with a fantastic cartoonish type of graphics. The game currently suffers from a lack of overall content and online instability for the price asked for, but it has a lot of promise for an Early Access title. It is definitely worth a playthrough and if a few of these issues are fixed? Definitely worth a recommendation.

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Angry Mob Games
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