SCUF Impact PlayStation 4 Controller - Hardware Review

SCUF ( has recently released two new PlayStation 4 controllers; the all new IMPACT and the follow up to last year's spectacular Infinity 4PS, now called the Infinity 4PS Pro (which we will have a review coming up in the near future on). I was lucky enough to get my hands on an IMPACT controller in bright, blazing orange with white accents. An over-simplification of the IMPACT would name it an enlarged 4PS with two additional paddles, but that would be a gross misstatement, as the IMPACT is its own unique professional-level PlayStation 4 controller, though more so than the other SCUF offerings, its success will truly depend on the person holding the controller.

The most immediate thing one would notice when they pick up the IMPACT is the size; with the addition of two more paddles on the back, the shape and size of this new offering from SCUF is more in line with an Xbox controller. Now many of us may think that this is great news, since the Xbox One controller is the pinnacle of all that is holy when it comes to ergonomics and quality in a controller, but it seems to miss the mark a bit with the IMPACT if you have smaller hands (like I do). There is this odd disconnect, likely due to the palm rests trying to maintain the same pylon-like shape of the PS4 controller, while trying to accommodate the added space for two more paddles on the back. What you get is a large, wide controller that is far lighter than it should be, and those like me with smaller hands/shorter fingers may find themselves struggling to reach the innermost paddles.

Though I might have smaller hands, the IMPACT is not all that uncomfortable to use; sure it is a bit of a stretch to reach those inner paddles, if you recall I had the same issue on the SCUF Infinity1 controller for the Xbox One. Slightly adjusting my grip on the controller had me back up and running in no time. Where I struggled the most though, was in the weight. A part of why I love the Xbox One controller so much is because there is a certain heft to it, a heft that I happen to really, really like. The IMPACT does not have said heft; in fact it defies the laws of nature. This controller is light. Too light. Disarmingly light. Many of you will likely enjoy that, as it helps reduce fatigue, but holy crap does this thing move. In the thick of a firefight or a race and if you are working the (amazing and interchangeable) analog sticks hard, the entire controller moves. It can be distracting.

Plus, the lightweight construction means that when you get cheesed by some 11 year old who did unspeakable things to your mother and you throw your controller, it will likely make it to orbit. On that note, DO NOT THROW YOUR CONTROLLERS. Take a deep breath and walk outside; graphics there are pretty great, even if the gameplay is dull.

While I might take issue with the weight and overall shape of the IMPACT, others that I know that tried the controller found the shape and lightweight nature a welcome one. Add to it the magnetically remappable paddles (did I mention that there are four of them?) and you have a controller with the same level of quality and excellence one has come to expect out of SCUF. They truly are at the forefront of professional-grade gaming controllers and their newest addition to the PlayStation line is worthy of their name.

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